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Infinitas Rules

1. Everyone is bound by the same rules and can expect the same treatment be they player or staff. None will be treated with preference over another, instead all will be treated with common decency and judged solely on their merits and actions. Everyone is assumed to be here for the purposes of having fun, and will be treated as such unless their actions state otherwise.

2. Respect the ops, and their requests of you. Remember, all op staff are volunteers to help ensure the RP stays running and are here to enjoy themselves as much as any player. All ops are capable of removing a player from a scene, a room, or banning others temporarily as a â₠http˜cooloffâ₠http™ period at any time if they feel the situation is becoming destructive, as well as making any other requests of players they may need to in the common interest of the RP and whatever ongoing scenes may exist. (If a member of the staff has done something you disagree with, please bring it up in the op room so it can be resolved in a civil manner. See rule 4.)

3. Insults, threats, manipulation, deliberate ruining of other peopleâ₠http™s fun and other such highly destructive behavior can all be met with bans that may or may not be permanent. In these cases, the judgement of the op is final. Do not do it. Period.

4. All serious issues related to the RP or other players are to be brought to the staffâ₠http™s attention in the op room only, not via PM or the public channel and are to be handled in an adult manner. Sniping, baiting, or other such disruptive activities will not be tolerated. In addition, the op room is to be considered a civil place for constructive, op-moderated discussion. Please do not use the op room as an excuse - make sure an op is moderating the discussion. (As an aside, any constructive criticism, suggestions or worries can also be brought up in the op room at any time it is free. Please do not hesitate to drop by.)

5. The public channels and CSes are to be kept PG-13. Please keep all material including graphic descriptions intended to sexually arouse the reader to private play. Descriptions of nakedness and other mature topics are entirely fine however provided they donâ₠http™t fall under the aforementioned stipulation. Please handle yourself in a mature and adult manner regarding such things while in public areas. (The occasional bit of sexual humor is fine.)

6. Please remember our goal here is to make sure everyone has fun, and while we'll do our best to be fair and unbiased we can't take everyoneâ₠http™s side all the time. If we rule against you, then please pick yourself up and resume having fun. Remember why everyone is here!

7. IC conflicts (that is, when two characters are opposed to each other, whether in combat or some test of physical or mental strength) that cannot be agreed upon or are becoming too heated in OOC must be brought to an opâ₠http™s attention. If no resolution can be found on who should win the struggle, some sort of randomized generation system should be used. If none can be agreed upon or thought of, the Infinitas IC conflict resolution system needs to be brought into play. Remember the golden rule when it comes to IC struggles: The quicker you can resume play the better.

8. Take care of our local bot, Koen. Please keep in mind that Koen is a free bot that was coded by one of our ops. Don't break him, and please don't screw around with him.

9. The staff reserves the right to further edit these rules or to create new ones as needed based on future requirements of the RP. However we will do our best to make sure any such changes are not done without informing the player base and in all such cases there will be a â₠httpœgrace periodâ₠http for acclimation to any such changes.

10. If there is anything in this list that you wish to have further clarification on, feel free to ask a staff member for a more in depth explanation. We are here to help after all.
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