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Full Name: Aiden Deirri
Nicknames: Little Flame, Lotus flower, lil blossom.
Species: Celestial Eastern Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Arrival Method: Yellow Breach
Player: Fidgetbat

Physical Profile:
- Eastern Celestial Dragon
  • Height & Weight: 5.4' long with a 5" Girth 125lbs
  • Apparent Age: 3-5
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: Scales/fur
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Usual Scent: Rain and cherry blossoms

Full Description
A small mint green, light blue and white Eastern Dragon of 5' 4" long with little pale blue whiskers on each side of his square snout ending with small tufts of white fur. The fur along his body is soft blue his horns although quite small and antler like poke out of the top of his head looking electric blue. There are three fanlike scales around the sides of his head which fan out when he is happy that are white in color with blue lines down the middles ending in dipped white ends. His pearlescent white underbelly underneath the fur that runs the total length of his body sparkles lightly in the sun showing he is indeed a younger dragon. A mint green fringe runs the length of his body ending at the tip of his tail ending in a puffy tuft of fur. He has five white claws on each of his feet and swirl patterns on each of their undersides in mint green spirals.
- Anthro Bunny
  • Height & Weight: 4' 3" 116lbs
  • Apparent Age: 32
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Blue sleeveless hoodie, light green cargo shorts
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Usual Scent: Light Coffee and blueberries

Full Description
A snow white rabbit dressed in a dark blue sleeveless hoodie and light green cargo shorts. He has a runners build and a big white puffy pom pom tail. His ears fall down around his shoulders but can perk up when excited or afraid. Three bracelets of yellow pink and blue are worn on his left arm with a cuff of dark blue leather on his right. He carries a small black backpack slung over one shoulder with a strap going down the middle of his chest. A blue jade necklace in the shape of a seed with the middle in a dark green hangs around his neck with a cord of leather.

- Items
  • - Jade necklace
    Jade necklace that looks like a blue seed with a green center that swirls in the light if one were to pay attention to it. Magical in nature gives off a very slight signal to those attuned to magic.
  • - Black runners backpack
    Small runners backpack that has a strap that slings over his shoulder going down the left side to the right across his chest. Contains a change of clothes, sneakers and his work uniform.
  • - Samsung phone w/headphones
    A samsung smartphone with a pair of earbuds.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Draconic
  • English
  • Japanese
- Vocational History
  • - Cafe host/waiter/chef
    Worked in a cafe as a waiter and host for specific events, usually making dishes in the kitchen for different patrons.
- Education History
  • College Culinary arts major
  • Dancer
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Cooking culinary arts
    A good chef in the kitchen able to make a variety of dishes.
  • - Barrista
    Makes a great cup of coffee and can even do coffee art with steamed milk.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Earth like 2000s but with furry races and humans mixed together.

Character Background:
The day was like any other sunny but with a slight overcast, Aiden was getting ready for work putting his uniform in his backpack, he always loved to run to work in the morning just for that exercising high. He worked at the local cafe which was a bit older than the rest of the businesses but the atmosphere was what he loved best. The place was quiet most days with a few regulars stopping by for the cafes signature coffee. His boss was a pristine looking black fox that had a bit of mystery to him and he was a friend of the family since his parents were young. The fox took Aiden under his wing teaching him how to make different flavors of tea and coffee along with latte art. Shen was the managers name and he ran The Little Flame and was quite nice to Aiden since he was the only human working in the place. He had worked there a few years and got along well with the staff and manager who taught him a few tricks to making a good cup of coffee using older methods instead of the new espresso and fancy machines they used in most shops he preferred the more simple methods. Each morning when Aiden got there each staff members would rub the head of this old white rabbit statue for good luck, at least that was the Shens reasoning. Today was different in the city, there was a new organization causing trouble, taking credit for hate crimes against the furry populace in the last few weeks. The police were having a hard time catching the criminals and things were ramping up with some businesses even being bombed. Aiden walked into work and rubbed the statue like usual and heard voices coming from the back room of the managers office. He crept closer to the backroom seeing his manager fighting with a human about protection money telling him that bad things were going to happen if he didnt pay up. When Aiden went to enter the room the manager suddenly grabbed the guy telling him to run and call the police, he stumbled back in shock when the guy punched his boss in the face. With his fight or flight skill active he ran to the phone to call the police only to see the guy run right past the front desk a few moments later and out the door. The manager staggered out of his office before running towards Aiden and tackling him over the desk before the explosion went off behind them. They were thrown through the front window of the business with the statue following Aiden right into a yellow portal.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:
  • Server: Works at Benjis Prognostication office serving tea and foods to clients and guests.
Character Relations:
  • Benji - Lives with Benji and is quite attached to the stuffed wizard.
  • Davwyn - Loves Dav and uses him as role model on how to be a good dragon.
  • Laleine - Video Game character he cant seem to get enough information on. Thinks she is wild and very awesome.
  • Thomas O'Rua - Magically talented fox that helped him unlock his dragon form and jade necklace full of memories. Especially glad to see him around.
  • Takilaria - Huge Eastern dragon he absolutely loves seeing, she is awe inspiring to him and a bit envious of her flight capability.
  • Fuzzle - Big and fluffy and very friendly, a favorite person to run into since his species is so interesting.
  • Raphael Bradley - A cute tyke thanks to an AR curse but very friendly and a great role model to enjoy the little things.

Extra Information
- Magical abilities
Magical abilities will increase as he grows older from weather control to turning invisible etc. To be discusses before implemented

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