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SpeciesShark + Bunny Hybrid
GenderMale (feminine presenting)
Arrival MethodBlue Breach
PlayerShelby Shark
Created 6:51 AM
Last Edited 7:26 PM
Approved 5:06 PM
Default Form
  • Old Size: 162cm (5'4 Information
  • Apparent Age: Around 18-19, just exiting adolescence.
  • Character Build: Curvy
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Shelby likes skimpy clothing, usually wearing a white crop top, blue daisy dukes, and a red leather jacket.
  • Voice: Shelby's speaks with the euphonious voice of a sultry female, leaning towards higher pi
  • Usual Scent: Shelby smells of rosemary, that's it.
  • Shelby is someone of mixed proportions from both binary genders. While everything above the waist is that of a slim male, everything else below widens significantly to form a curvaceous feminine figure of ample softness. His attire and tone-of-voice is inherently female, but also sultry in a way reminiscent of a come-hither personality.
Shelby comes from an Earth that — to put it simply — occupied by anthropomorphic animals instead of humans. The technological era is equivalent the real-life present day with the state of global politics being... at an uneasy calm. Not all nations are situated on land and are instead located within the world's ocean, mainly harboring aquatic species. The natural world remains very reminiscent to as it is in real life; non-anthropomorphic animals exist separately from anthropomorphic animals, and the humanoid characteristics of the latter is often attributed to divine intervention (because that's exactly what happened). The pollution and overpopulation problem is much less of an issue, but the effects is becoming noticeable globally.
Scrap dealer
Shelby runs a small vehicle scrapyard as a business along with his mother. He does do the usual deal of buying and selling scrap items, but takes the opportunity to use undesirable parts as spare material for personal projects.
Shelby began life as... an abandoned 1 year old baby. His parents were found recently deceased nearby, but thankfully the single woman that found him willingly decided to adopt Shelby. Aside from this, he had managed to live a relatively normal life throughout childhood and teenage hood, even without a father. Shelby helped with his mother's scrapyard business — who was actually an unbelievably good mechanic — towards the latter years of his adolescence before working full-time there.

When he turned 18, Shelby's mother decided it was finally time to share the family secret with him — magically supplied knowledge that are passed down from generation to generation, as well as magical items that give him specific abilities (see 'Telekinetic Magic' and 'Thermal Manipulation'). Aside from being given essential magical items, his mother duplicated a small piece of her soul and implanted it onto Shelby's soul. Along with this, Shelby had been warned that this is strictly a secret, and it is his responsibility to wield it responsibly because of it's power. After this, he continued to live a normal life (with the alternate side of being a technomancer) until one afternoon when a blue breach suddenly appeared in front of him while driving....
  • Currently an apprentice mechanic at Trenton'-$3M1-s workshop.
Magic Beads (Edit)
These metallic marble-sized spheres are used by Shelby to cast telekinesis and thermal manipulation using his own thoughts, and are strictly attuned to him. In addition to only being usable by him, this allows for vocal or somatic components in spells to be completely circumvented. They look to be made of stainless steel with black grooves that wrap around each hemisphere. While active, the Magic Beads begin to float and arrange themselves around Shelby to resemble each vertices on a dodecahedron. In the case that any spell is casted/effect is triggered by Shelby, beams of magic instantaneously materialize and bridge the beads together to form something reminiscent of each edge on a dodecahedron. When this is achieved, each bead — which compose the face that is looking towards the direction Shelby wants to cast towards — project a converging beam of magic energy, casting the desired spell.
Customized Gavril D-Series (Edit)
This was a standard Gavril D-Series D15 V8 AWD (M) that had been extensively modified by Shelby himself. The suspension was converted to independent (front) and 3-link live axle (rear) with lifted coilovers. For the wheels, he fitted sturdy rims equipped with chunky all-terrain tires. The drivetrain has been changed to 4WD, limited-slip differential and 6-speed automatic. When it comes to the engine, the original had been swapped to a turbocharged 6.0L diesel V8 pushing 30PSI; this engine creates +450hp and +1400nm. As for accessories, the stock truck bed had been exchanged with a smaller bed, but with side steps. The roll cage was installed for protection in case of rollovers, as well as reinforcing the chassis. Both bumpers at the front and rear were replaced with bulky off-road bumpers with a bull bar included into the front bumper, and a tow bar for the rear. Atop of the cab is a roof rack with quad rectangular LED lights for low-visibility conditions.

