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NicknameSolaria, Sol
SpeciesCoalescence/Hybrid Starwisp
Age~130 years since last rejuvenation
GenderOstensibly Female
Arrival MethodBlue Breach
PlayerDavwyn and Solaria
Created 5:20 AM
Last Edited 7:17 PM
Approved 3:37 PM
Starwisp (true form)
  • Height: 8" — 20 cm
  • Length: 5" — 13 cm
  • Weight: 5.01lbs — 2.27kg
  • Apparent Age: Fully developed, age unclear
  • Body Type: Other
  • Voice: Slightly tinny, high, almost musical voice giving a similiar impression to a fae. Natural noises sou
  • Usual Scent: Only the most sensitive of noses smell silicate, nitrogen, ozone, ionized air and trace raw elements
  • Summary:
    A curious creature that appears to float effortlessly that is a beautiful, glowing, and perhaps slightly eerie looking softly glowing ball of plasma, typically encased within an egg-shaped crystal shell made up of rhombus diamond facets giving the immediate impression of a will-o-wisp or some kind of magical crystal artifact but neither is the case. The creature is effectively a tiny star with free will, a species called Starwisp.
    - "The Core"

    Solaria's body is made up of two tiny ball-shaped semi-hollow super-conductor cores that spin at incredible speeds. Around them, a fine crystal lattice is formed into complex webbed structures resembling that of neurons in a brain surround the cores giving the creature minimum physical structure. These details however are hidden from the naked eye due to a large mass of plasma held together by perfectly balanced and complex magnetic fields that cancel each other out beyond the surface of her body creating an incredibly dense ball of plasma of which the plasma itself is considered a major component of the creature's actual body.
    - "The Body"

    Solaria's plasma body is mostly white but has wisps of colour that slowly swirl around of violet, blue, purple, and a bit of green and yellow. The colours shift in hue rapidly seemingly with purpose whenever Solaria's expression changes, in which only those who have been around her for a while eventually learn to identify what complex combinations of colours mean. The outer edges of her glow also bounce up and down with her voice when she speaks giving visual cue when talking.

    Solaria doesnt appear to have any kind of traditional body parts. To even give the impression she is looking in someone's direction, Solaria concentrates a slightly more solid-looking chunk of white plasma towards the side of her body she is looking, almost appearing to be leaning towards them in the crystal shell.

    Even without the shell, Solaria has a field just above the surface of her plasma that pushes against anything too close, the power of which ramps up the closer the object gets, like the effect one feels when pushing two magnets of the same pole towards each other. This effect is strong enough to prevent casual attempts of creatures touching her incredibly hot plasma body, deflect rain and snow, and even push water away making a bubble at very shallow depths. If one were to attempt to touch Solaria, they would feel an electrical tingling sensation push against their hand. A person could technically pick up Solaria's plasma body by doing a scooping motion with both hands in which Solaria's body would naturally float above their hands by repulsion. Any attempt to grab however would just push Solaria and/or the person's hand away. An aggressive attempt to grab or puncture may cause moderate to severe burns, or even incineration if the person penetrates deep enough to touch the plasma within. This too will hurt the starwisp.

    The outer-most plasma is cool-plasma starting around 11,000F (6,093C) and slowly increases in temperature closer towards the core in the centre. In the absolute middle of the core in an incredibly tiny space the plasma skyrockets to an insane temperature of 179,999,540F (99,999,726C) which is hotter than even the core of the sun in which particle fusion takes place. This is the primary energy source of the starwisp, making the creature a living fusion reactor. However, the actual usable energy output is limited as a large portion of the yield of energy is used to power the incredible electromagnetic forces that hold the starwisp's body together and allow it to move around.
    - "The Shell"

    Just beyond her plasma body is typically a protective crystal shell completely encasing and protecting her body from the outside elements. The shell appears to be considered part of her body like an exoskeleton that she can disassemble and reassemble from its base rhombus diamond shaped facets at any time. Typically she only shifts a small number of facets out of the way if she needs to expose her plasma body for a task.

    The shell is made mostly out of silicate (glass), and other trace elements. By itself the crystal material is translucent with a subtle iridescent effect. Solaria at will can create more of this material assuming the raw materials are available such as sand. This is normally to replace damaged facets of her shell but has been proven to have more practical uses in the glass and crystal work trade. (see paranormal ability: crystal crafting)
    - "Outside the Shell"

    When needed, wispy white tendrils of light reach out from Solaria's body, even directly through her shell when manipulating large or heavy objects. The tendrils are often compared to looking like the tendrils of light found in plasma globes that skitter across the surface of the globe.

    Tendrils appear to be insubstantial besides giving a slight electrical tingling sensation to those touching them. If something physically intercepts a tendril the far side of the tendril vanishes, dropping whatever was being manipulated. Solaria's tendrils have been seen to reach as far as 30 feet when focused, but normally only reach 15 feet.

    To those with hyperspectral vision, can sense electrical and/or electromagnetic fields, or other special forms of vision, a second form of tendrils can be found. These tendrils that are invisible to the normal naked eye are countless and hair-thin, reaching out in all directions from Solaria's body. These tendrils like the larger visible versions skitter across all surfaces very quickly serving multiple purposes.

    The main purpose, propulsion, these tendrils pull and push against surfaces giving the impression Solaria is floating but in reality, she is pushing off of the ground or grappling onto walls and other objects to hold her up. Her weight is so widely distributed that even snow isnt disturbed. However very fine dust may reveal strange patterns when Solaria passes over it. As such Solaria doesnt truly fly. Without anything nearby to climb Solaria cant fly any higher than 30 feet from the ground.

    The second purpose is providing Solaria a sense of feel around herself, helping keep track of the physical world around herself.

