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Aurora Under The Lake

Plot Status: Active

Suseptible Character Types: Anyone

Plot Overview:
On March 1st, Shelby the sharkbun accomponied by Snow the eastern dragon went deep water diving in the great lake next to Marsilion.

During their dive they discovered the remains of what appears to be pieces of high tech space ships littering the bottom of the lake that appear to have been breached in over a year ago. Age is currently undertermined.

Amongst the vessles, human/humaniod style ship pieces were found along with a nearly fully intact alien vessel that appears to be a rainbow coloured crystaline ship armed with multiple weapons of unknown origin. By eye witness statement, the insides of the ship were reported to be some kind of fusion between humaniod and alien technology.

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Public as been advised to keep their distance from the vessle as a functioning but damaged reactor was inside.

Currently, one body had been recovered from the vessle, a species refered to as a starwisp.

Check back for updates as they develop.


Update: March 3rd (Play occured March 6th)

Ship was revisited by Snow, Shelby, Luma, Umbra, and Gale to investigate.

They soon discovered that the ship is indeed starwisp in design, or at least the ship was heavily modified for starwisps to man it.

The ship recognized Luma as 'Light', and Umbra as 'Shad', their former names from a time long ago, giving them the rank of 'Commander' each after probing them to identify them.

Ship floor plan layouts were discovered and more of the ship was discovered, along with another starwisp body in the piloting room.

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Recorded message from former Captian Solaria of the Starship Aurora:

The display screen displays an unburnt, but still shot up version of the same room. Solaria perched on the chair the top of her shell blown off with her resting in just the bottom half of her shell in her seat. The rolling plasma within her wobbles around seeming to be unstable as arcs keep reaching out and blow away like solar wind.

Based on her position something shot right through upper half of her shell, through her body, and out through the back of the chair making a shallow upwards cut into the door behind her.

Solaria speaks with a mature adult sounding feminine voice, though a bit more gruff and aged than the Solaria that arrived at Infinitas.

Solaria: "So... seems I ain't got much longer left to live. The bastards shot the reality ripping super weapon at full power. The universe is probably done for. Now I find myself crashed in some alternate reality sunk down to the bottom of the damn sea or wherever this is. Sensors are barely working worth a damn.

Whoever gets this. If you're some starwisp from the collective, welcome aboard for what's left of our ship. Rescue the ghosts of whomever you can if it's not too late. We might not be your reality starwisps, but when did that ever matter before. I doubt ours is come'in to save us, they might be all dead for all I know.

Vatish, my Vatish, if you're there hun and able to hear me. I love ya. You're resourceful and cleaver. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you escaped somehow from the space station, but how the heck you'd find me I'll never know but if anyone can pull a crazy plan out of their ass it's you. Ya don't need auntie any more to hold your hand. You're more capable than you think. Remember that kiddo.

If somehow you're the other Vatish from this world or whatever, hey kid. You have an amazing life ahead of you. Be yourself.. or selves if ya didn't hook up yet.

When we crashed I sensed Dav, but it wasn't my Dav. Felt too familiar. A Dav I already been with before. Leaves me to suspect that this reality is also in the past to my perspective. Dunno why you're here and I wasn't, but ain't life a mystery. If there's a Dav, I'm guessin' there's a Solaria. If you're here, then I hope you and your Dav are alive and well. I fear my Dav is on his own now.

I doubt my collective is comin' for me, so if you're willin' then consume what's left of me. I am you after all. Ya don't want the collective digestin' the ghost of a Solaria now do ya? You want more crazies like us flitting about in the collective? Heck, maybe you do. Could be fun. The choice is yours. Take my stuff from down in the lower deck too if it's intact.

If yer doing a rescue, check the crew roster, you're looking for Vita, Covas, Donis, and Talia. Hopefully they're alive or at least intact somewhere on the ship. As for Vatish, she was still on the space station durin' the firefight. Maybe she's alive still somewhere. If not, search the wreckage for what looks like someone ripped a space station in half and turned it into a big ass gun.

There's a black box on this bucket. Find it and get it. I ain't going to last long enough ta tell you the lot of it. Long story short kid, the damn purists had us funneled into a reality we couldn't find an easy way out of. Rules of the reality too dang different. Tech too advanced for us, so we acquired what we could. Found some alien tech that could punch holes into reality itself, but before we could modify it, some dumb ass humans took it, who in turn had even dumber humans take it from them after it got weaponized.

First group of humans vowed to help us, but we just were no match for em'. First shot crippled our ship, then second shot they had the nerve to see what happens if they overcharged it. Reality itself shattered like glass. Rifts opened up everywhere gobbling up everything. Big old yellow one appeared and swallowed up the battlefield with us in it. Never seen a rift like that one before. Humm... maybe once?

Surprised to find us crashn' into the sea or whatever on the other end."

Solaria's plasma as she's been talking increasingly wobbles, and her tendrils uncontrollably randomly whip out throwing small splashes of plasma onto the nearby walls and chair. The chair catching fire, yet she doesn't seem to even care.

"Listen, kid. Solaria, Vatish, whatever newbie the collective sent out. Don't. Be. Me. Ya got it? I figure you already are onna different path. Enjoy life n' friends and all that good stuff. Don't be too brash or hasty, but stay interesting, that's where the fun all is.

I set the ship to recognize any wisps that resemble our collective, and crammed what I can into it's databanks. Shame these metallic rocks can't store more."

Solaria's voice warps sharply as a large chunk of her plasma splashes out in all directions leaving black marks on the floor and walls and melting the back of the chair right off. "Damnit that hurt.... Don't die alone kid. You're no lone wolf. Act all 'outsider' you want, but know that you make amazn' friends. They are your strength. Remember that! Don't you ever let yourself think oth---"

The plasma from Solaria flings away from the center of her body almost in a donut shape as the remaining white core falls down spinning as it lands on the inside of the filiments before coming to a rest. The recording continues for a few moments before automatically terminating.


Plot Information:

  1. Solaria Starwisp

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