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SpeciesSionnach Shi (Fae Fox)
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  • Old Size: 5'10" and 160lbs Information
  • Apparent Age: 20s
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Modern day casual
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Usual Scent: Faint Mint
  • Thomas is a thin looking irish male with the trademark red hair. He keeps it no longer than a few inches but generally doesn't do anything with it so it's tussled looking and wavy. He has green eyes which are mildly almond-like with a thin face. Tends to go clean-shaven if able. Despite stereotypes, he actually doesn't have any freckles. He will usually have a fox's tail and tends not to wear shoes if he doesn't have to.
Red Fox
  • Old Size: 1'5" and 27lbs Information
  • Body Type:
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Usual Scent: Strong Mint
  • In this four footed form, Thomas is a rather typical red fox. Or at least he would be if it weren't for the three tails. He possesses the archetypical black socks and white underside with white tipped tails.
Anthro Fox
  • Old Size: 5'5" and 120lbs Information
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type:
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Usual Scent: Strong Mint
  • In this form, Thomas is an anthropomorphic fox. Details such as whether he walks on his heels or exactly how many tails he has tend to vary and he will range from 'human with fur' (and muzzle, claws, etc) to 'fox that learned how to walk on its hind legs and hold stuff'. If he's on the spectrum closer to human, he'll probably be wearing clothes, but in any version he probably won't be wearing shoes.
Thomas is from a world that is very similar to earth in geography, culture, and mythology, but has a wide slew of divergences. Many of which are inconsequential or too random to bother mentioning, but one of the biggest is the variety of realms abutting it. Of particular interest here is the fae related realms where laws of nature tend to be reminiscent of the sidhe. These realms are largely hidden from the world by built up enchantments that are genetically inherited.
Trinket Selling
Since coming to Infinitas, Thomas has learned how to embed enchantments into things he crafts and he sells those for spare cash.
He has a BA in Psychology. You don't get jobs with that.
Born the fourth child to a family in Dublin, Ireland, Thomas is what those in a certain know call a changeling. One who for some reason or other did not inherit the enchantments keeping him blind to the various realms abutting earth. As a result of this, he lived a very strange childhood, frequently demonstrating his 'overactive imagination' and getting into trouble. As he learned how to get into the fae realms anchored near Ireland and back, the exploring phase of his childhood terrified his parents as he kept managing to find his way into locked places, locations closed to the public, and usually somewhere much farther from home than a typical child could travel.

For any grown 'mortal' this would have been insanely dangerous, but the laws of the royal fae court protect all children and thus while few of the locals gave him aide, none dared to cause him ill. Of all realms however, Thomas lived particularly near one in which the natural magic would always render him into a fox. As he continued to grow under this influence, it took hold in his very nature and he nearly became a fae fox at that age. If he had, the laws of Titania that protect mortal children would have immediately ceased and he would likely have found himself whisked away to never return home at all. What prevented this was nothing more than the chance interference of his parents who were becoming increasingly concerned by his imagination and frequent disappearances. After discussion, they took advantage of a job opportunity to move to Dublin, away from the wild influences they were convinced were harming their youngest son.

Luckily for Thomas' parents, the move seemed to work. Surrounded by so many 'mortals', the effects of the other world were hindered. Thomas did not become a fae fox and he stopped seeing other worldly things. This allowed him to be convinced he'd been making it all up and that it was time to grow out of 'that phase'. And so for a time Thomas became a mostly normal child, competing with his two brothers for time with the game system, tormenting his older sister with pranks, and making friends his own age at school. Even without the active fueling from exposure to the realms and their inhabitants, Thomas found himself drawn to artistic interests and spent his high school years surrounded by the cult that is known as 'drama club'. He fell in love with the stage and continued this interest even into college where he chose the absolute easiest degree he could.