    The last purpose of these tendrils is that these are what create Solaria's telekinetic field. Allowing her to lift objects, orbit objects around herself, or orbit herself around other objects and people. The visible large tendrils are actually dense versions of these tendrils when they need to pack close together to lift an object with a small surface area or done intentionally for the benefit of others seeing where she is reaching. This also plays a major part in making Solari's illusions appear to be solid. (see supernatural abilities: Holographic illusions)
Dark Starwisp aka Voidwisp aka Black Hole Wisp (alternate mode)
  • Height: 8" — 20 cm
  • Length: 5" — 13 cm
  • Weight: 5.01lbs — 2.27kg
  • Apparent Age: Fully developed, age unclear
  • Body Type: Other
  • Voice: Slightly tinny, high, almost musical voice giving a similiar impression to a fae. Natural noises sou
  • Usual Scent: Only the most sensitive of noses smell silicate, nitrogen, ozone, ionized air and trace raw elements
  • *See: Starwisp (true form) first

    A pitch black ball of absolute darkness like a tiny block hole or void that wobbles like a water balloon either hovering low in the air or skimming over surfaces. Able to scale up walls without hesitation and pass over almost all forms of terrain effortlessly.
    Black wispy tendrils are often seen sticking out of the creature that skitter along nearby surfaces like a plasma lamp. These tendrils are most visible if the creature is lifting or manipulating an object.

    Although this appears to be an alternate form or species, this is actually still a starwisp, a creature made out of plasma and functions like a tiny sun. The only difference being that the telekinetic field has been adapted to absorb and contain light. This was originally an adaptation rare starwisps had that lived toward the dark side of their native world. Due to the lack of energy, dark starwisps kept all the energy they would normally radiate inside themselves to survive in the dark cold side of the planet. Somehow Solaria acquired this ability despite being a common white starwisp.

    This mode is handy for stealth and makes her movements completely silent but otherwise offers little utility.

    While in this mode most of Solaria's abilities are unavailable. Her TK field is reduced to only a few feet and she cannot use visual illusions or light effects. She can only maintain this mode for roughly an hour before needing to revert to her normal mode.
Luma (Light) and Umbra (Shad) (Illusion)
  • Height: 6" — 15 cm
  • Length: 3" — 8 cm
  • Weight: 3lbs — 1.36kg
  • Apparent Age: Fully developed, age unclear
  • Body Type: Other
  • Voice: Light is feminine, high pitched and musical. Shad has gender ambiguous soft spoken voice
  • Usual Scent: No scent can be detected whatsoever
  • An uncommon illusion form Solaria uses expect for special cases or invested in playing music to fill multiple parts at once.

    Solaria's physical body could be inside either Light or Shad's representation, or neither continuing to appear as the normal complete form or hidden inside of her other illusionary forms.

    Light resembles Solaria except missing contrast between the wispy clouds of colours and the non-white parts of her body smaller and more fragmented. She's usually very floaty and bouncy in the air and acts more child-like than the Solaria persona.

    Light generally uses a plasma xylophone, or other vibrating plasma beam effect instruments. The xylophone appears to be made from many bars of starwisp crystal levitating in a circle below Light which she strikes with thin plasma beams vibrating the respective keys.

    Shad aka Shadow looks like Solaria's dark starwisp form exactly other than that the dark orb is kept in a more conservative round form and floats around in the air slowly as if drifting on calm waters.

    Shad generally plays percussion instruments most of all an illusionary drum set that is a matching black with softly glowing white trim around all hard edges of the instrument giving it an ethereal look.

    Light and Shadow can also take on any illusion Solaria has, however with one stark difference in that all illusions Light creates the illusion glows white and only gives additive colours, and all illusions Shad creates are inverted being black and subtractive colours looking like inverted versions of each other. These illusions are still limited to the range of wherever Solaria's actual body is, simply emulating the limitations Light and Shad had.

    Light and Shad are illusion representations of the two starwisps that fused together to become Solaria. Although they are now Solaria, the two individual personalities are remembered by her and can exist as they once were with the power of her illusions. This can be confusing to people when Light, Shad, and Solaria all co-exist at the same time as if three different beings, two of which are illusionary. But to Solaria these are facets of herself.
Anthro Cat, American wirehair (Illusion)
  • Height: 5'2" — 157 cm
  • Weight: 100lbs — 45.35kg
  • Apparent Age: ~26 Years
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Violet and cerulean corset dress, or tight-fitting vest with loose silk pants. Barefoot with toeless-heelless long compression socks
  • Voice: Full feminine almost musical voice fairly high in pitch. Feline mews and trills subtly influence her
  • Usual Scent: Strangely no body odor or scent can be detected
  • Solaria appears to be an anthropomorphic domestic cat of the American wirehair breed with white fur over her body. Her feline ears are large with tufts of fur inside the ear as a trait of the breed. Her whole body is covered in fur kept roughly 2 inches long except for the natural fur apron over her chest she leaves full length adding to her modesty of her shallow breast.

    Her head hair, which grows like a human's is shoulder length is an almost outrageously bright violet yet somehow, she makes it look natural, even having a lion style tuft of fur at the end of her tail also the same bright violet. It's unclear if this is something natural, dyed, or otherwise.

    Solaria's face looks very feline having a short muzzle, small whiskers, and bright blue-violet slit pupil eyes with the same reflective shine expected of cat eyes. Though she otherwise has subtle human-like features of expression and head shape delicately balancing the feline and human attributes in a pleasing natural way.

    Her build is quite thin, almost delicate looking yet healthy. By a guess she would only weigh about 100 pounds.

    She almost always wears a thoughtful or playful expression on her face and carries herself in perfectly feline graceful movements walking silently on her soft feline toes.

    Regardless of the outfit, Solaria usually wears a thin pair of white women's gloves with the finger tips cut open to allow her sharp white glassy feline claws out. Her claws small but could do some damage if she tried. Similarly, she wears toeless, heelless, compression socks that reach up just below her knees keeping her clawed digitigrade toes exposed for comfort and complete mobility likely able to climb a tree effortlessly like her non-anthro feline cousins.

    If she carries her staff with her, it's usually in it's short ~1 foot form held in a holster strap on her left hip. Similarly if carrying her satchel it's slung over her shoulder resting against her right hip.