In the glove box, Shelby keeps the maintenance records, owner's manual and workshop manual since he maintains the vehicle on his own.
Samsung Galaxy A32 (Edit)
On the surface, this is just an ordinary phone and while it is, this contains lots of personal photos and loved music albums.
Orb of Techne (Edit)
This baseball-sized smooth sphere — as strange as it is — imitates any unpowered mechanical tool needed by Shelby. The Orb of Techne will only respond to Shelby because of attunement, and it can change size or mass slightly for what is appropriate for the application. It visually appears to be composed of polished brass with neon cyan lines forming circular patterns along the exterior. Any form used by the Orb of Techne retains the polished brass and patterns, but is unbreakable like the orb itself.
Sievert Special 35.2 (Edit)
  • The Sievert Special is a semi-auto pistol (20-round magazine) that was initially chambered in 9x19mm, but Shelby resigned the internals in order to rechamber it to 5.7x28mm. It's design is nifty in a way that is simplistic, ergonomic, and provides competent performance. It has a rather sturdy, thick frame that has a comfortable grip, controls, and also features a picatinny rail underneath the front. The slide is minimalistic in design, being slender and lightweight which reduces recoil and makes it easy to pull back. It has an unusual feature, that being the low bore axis that the design permits which further reduces recoil.
  • Effective range from character: ~200m (650ft)
  • Normal Power: The Sievert Special fires 5.7x28mm rounds down range at a muzzle velocity of ~550m/s (1,800ft/s). Since it is semi-automatic, the fire rate depends on how quick of a trigger finger the user has.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Gorgeous Singing: Gorgeous Singing
  • Aside from primary and high-school, Shelby hasn't had anything else *taught* to him.
  • English (Australian-like Dialect)
Parnormal Abilities
Telekinetic Magic (Edit)
  • Using his Magic Beads, Shelby can articulate and move objects around with his own thoughts. Whenever he interacts with an object using this ability, Shelby is able to sense and manipulate the various components that make up the object which allows him to actuate mechanisms.
  • Limits: • The maximum volume for an object that Shelby can withstand using this magic is 2x10^3 cubic meters.
    • As for mass, he is able to lift up to 50tons (50,000kg) maximum; the closer an object is to his limits, the more focus is require from Shelby to interact with the object.
    • Object size directly constrains the speed at which Shelby can induce movement. At maximum mass, he can barely move objects and at smaller masses (~1kg) he can — with extreme focus — fire at cannon ball speeds.
    • The object being lifted needs to be within a couple of arm reaches in proximity to Shelby.
    • Objects that are capable of self-motion are able to resist the grasp of Shelby's telekinetic magic.
  • Repercussions: Using this ability drains Shelby's mental energy, and the rate of exhaustion correlates to the volume/mass/speed of the object in question.
  • Other: This magic is specifically produced from Shelby's Magic Beads, not himself.
Thermal Manipulation (Edit)
  • As an alternative effect of Shelby's Magic Beads, he is able to affect the thermal energy of matter by inducing or reducing the vibration of atoms. This works to the extent of being able to change an object's state of matter.
  • Limits: • Although he is able to control low temperature states of matter, Shelby cannot influence gases and anything beyond. This is because for matter to be controllable, the particles must be packed together enough to be considered tangible.
    • With increasing masses, it gets progressively difficult to change the temperature of the object.
    • This ability is strictly only able to effect materials with metallic bonds.
  • Repercussions: Though there is a wide margin of safety, it's when this abilities are used to their extremities that this can prove to be hazardous. Shelby is able to produce temperatures that are harmful, and some states of matter (depending on the material) are outright dangerous.
  • Other: This magic is specifically produced from Shelby's Magic Beads, not himself.
Orb of Techne (Edit)
  • See description of item above.

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Shelby Shark
Apr 4, 2024 7:37 PM
Re: Shelby Mustaine
Actually, I forgot to mention that I changed Shelby's gender from hermaphrodite to male, and hopefully this shouldn't conflict with anything in RP.
Shelby Shark
Apr 4, 2024 7:26 PM
Re: Shelby Mustaine
Shelby had bought a gun off Serris and been hired by Trenton in two separate RPs last year, so I've taken the time to add the relevant changes to my sheet.
Shelby Shark
Sep 14, 2023 8:01 PM
Re: Shelby Mustaine
Mechanics behind Shelby's magic needed clarifying.
Aug 9, 2023 5:06 PM
Re: Shelby Mustaine
Approved, with the standard boilerplate warning
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