It was in college where he had his next paranormal encounter. A noble of the fae, who enjoyed slumming it and the college atmosphere, was another member of the college drama club. This noble also had a history of seducing mortals for fun, temporarily lifting the blinding enchantments and exposing them to the full reality of the world. Such lovers tended to burn out after a time at which point they were no longer of interest and would be left abandoned to whatever fate remained for them. The drama club was prime hunting ground for replacements however, and it was here that Thomas fell prey. However because he had no enchantment to lift, the attempt to do so instead triggered the dormant magic in him from his childhood and rendered him finally into a fae fox. Delighted by this twist, the noble kept Thomas on as a pet of sorts, allowing him to continue his college career and visit home, althewhile teaching him the ways of the fae and magic and marking him as owned by his scent which was altered to be that of wild mint. This relationship went on for four years until a rival of the noble decided to take a petty revenge and cleared the glamour from Thomas' eyes, allowing him to see clearly what had been done to him. Horrified by the realization that he had spent the last four years in essential slavery and victim to mindrape, Thomas fled, returning to the city which offered some small measure of protection from the fae even as it now left him discomforted due to his own fae nature. It was from here that after a year, Thomas disappeared entirely from this world.
Other miscellaneous stuff (Edit)
Thomas has a hammer space that he keeps stuff in. He's got a bunch of random stuff. Don't be surprised if he pulls some random item out.
Phone (Edit)
A primitive smart phone. It lets Thomas do basic tech stuff like read files and connect to other devices that are configured right.
Magic Spear (Edit)
  • Two spears with rune like markings on them. Their main difference from regular spears is that they can change size to fit the person trying to wield them.
Magic Bow (Edit)
  • It's a bow. Short for a human, long for a fox. Anyone using this bow will find that it gives a boost to their skill level. Novice to adequate, and adequate to skilled.
  • Self training: Self training
  • Natural form: Natural form
  • Crafting: Crafting
  • Acting: Acting
  • Went to college and got a bachelor's in Psychology.
  • English
  • Gaelic
Parnormal Abilities
Transformation (Edit)
  • He can change shape. This is most effective between his defaults of human and fox.
  • Limits: His size range is cat to horse with appropriate mass for the form. The greater the discrepancy towards what he is and what he's becoming, the longer the shift takes and the harder it is. Becoming something requires a familiarity with the shape and as such he's better at certain forms than others. He does not inherit the natural skills of his forms such as a bird's ability to fly unless he learns to do so on his own.
Will'O'Wisp (Edit)
  • He can create and control floating fireballs that cast a ghostly blue light. With focus he can make one of the wisps he controls increase in temperature to light a fire. The amount of light and/or heat let off is on the level of a torch. Each one is essentially a ball of magic energy that can be molded to certain effects. They tend to absorb ambient magic, sticking to other magic which lets Thomas dispell other magic.
  • Limits: He can make and control many as he has tails, which is to say... three. By setting one down somewhere (attaching it to an object) he can free up a tail to create and control another one, but 'set' wisps only last for half an hour typically.
Glamour (Edit)
  • The ability to make illusions that fool the senses in his immediate vicinity. This is a literal illusion so it will be visible/audible/etc to people far off even though the illusion itself cannot be far away from Thomas.
  • Limits: Any illusion created has to be within a meter or two of him. It does not last beyond his paying attention to it.
Tail Space (Edit)
  • A 'pocket dimension' that Thomas has. It is essentially a portable den which he can keep things in or sleep in. The inside of this space is subject to a very strong reality altering glamour.
  • Limits: He can only keep small and light objects in this space, though there is less of a limit on how many things. There is no preservation so anything that goes in will continue to experience things like passage of time as well as conditions of whereever Thomas is such as humidity and temperature. In order to enter it personally, he needs to find an enclosed spaces such as a hole or under a bush to anchor a connection to the real world at which point anything with the right cross section able to get into the hole will be able to. Destroying the location the 'den' is anchored to will immediately eject anything inside.
Transform (Other) (Edit)
  • With more effort, he can transform others as well as himself.
  • Limits: This is much more difficult than just shifting himself and requires him to among other things overcome the willpower of the person being shifted. As Thomas' willpower isn't anything special, this usually means the other person has to either consent or be unconscious. This kind of shifting is slower than his own and takes active concentration. Under normal conditions, this will start to slowly wear off after a day, though circumstances may strengthen or weaken this. Physical contact helps him to focus and makes this more effective.
Fae Nature (Edit)
  • As a fae, Thomas cannot actively lie and any promises he makes are binding to him. Due to his changeling status, he has not made the same promises that many fae are required to make that prevent them from crossing running water or salt and being injured by iron, but if he were to do so, he would be bound by those contracts. Such bindings can give a supernatural awareness of when they are being invoked, allowing one to be injured by metal even without knowing it is iron.
  • Limits: Supernatural awareness only works when the promise is made with it specifically in mind and only detects things that actually happens that could feasibly be recognized. A promise invoked by a true name for instance will allow them to pick that true name out of a cacophony of other sounds, but a promise on someone /else's/ true name would not allow them to know that automatically. This awareness can be blocked and only works if something would be recognized if the person making the promise were paying attention. (IE: This sense could identify a known material or a gesture without it actually being seen. It could not identify an unknown material or distinguish truth from lies.)
  • Repercussions: Violations of promises cause an effect dependent on the promise. If the promise was to a person, then a debt is now owed to that person. If the promise was more general such as not touching iron or not crossing running water than it cannot be willingly done and accidental violation will induce pain or paralysis.
Adaptive Magic (Edit)
  • Thomas' condition as a kitsune and more generally a fae is due to his magic being somewhat sticky. As such is has a tendency to cling to other kinds of magic that he comes in contact with. This means that on occasion he will have a reaction with a spell cast on him as his magic tries to incorporate it into itself. While it does so, this can have some unpredictable effects on Thomas, possibly causing the spell to reoccur randomly. After enough exposure, it is possible for him to be able to incorporate it allowing him voluntary access to the spell or resistance to it.
Extra Information
Little Brothers
Some time ago, Thomas ended up with the ability to split himself into various combinations of his tails. Any 1-tail version of himself manifests as a child and represents a base component of his personality. Any 2-tail variant is a fusion of the 2 individual aspects making it up and manifest as a teenager/young adult. Versions with 3 or more tails are close enough to him to still be his regular self.

Tommy - Thomas' more playful and social side. Retains ability with fire magic. Has chosen the color dark red to identify himself.
Iyer - Thomas' more reserved and quiet side. Retains ability with ice magic. Has chosen the color white (cyan?) to identify himself.
Tintrak - Thomas' more focused and goal oriented side. Retains ability with lightning magic. Has chosen the color yellow to identify himself.
Erde - Thomas' more creative and energetic side. Retains ability with wind magic. Has chosen the color green (teal?) to identify himself.

Therm - Tommy + Iyer: Similar to Thomas, but more physical oriented.
Blitz - Tintrak + Erde: Similar to Thomas, but more magical oriented.
Therm and Blitz are close with each other. Therm is the taller one.

Thorn - Iyer + Tintrak: Not happy unless he's working on some project or other. High IQ.
Blaze - Tommy + Erde: Not happy unless he's socializing and hanging out with friends. High EQ.
Thorn and Blaze don't really get along so well. They are pretty identical, but Thorn is the grumpy one and Blaze is the cheerful one.

Thunder - Tommy + Tintrak: Very enthusiastic about things and loves getting into group projects. Jumps right into ideas without thinking them through.
Blizzard - Iyer + Erde: Bit of an airhead and often has his head in the clouds. Tends to do his own thing.
Thunder and Blizzard are the least often seen brothers. Thunder is barely taller, but they don't seem that different.

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