    Dress: A bright cerulean blue corset dress with violet trim, unsleeved in which the dress hangs down just below Solaria's knees. The dress laced at her breast giving her a modest and formal look. A modern take on a medieval style. Unlike the medieval version the dress is only somewhat snug on her torso and loose below giving her good mobility. The bloom of the dress is subtle as to not get in the way when moving around or sitting being a good compromise between tradition and utility.

    Work clothes: A tight fitting minimalist cerulean male-styled vest modified to have a bit of lacing for support. The vest is sleeveless and fits down to her hips, met by a pair of loose-fitting cerulean felt pants that stop just below her knees worn with a violet-dyed weaved leather belt with a decorative white crystal buckle in a crosshatch design.
Sable, Anthro Kitten, American shorthair (Illusion)
  • Height: 3'2" — 97 cm
  • Weight: 30.01lbs — 13.61kg
  • Apparent Age: 7 years old
  • Character Build: Average
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Common modern t-shirt and hoodie with faded jeans
  • Voice: Young feminine feline voice with small hints of mews and trills or purrs mixed in words. Talks with
  • Usual Scent: Abnormally no scent to be found
  • Named Sable, she is an anthropomorphic feline tabby kitten marked with grey and white stripes markings down her body. She has human-like hair dirty blonde in colour typically tied back into a short pony tail.

    She either wears common street clothes with faded jeans and a light grey hoodie sort of matching her fur or might wear a blue dress with a short skirt and black pants. Either outfit usually has toeless, heelless, compression socks up to her knees leaving her digitigrade toes exposed to walk on.

    Solaria keeps this alter-ego for special cases for when a child, or less intimidating form is needed making basic modifications on the fly.
Plush Toy (Costume or Illusion)
  • Height: 1'10" — 56 cm
  • Weight: 6lbs — 2.72kg
  • Apparent Age: Like-new
  • Body Type: Other
  • Voice: Soft gentle fairly high pitched feminine voice with feline mews, trills, and purrs mixed into words
  • Usual Scent: Absolutely no scent to be found
  • Solaria has a few versions of plush toy forms she keeps in memory for special situations.

    Solaria Plush:

    A plush toy cat roughly modelled after Solaria's anthro American wirehair cat form. (see form above) The toy is made of fairly high quality construction having round stubby legs and arms, a little bit of a plump violet tummy with blue trim, cute flat violet-blue plastic eyes, white plush fleece material for the body with blue and violet toy fur for the tail tuft.
    The plush toy may or may not wear a deep galaxy violet-blue wizards hat and cape with white star pattern over the clothes.

    Generic Feline Plush:

    A more simplistic white tiger plush toy looking like a common store item either biped or quadruped at time of activation. The plush toy has soft white plush fur with black tiger stripes along it and plain black bead eyes and short whiskers.

    Generic Dragon Plush:

    A generic looking violet dragon plush toy with a quadrupedal but potential bipedal stance with large soft wings with blue sequins sewn into the fingers of the wings, and a thick short legs.
Solaria comes from many, many, previous worlds having roamed the multiverse for multiple lifetimes having to adapt as the laws of each reality twist and modify her upon entry to follow the local rules of physics and metaphysics.

Her previous two realities was one that bordered another reality she seldom speaks of, and before that a reality named Eileadora, an unstable bubble of space and time that consisted of a large island that randomly travelled from reality to reality like a ship lost at sea in the multiverse.

Solaria's true original reality is now far, far away across many spokes and wheels of universes. She is however not entirely alone, her collective split in two a long time ago over a dispute of the ways Solaria and other similar starwisps adapted and changed upon discovering organic life, adjusting to understand the world as people and creatures see it. This caused a significant divide in the race creating two separate collectives, The Free Starwisps and the Pure Starwisps. Solaria and the Free Starwisp collective explore the multiverse, however Solaria has her own additional objective pursing her soulmate that caused the original awaking event in the first place. Wherever Solaria goes, her collective tends to eventually follow one way or another.
Glass and Crystal shop owner (previous reality)
Solaria used to run a glass and crystal crafting shop in the previous reality she was in, still having her skills running such a business that made everything from common dishware, to jewellery, to simple weapons and armour.
Solaria has gained many titles over her long life, officially she is dubbed the Starwisp of Illusion due to her unique skill set and abilities. She's far from the only starwisp able to create illusionary effects, but she's one of the very best, especially since she can wield both light and dark effects together to create complete illusions with detailed contrasts and depth that normally require multiple starwisps working together to achieve.

Although Solaria is most known for her illusion abilities, among her species she's famous for an entirely different reason. She is a deviant and unpredictable in a generally good way. Solaria is the first member of the starwisp species to truly interact with organic life.

Long ago a young starwisp was lost and separated from its collective. Out of desperation and loneliness it looked for anything that even remotely resembled the electrical activity of another starwisp and made a wonderful mistake that forever changed the species. Out of pure chance it managed to establish a mental connection with a living creature. It took decades to decipher the strange signals as the wispling grew up alongside her organic companion learning utterly alien concepts to the starwisp collective. Vision, music, emotion, playing, remorse, ethics, touch, love, and much more. The wispling awakened by this new knowledge and understanding eventually named itself/herself Solaria.

Eventually, Solaria found her collective and naturally linked back up to the hive-mind. The things she shared shook the entire collective. Some call it the Great Awakening, others however deemed her corrupted and broke all connections to Solaria and any other starwisp that adopted her ideas causing the collective to split into the two that exist today, the Free and the Pure collectives.
  • Davwyn — Solaria has a very special relationship to Davwyn. To most people just saying that the minidrake is very special to her. To those she trusts she explains that she is Davwyn's literal soulmate. Their souls are bound together in some special way and they share an innate connection to each other that is complex and mysterious. Whatever her connection is with the minidrake, it's precious to her.
Small satchel (Edit)
A very small purse-like satchel containing items.
-A single 24 karat gold coin
-A single cut ruby
-A old tiny sized black cotton webbed collar
-A new medium sized black cotton webbed collar
-An old worn pet collar tag
-A thin dark blue water-cloak
-A tiny toy top made out of crystal
Solaria's Staff (Edit)
  • A staff made out of a curious frosted crystal material both ends ending with elegant decorative tips with a quarts-like crystal embedded at the tips.
    One end of the staff is crisp white transitioning in swirls towards the opposite end that transitions to a pure black. Each embedded crystal white or black respectively.

    Solaria uses the staff as a focus for her abilities, a tool to use her abilities at a range, and as a defensive weapon. The staff has survived many lifetimes in her possession but has been broken and rebuilt from it's remains so many times it's no longer recognizable as the staff it once was when she was gifted it, yet it carries with it traces of many different kinds of magic used on it during its many adventures.

    In use, the two ends are used for Solaria's respective light and dark abilities and the staff as a whole to use her illusions. She may use the white end to create a brilliant flash of light, use it as a torch, or other lighting effects, while the dark end to create shadows, darken an area, or blot out all light in a small area in a sphere of darkness.

    The staff is telescopic. In it's short form only 13 inches end to end, but expands to 5 feet when deployed. The staff can also decouple the white and black ends to form either two wands or two short-staffs depending on if it was deployed before twisting the two ends apart.

    The staff has a strange quality to it having countless overlapping magical auras and reality signatures as if the staff had travelled across hundreds of realities and had been enchanted over and over again by different magics and different people many times over.
    Despite the many magical signatures, only a few enchantments remain functional:

    -Spell of binding: The staff is soulbound to Solaria allowing her to sense it's location and if nearby call it to her location in which it will fly to her (1 mile)

    -Remote presence (hybrid): A short-ranged spell allowing Solaria to use her light/dark/illusions and telekinetic field from the location of the staff. This effect only functions within 100 feet of Solaria and the staff has a limited reach of it's effects to 5 feet. Both magic and starwisp technology achieve this effect.

    -Cloak (non-magical): Utilized via the Remote presence ability the staff can be rendered nearly invisible using Solaria's illusion ability. The effect is imperfect causing a slight distortion effect and is visible beyond colour vision.

    -Telescopic reach (hybrid): a combination of magic and engineering allow the staff to go between it's compact 13 inch size to fully extended 5 foot reach with a simple flicking motion. Should the magical effect be lost, this effect would require several manual twists and pulls to deploy.

    -Hover (hybrid): Both a magical and starwisp ability allow the staff to hover in place an inch off of the ground in either upright standing position or horizontal position.
  • Effective range from character: -Summon: 1 mile
    -Remote presence: 100 feet
    -Weapon Reach: 13 inches or 5 feet
  • Normal Power: Multiple effects, mainly utility (see Description)
Crystal claws (Edit)
  • White frosted crystal shaped in the form of very realistic looking slightly curled claws. The claws are fairly sharp and the crystal material incredibly durable.
    Although sharp and durable, the claws are fairly small serving more utility than functioning as real weapons but still better than nothing.
  • Effective range from character: Melee only
  • Quantity: 20
Electrical zap and Plasma bolt (Edit)
  • Detailed under Paranormal abilities
  • Mind games and tricks: Mind games and tricks
  • Average Staff/Quarterstaff training: Average Staff/Quarterstaff training
  • Social chameleon: Social chameleon
  • Crystal crafting: Crystal crafting
  • Acting, performance, and trickery: Acting, performance, and trickery
  • Starwisp - Several variants. Unique to starwisps this language changes with the collective, however
  • Common - Mid-late 20th century.
  • Draconic - Partially know 3 versions of it, only a select set of important words are known.
  • Fey - Partial knowledge of fey languages, only select words are known.
  • SSTV - (currently too corrupted to use) Slow-scan TV transmission protocol. Able to transmit and rec
  • Morse Code - A subsystem can translate Morse Code for Solaria if she actively acknowledges she&a
Parnormal Abilities
Telekinetic Field Tendrils (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • As a starwisp, instead of having limbs, Solaria has a telekinetic field around her body that casually reaches 15 feet or can be focused to 30 feet.

    With this field Solaria can float around appearing as if she were flying, orbit small objects around herself, orbit herself around other objects, seamlessly glide up or along surfaces, and manipulate objects around herself.

    Solaria cannot actually fly. If there are no objects within 30 feet for her TK field to grapple onto or push off of, she will fall. Large falls are generally harmless to her due to her light weight and ability to catch herself to slow her decent using her TK field before hitting the ground.

    When deliberately making them visible or lifting a heavy object with a small surface area, wispy white tendrils will appear reaching out of her plasma body, through her shell to the object. If the tendril is intercepted the far side of the tendril vanishes and the object being manipulated is dropped.

    User Image

    Solaria can bend her tendrils in complex ways to worm them around obstacles if needed. Touching a tendril gives a small tingling sensation but otherwise feels insubstantial unless the tendril is purposefully pushing or pulling against the subject.

    If Solaria's TK field is overloaded from lifting an object too heavy, or blocking a blow, part or all of her TK field will fail for a few seconds before regenerating. Massive blows to critical parts of Solaria's TK field can render her stunned for several seconds.

    Solaria's TK field can willingly be used to act as a Faraday cage blocking signals entering or leaving the field, or she could touch an antenna with a tendril to use her field as a large antenna/pickup to boost signals.

    Solaria's tendrils can deliver effects such as electric shocks and create holograms (see other abilities)
  • Limits: -Maximum accumulative weight TK field can lift, pull, or push is roughly 100 lbs. This includes objects she's carrying, her own body, and any force illusions that are active at the time.
    -TK field can only deliver fairly ineffective blunt strikes.
    -TK field cannot reach through obstacles unless made out of starwisp crystal (such as Solaria's shell).
    -TK field can set off capacitive-sensitive devices such as cell phone screens if not actively avoided.
    -TK field strength decreases beyond 15 feet, at 30 feet exerted forces drop to only a few pounds.
  • Repercussions: -Overloading Solaria's TK field causes part or all of it to shut down depending on the disruption. It will naturally regenerate after a few seconds if minor, or several seconds if major disruption such as a blow.
    -Blocking tendrils or the field itself with solid objects no matter how thin can create a dead-zone on the far side. The tendrils are highly flexible and can bend around objects to a fair degree but its imperfect. Eg. dropping a cardboard box over Solaria will knock out her TK field outside of the box. But she will be able to grab and move the box itself.
    -TK field cannot do super-fine manipulation. Roughly the dexterity of a human hand wearing average gloves.
  • Other: This ability is key for other abilities where referenced.
    TK field strength can be cooperatively shared between starwisps meaning additional starwisps can lift heavier objects.
Holographic Illusions (special, non-magical, optionally solid) (Edit)
  • Solaria's specialty. Solaria can create realistic holographic illusions of anything she can imagine within the range of her TK field (30 feet). The accuracy of the illusions depend on the level of familiarity Solaria has of the subject. The hardest things to make convincing being other creatures.

    There is no limit to how many illusions Solaria creates, but the more complex the entire simulation gets the more she might make mistakes and have to sacrifice details.

    Illusions can be either non-solid, or utilizes her TK field to give the impression the illusions are real. If opting for solid illusions Solaria needs to have crystal material in reserve to help stabilize the rigidity of the solid illusions effectively using thin scaffolding of crystal to keep the illusions stable and act as conduit for her invisible tendrils to make the illusion believable.

    All illusions draw from Solaria's TK weight limit. She can divide out the amount of strength on the fly the illusions use at any moment, but if at any time an illusion does not have the needed allocated strength available the illusion will become intangible or worse collapse, dropping anything it might have been manipulating.

    If a solid illusion completely fails, fine crystal dust sprinkles down to the ground wherever the illusion was.

    Solaria can wrap illusions around herself very effectively, using them to change her appearance and act as a false body to better interact with other creatures. The most convincing forms she has requires practise and time spent on their designs to avoid major flaws.

    Solaria's holographic illusions can use contrast even where light needs to be removed eg. black pupils of a creature (see ability: darkness)

    Solaria can also opt to create projections (see ability: light) instead of using holographic effects.

    Illusions are physical projections of light, as such magical true sight may possibly be fooled. Technological sight with high levels of accuracy may be able to detect flaws in the illusion.
  • Limits: -Solid illusions pull from Solaria's ~100 lbs TK strength pool.
    -If the TK field is obscured or interrupted, all illusions including non-solid relying on it fail.
    -If an illusion moves out of range of the TK field, the entire illusion object falls apart and fails.
    -Illusions only cover visible light and partially infrared. Characters that can see beyond this can see through the illusions.
    -Illusions cannot simulate things like smell, taste, physical texture (always feels smooth and glassy), or fool other senses.
    -Even non-solid illusions cannot pass through barriers or obstacles due to TK field limitations.
  • Repercussions: -If an illusion is pushed past it's allocated strength (eg. squeezing an illusionary hand too hard)the illusion fails dropping fine crystal dust.
  • Other: Illusions cannot benefit from leverage as any leverage an illusion might have is fake. As such all forces illusions create is dead-lift or direct forces. eg. an illusion crowbar is no more effective on a door than just pulling on it with a tendril.
Sound mimicry/projection (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Starwisps can reproduce sounds by vibrating the air anywhere in reach of their TK fields. They can reproduce almost any sound with fairly good accuracy but not enough to fool modern electronic devices.

    Any sound ranging from a pure tone, to an electrical buzz, a bird chirp, a human voice, and musical instruments can be produced so long as the starwisp is able to clearly imagine the sounds and has the experience needed.

    This ability couples well with Solaria's holographic illusions giving them the element of sound.
  • Limits: -The loudest a single wisp can generate for sound is similar to the maximum volume a human can shout
    -Space is required for louder sounds, as such this ability can't be used offensively by producing loud sounds directly against someone's ear. But can be shouted a few feet from someone.
  • Other: Multiple starwisps can join together to create louder and more complex sounds. They love to come together to reproduce music and live performances.
Light (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Solaria can create a multitude of light effects, being a starwisp she naturally emits a soft, full, light which is normally dampened down. If she glows at her full potential she glows as bright as a plasma torch. If she exerts herself she can flood a large room with bright light.

    Solaria's glow naturally shifts in colours and hues to express emotion and the outer edge glow bounces as she speaks. Her primary colour is always white but has wisps of violet, blue, purple, and a bit of green and yellow slowly flow and swirl around, yet seem to gravitate to specific areas.

    Solaria can intentionally change the colours she emits but always switches back to her natural colours when no longer focusing. Solaria can also opt to adjust how much infrared she glows to radiate warmth. If she needs to release a lot of heat she can warm a room like a portable heater by exposing some of her plasma to the air but this is every exhausting and chilling to her.

    Solaria does not radiate harmful ultra-violet light but can shine light partially into the UV spectrum.

    Beyond just her body's glow, Solaria can project light from either her body, at the end of her tendrils, or the white end of her staff. Able to create blinding flashes, dancing lights, ambient light and colours, and other various lighting effects.

    *All forms of Solaria's light effects are real emitted photons, not magical perception tricks.
  • Limits: -All lighting effects are natural light and can be affected by outside forces normally.
    -No lighting effects can cause direct harm other than blinding or burns in close proximity if glowing infra-red or ultra-violet at full intensity.
  • Repercussions: High-intensity effects can be exhausting.
Darkness (special, natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Similar to the light ability, Solaria can also remove light within her TK field, or make her body become completely black and no longer emit light at all. While in the state where she appears to be a pitch black orb, her TK field reach drops to only 4 feet, and the state can only be held for an hour before she needs to switch back. This trick is usually used when needing to stealth. While in this mode her tendrils are also pitch black.

    Beyond her body, Solaria can reduce the ambient light levels of anything entering or exiting her TK field. This also plays an important part in her holographic illusions allowing the illusions to remove light where needed such as the black pupils of eyes, dark clothing, and giving false depth to a projection.

    Alike the Light ability, Solaria can reduce light or create darkness anywhere her tendrils reach, or from the black end of her staff.

    The darkness itself is harmless, simply being absence of light that has either been redirected or absorbed. It may feel cool to the touch from lack of infra-red light.
  • Limits: -All lighting effects are the lack of natural light and can be affected by outside forces normally.
    -Darkness illusions/projections can be blocked with physical barriers between Solaria and the illusion the same way as disrupting her light illusions/projections.
  • Repercussions: -Large darkening effects are exausting and interfere with other abilities.
    -Most of Solaria's other abilities do not function while she is in stealth mode due to the nature of how it works.
Crystal craft (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • As a natural starwisp ability, Solaria can create a crystal material naturally from her body so long as she has the necessary raw material available. This ability can create in order of increasing difficulty and required materials: glass, crystal glass, quartz-family crystals, starwisp crystal and obsidian.

    Starwisp crystal is the main and naturally intended product of the process. Depending on how the crystal is forged it can be very lightweight, harder than steel, transparent, or an opaque frosted look. The outcome can be adjusted between these four features during construction.

    The natural apperance of starwisp crystal is a mostly transparent, dichroic looking crystal. This is naturally found used as the protective shell of some starwisps including Solaria. This special material allows starwisps to extend their TK fields/tendrils through it unobstructed but also able to grab and easily manipulate. The material is non-magical but has been proven possible to enchant like any other eartly material.

    During construction a starwisp needs to expose part of their plasma body to ingest slicite (sand) and other trace elements into themselves. This takes a signficant amount of energy as they heat the materials up inside their bodies and adjust the the molecular configureation of the materials. Once ready a thin thread of the molten material is worked out of their bodies using their TK field to construct the desired item be it a replacement shard for their shell or a different product, placing and holding the material in a continuous stream resembling that of a 3D printer. Efficent and talented starwisps can ingest raw materials while constructing to create larger products than they couldn't otherwise store raw material for in their bodies.

    The process of creating items is slow generally taking an hour for small simple products if making starwisp crystal. The process time changes dramatically depending on the material and complexity of the project. Eg. A glass plate may take a few minutes, an starwisp crystal with obsidian edged knife a few hours.

    User ImageUser Image

    To see the Dichroic effect see -This Video- showing the unique effects of dichroic glass/crystal.
  • Limits: -Costs significant energy, exhausting in longer projects.
    -Requires a lot of focus limiting what other actions can be performed at the same time.
  • Repercussions: -Costs significant energy, exhausting in longer projects.
    -Requires a lot of focus limiting what other actions can be performed at the same time.
  • Other: -Material and energy costs.
Plasma bolt/arc (attack, natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Solaria's natural weapon as a starwisp is plasma bolts and arcs. These attacks are costly as they consume small portions of her own body to perform.

    Plasma bolts: Starwisps can quite literally throw tiny pieces of themselves medium range towards a foe in the form of small bolts of plasma resembling that of a coronal mass ejection from a star. These can range to painful but relatively harmless sparks that burn and electrically sting a target as if one were to throw a small lit match coupled with a static shock, to heavily destructive lobs of plasma that incinerate anything it touches. However, these come at a dire cost to the starwisp as it's sacrificing part of it's body harming itself equally in the process. As such anything more than small bolts as a threat are only used in dire circumstances.

    Plasma arcs: Similarly a starwisp can create an arc of plasma from their body reaching out a few feet. These arcs can cut most materials, and weld strong metals instantly, however using such an ability is very costly as this too consumes plasma from the starwisp's body. It's generally safe when using the arc as a tool for small projects as long as a starwisp paces themselves.
  • Limits: -Bolt attack range roughly 60 feet.
    -Arc attack range roughly 3 feet
  • Repercussions: -Severe cost of consuming part of a starwisp's body. Injures the wisp performing the attack.
  • Other: Multiple starwisps can work together to distribute their plasma to mitigate damage taken using this attack.
Electrical shock (attack, natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Solaria's other natural weapon as a starwisp is electrical shocks. Starwisps can electrically shock anything within range of their tendrils. The shocks are always high voltage, low amperage allowing them to arc through the air but deal very little damage. The primary use of the shocks is to stun an opponent similar to a taser.

    Starwisps can deliver shocks as mild as typical static electricity, to that of a A.D.E 3,000 volts, or that of a Van de Graaff generator 200,000. As the voltage rises the amperage drops making the shocks unlikely to be deadly to medium to large creatures, but can hurt quite a bit.

    The bigger the shock, the longer it takes for a starwisp to charge the attack.
  • Limits: -Low amperage, high voltage. Hurts, but usually unharmful
    -Rough voltage control. A starwisp cannot choose to output an exact amount of voltage and amperage making them less than ideal as an energy source. This can be remedied using large capacitors and careful engineering.
  • Repercussions: Exhausting depending on how often and how large the shocks are. Shocks cost much less energy than plasma bolts, plasma arcs, or attacking using heavy physical objects via their TK field.
Starwisp telepathy/mind linking/hive mind (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • All starwisps have the ability to directly communicate with other starwisps on a raw level, mind to mind when in range of each other. The species naturally functions as a collective, a special sort of hive mind. All starwisps are capable of individual thought, but by their nature will work together to accomplish tasks and even share mental abilities as if they were one super-creature. The more starwisps there are, the smarter the collective gets as a system.

    Starwisps use a broad set of components to communicate ranging from a huge section of the electromagnetic spectrum including microwaves, radio waves, light pulses, and more. The information they broadcast can be picked up on equipment but is nonsensical as the signals only mean something to a specific collective and change over time as the collective does.

    This ability does not have any effect on other races except for one special exception where Solaria has a unique bond with a soulmate due to very special circumstances.

    Solaria can exploit this ability to create AM/FM radio signals well enough to transmit her voice and sounds. Her radio range by herself drops after about 1 mile. Less if the one receiving the signal doesn't have a large antenna.
  • Limits: -Only works with other starwisps *one exception
    -Can be used as a medium ranged AM/FM transmitter
    -Range is limited to roughly half a mile. Range increases as number of starwisps clustered together increases.
  • Other: Starwisps use this ability to create hive minds among their peers in their collective. Large starwisp collectives can become incredibly intelligent and powerful if they share a common goal.
    This ability also allows multiple starwisps to coordinate complex tasks to share their TK fields and energy almost as if they were one being.
Hyperspectral 360 Vision/Sense (natural, non-magical) (Edit)
  • Starwisps have both hyperspectral and 360 degree vision naturally as part of their physiology.

    Starwisps can see from all sides of their body, all 360 degrees both horizontal and vertical. However, they can only focus on a limited section of their field of vision in detail, the rest falling into peripheral vision. This makes it hard to sneak up behind a starwisp, but they also won't notice details if focused elsewhere.

    Starwisps can see/sense the following...

    Light and colours (including some ultra-violets aka bird vision)

    Infrared light aka heat sense: This is low resolution allowing a starwisp to sense temperature around themselves but not so detailed to see through walls or thermally image anything worthwhile more than 20 feet away. The information is logarithmic so no more accurate than human touch.

    Radio frequency: Solaria can make sense of simple AM and FM radio signals, and low tech walkie-talkie signals assuming there is no compression or encryption. This ability is originally part of Starwisp's telepathy but repurposed.

    Microwave: Generally only useful for inter-starwisp communication. Otherwise they just hear noise.
Info: Disadvantages (Edit)
  • As a Starwisp Solaria lacks many things typical creatures would normally have. Some of these losses are covered by other abilities as noted but otherwise are unavailable to her.

    -Missing senses-

    Smell: Solaria has absolutely no ability to smell, only roughly understanding the concept of what it is. The fact creatures can detect another has been in an area in the past by some invisible force is incredible.

    Taste: Likewise Solaria cannot taste in any sense

    Touch: Solaria doesn't have a true sense of touch. She can sense the shape of physical objects in her TK field, and estimate the hardness of something by pushing her TK field against it. She has an idea of physical texture such as how bumpy something is, but not material texture.

    Equilibrioception: Solaria can only tell what is up and down by her visual information and gravity pulling her downwards. She cannot tell if a room becomes tilted or is going up or down a gradual slope.

    Thermoception: Solaria can't feel heat in the traditional sense. She can however see heat via her hyperspectral vision

    -Other disadvantages-

    Maximum lift/strength: Solaria as a small weight limit of roughly 100 lbs including her own weight. She cannot lift heavier objects and drop objects if trying to lift something that eats into the lift strength allocated elsewhere. This also counts towards how hard of a hit she can throw, or how hard she can push.

    No bones/leverage: Without a physical body in the traditional sense, Solaria can't take advantage of leverage or using ones own weight to lift or move objects. Everything to Solaria is a raw dead-lift.

    Lightweight: Solaria only weights roughly 5 pounds. As such she's very easy to push or knock away. She can simulate false weight or mass by pushing back with her TK field but at the expense of her limited TK strength pool.

    Weak to cold: Although Solaria's shell can protect her from basic cold weather by trapping in her heat within the shell, everything is dangerously cold to her to touch. Room temperature objects may as well be liquid nitrogen to her. Being hit by cold attacks or getting chilled can be fatal for her.

    Alien physiology: Due to Solaria's very alien physiology and lack of biology, many treatments, spells, and effects don't work as they should on her. She has no way to drink potions, she can't be treated in a hospital, and she often is identified as an object by people and magic alike rather than a living creature. Sometimes normally harmless convenience spells can prove very annoying or troublesome for her.
Extra Information
Starwisps - What are they?
Starwisps are plasma-silicon based lifeforms. Besides the crystal shell some starwisps wear, the rest of their solid body isn't visible to the naked eye, having a small hollow spinning super-conductor sphere in the centre and a crystal lattice providing basic brain-like structures inside. The vast majority of the mass of the starwisp however is purely plasma which is just as much part of their body as anything else.

Due to the unique nature of their physiology, the absolute centre of their superconductor core generates temperatures reaching millions of degrees allowing atomic fusion to occur being the primary power source of their bodies making the creatures living fusion reactors the same way actual stars function.

That coupled with the creatures being born the sun itself in their home reality, the creatures were given the name 'Starwisp' after becoming known by other creatures in the multiverse.

Starwisps range from appearing borderline mindless animals, to strange alien intelligences, to creatures that behave and act like fully intelligent people. All shaped on their experiences, the number of starwisps in the area, and exposure to non-starwisp creatures.

Starwisps have profound ability to adapt, especially when in large groups where they can share their minds with each other vastly increasing their overall intelligence as a group. Starwisps in large groups can 'mutate' each other in careful ways to accomplish new tasks but avoid changing themselves too much unless the survival of the collective is at stake.

Starwisps by nature are very passive and are either friendly towards other creatures or utterly indifferent depending on the individual starwisp's experience with other creatures. Starwisps as a species never experienced a 'survival of the fittest', as such they have no instincts to hunt, chase, or eat. They are however incredibly protective of the collective and will put themselves in harms way if it betters the survival chance of the collective as a whole.

Killing a starwisp is incredibly dangerous. If the resulting explosion doesn't kill you, the wrath of starwisps in the general area can be terrifying. Whenever a starwisp dies, large portions of its memories are scooped up by other starwisps and incorporated into themselves, resulting in those starwisps having an almost first-hand experience of the death the fallen starwisp.
Starwisps - Species origin
Starwisps are an Earthly species from an alternate reality in which their Earth has already experienced its place in the universe as if it were between year 8 to 9 billion. This excessively distant future is after the event around year 4.5 billion, the sun finally consumed the last of its hydrogen and expanded into a red giant star, swallowing up Mercury in the process (Venus would have already fallen into the sun millions of years prior.) Earth barely escaped getting swallowed up itself from its orbit, but the planet was utterly ravaged turning into a molten hellscape where no life remains.

At the 8 billion year mark the sun has shrunk down to a white dwarf star roughly the same size as the Earth itself. The sun during it's collapse slowly drew the Earth in with it into a close orbit. The Earth cooled down but no longer resembled what it once did.

The Earth at this point had become tidally locked, one side always facing the sun, the other always in total darkness. Life in most Earthly worlds wouldn't be able to breathe the new atmosphere, and water of this Earth was replaced with ammonia.

*See this wonderfully articulated video of Earth's far future by Hybrid Librarian

With the close proximity to the white dwarf sun, and its weak magnetosphere, plasma rain from the sun was a regular occurrence which eventually sparked the new dawn of life on the world. With silicon and nitrogen being the most available building blocks of life, the first proto-starwisps were born. Creatures that are part plasma, part silicon, born from the sun itself.

Left alone for millions of years the race slowly evolved and improved itself. Those that worked together survived, and as such co-evolution became the cornerstone for life in this version of Earth. These creatures became starwisps which formed into a hives, and hives into collectives, all acting as a super-organism made up of otherwise individual creatures.
Starwisp Lifecycle
The lifecycle of starwisps is very different from typical biological life. A typical starwisp might not ever truly experience death in the same way normal life does unless it is very unlucky.

The Start:

A wispling when born starts off roughly %50-60 the size of an adult starwisp. Wisplings like any newborns are a bit naive and confused, yet contain a large wealth of knowledge already having all the tools needed to survive, cooperate, and grow.

Although a wispling would prefer to grow up close to other starwisps in a hive, they are capable of surviving by themselves or in small groups.

Wisplings created by mated adult starwisps have attributes and abilities from their parents, but wisplings created by a Gaia (see below) starwisp are typically only born with the basic set of instincts and imprinted basic knowledge of the collective. Wisplings born from a Gaia starwisp are often dubbed 'drones' since they are a mostly blank canvas. However, any drone can easily grow and develop into a full fledged starwisp.

Reproduction (Drones):

Drones can be created by a special class of starwisp called a Gaia Starwisp. These are very rare, very huge starwisps found only in large collectives. Gaia Starwisps are able to create drone wisplings using their ample resources and teach them basic knowledge. This new starwisp is a true starwisp but does not have anything more than the basic starwisp mind and does not end the life of the Gaia Starwisp like it does others. (see next section)
Because of this ability, and the fact Gaia Starwisps are massively bigger than other starwisps, they often get called Queens by other races drawing the comparison to queen bees.

Reproduction (Normal Starwisps):

-Courting: When normal adult starwisps are ready, they may decide to seek out one or more partner that is deemed compatible. Starwisps have complex and confusing rules as to what one starwisp deems compatible to another just as strange as love is in the organic world.

-Synchronization: Once two or more starwisps decide they wish to mate they spend long periods of time in close proximity to each other doing everything together. They will frequently exchange small pieces of themselves with their mates and synchronize habits and behaviours. During this time their crystal lattices restructure in preparation for the first major phase, fusion.

-Fusion/Coalescence: Fusion occurs when two or more starwisps fuse themselves together. It's a careful but smooth process as the two or more starwisps press against each other and merge, almost resembling two stars colliding in slow motion. Once combined they become a single over-sized starwisp with multiple cores spinning inside. This new starwisp initially is still the same two or more original wisps, but over time their traits and personalities combine together becoming a new individual. This process can take anywhere from days to many years. These type of starwisps are called coalescence starwisps.

-Budding: When a coalescence starwisp has completed its fusion stage completely, it's ready to reproduce. Using it's two or more cores, their body begins to construct additional cores inside of its body depending on how much mass and energy the coalesced starwisp has. Once the additional cores are ready the starwisp moves on to the last phase.

-Separation: With the additional cores ready, the cores being to move away from each other and the crystal lattice is delicately disassembled with some parts duplicated then reassembled around each of the cores. These cores continue to move away from each other until their fields become distinct and separate splitting off into newly born wisplings. None of the original parents remain, instead living on as their own children. Each wispling contains large portions of the fused mind and traits of the parents. As such, wisplings although having naive young minds and bodies, do possess knowledge and memories of the previous life of their parents. Because of this process starwisps remember their own lineage as distant memories as if they were their own.


To a starwisp death is a difficult to grasp subject as their lifecycle doesn't typically end, even by old age.

When a starwisp becomes too old, too injured, or killed, the starwisp sends out a SOS signal to the collective before they die. Once they die, a small explosion is caused from their core failing to hold in the fusion reactions happening inside their body. But not all is lost.

When starwisps detect one of their kind has died or is about to die, they rush in and collect the remains, incorporating the remains into themselves in a similar but rushed version of the fusion process. Parts of the memories and traits of the lost starwisp are inherited by the starwisps that collect the remains, and other portions of the fallen starwisp's mind is remembered by the hive they communicate with on a regular basis, becoming a living memory.

As such whenever a starwisp dies, they live on in the collective as part of it. The only true form of death a starwisp is afraid of is dying alone.

The Gaia Starwisp:

Only two of this rare type of starwisp are currently known of. These giant starwisps serve two major functions. As informational network operators allowing the collective to share knowledge, communicate, and utilize massive brainpower, and as a special sort of storehouse for plasma and resources important for survival of the collective. The Gaia Starwisp acts as the combined will of its collective like an avatar.

Gaia starwisps manage to maintain their huge size from their super-core made up of many, many, starwisp cores spinning around each other in complex electromagnetic orbits and the incredible amounts of energy available to them. Normally it should be impossible for a starwisp to get so large as they would hit critical mass and explode from overloading their core if they tried to grow to that size. A particular special event occurred allowing them to gain enough mass, energy, and cores in a short enough time to avoid exploding from the sheer size. A massive loss of life event.

Due to the nature of starwisps collecting the remains of their fallen and fusing it into themselves, at one point or another two different events occurred to cause such a massive loss of life, then in the scramble of starwisps collecting the pieces of the fallen, they gained so much mass in such a short period of time, a super coalescence starwisp was created, becoming a Gaia Starwisp.

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