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SpeciesRagel Beast
BirthdayDecember, 6
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Base Form
  • Old Size: 4'5" 92 lbs Information
  • Apparent Age: Young
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Scent: Clayish
  • She appears Caucasian with shoulder length red hair. This hair doesn't not change length or style. She has large black fox ears on the top of her head in place of human ears. There is a long red fox tail with a white tip at the base of her spine, as long as her legs.
    Her skin is tan with dark markings consisting of a line of triangles under her eyes, tiger stripes on her sides and legs.

    Wears a variety of clothes from tribal to modern casual. Modern casual is jeans, open toed shoes, and earth toned t-shirt. Normally wears finger less gloves, with open backs.

    On the backs of her hands are embed with what appear to be two round emeralds, one per back of hand. (See PDD in inventory)*
Bird (Golden Eagle) {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 3 Feet, 6 Inches. Wingspan 10 Feet. 21lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • A very large, dark brown raptor with broad wings. Dark brown plumage with golden feathers on the back of the crown. Grey tail feathers.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
Dog (Sheltie) {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 13" at shoulder 11lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • A medium sized dog. Long coat, primarily light brown with white around the neck and on the back of the legs.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Species Info: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shetland_Sheepdog]-link-[/url]
Fox {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 9.8 " at the shoulder, 20" long, 6.4lbs. Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Arctic fox. White winter coat present.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
Horse (Shire Horse) {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 5'6" at the shoulder, 2030lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Large well built white horse with a short mane and long tail
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
House Cat {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 10" shoulder, 18" body length (not counting tail) 10lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • A large white and fluffy long haired cat with emerald green eyes.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
Snake (Anaconda) {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 28' length, 320lbs Information
  • Body Type: Other
  • A long snake with yellow underbelly and brown top.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
Snow Leopard {Basic Animal}
  • Old Size: 2' at the shoulder, 4'10' long with 40" tail. 50lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • A snowleopardess. Fluffy thick coat and tail.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Alex while under a tranformation
Al-Re {Ragel Enemies}
  • Old Size: 7'8" 230lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • Ostrich like bird. Flightless. Short wings and short neck. Long legs for high speed running. White feathered, including the head.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 15/2
Chackabra {Ragel Enemies}
  • Old Size: 1' 2lbs. Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • A small bird. Raptor head. 2' wingspan, black and white feathers in a chaotic coat.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 10/1
Demion {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 7'4" 259lbs Information
  • Body Type:
  • A large demon looking creature with black leather skin with a shark like appearance. Glowing red sides. Forearms are large sythes, no hands.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 25/5
Eisvogel {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 3 Feet 45 lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • Golden Eagle-shaped bird made of clear glacier ice. 9' wingpan. Feathers are sharp icicles. Light blue glowing eyes. Extremely vulnerable to fire and heat.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 40/7
Nubblin {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 1' 12lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • Small flightless penguin like bird. White in color with long antenna like feathers long as it is tall. Red beaks.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 10/1
Plannel {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 1' tall and 2' long. 34lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Rabbit like creature with four ear. About 1' at the shoulder. White thick fur coat. Red eyes. Sharp carnivorous teeth, like a wolf's
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 10/1
Talogin {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 6" tall shell. 2lbs Information
  • Body Type: Other
  • 1' wide domed rock shell. Crab legs and pincers can emerge from under the shell, grey in color
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 10/1
Taro {Ragel Enemy}
  • Old Size: 8' long, 245lbs Information
  • Body Type: Other
  • A winged snake, 8' wing span, similar to an anaconda
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 15/2
Calern Wyver {Ragel Subboss}
  • Old Size: 7' height. 20' wingspan. 100lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • Yellowbrown scales. Long sweeping horns. 6' long barbed tail. White skulllike exoskeleton on head. Yellow feline like eyes.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 50/10
Pilbear {Ragel Subboss}
  • Old Size: 15' 1490lbs Information
  • Body Type:
  • A huge grizzly bear like creature that stands upright. Herculean like muscular arms, long 3' ears. Bright red eyes and dark brown fur with blacks stripes.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 50/20
Seir {Ragel Subboss}
  • Old Size: 5' shoulder height, 18' length Information
  • Body Type:
  • A large dark green komodo dragon like creature with red spike ridges down its spine. Whip like tail..
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 50/20
Niliger {Ragel Boss}
  • Old Size: 8' shoulder, 16' length. 4000lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Large feline. Navy blue body fur. Tiger stripes, mane and tail tuft of a lion. Large fur masses at ankles. Stripes, mane, and other long fur changes color with element (Always red off of Ragel). Has two large strands of fur that arc from the eyebrows over the head to the neck. Stands 8' at the shoulder. 16' in length, not counting the tail. Tail is 8 feet long.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 100/15
Dragon Type A {Infiniatas} [b]-INCOMPLETE-[/b]
  • Height: — 0 cm
  • Weight: 0lbs — 0kg
  • Body Type: Winged Quadruped
  • 20% learned
    Learned From: Little John
Dragon Type B {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 10" at the shoulder, Information
  • Body Type: Winged Quadruped
  • A housecat sized silver dragon with
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Little John
Elk {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 6', 175lbs Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • A bipedal female elk. Light brown fur with darker fur around her neck
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Erin Smith
Gnoll {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 7'1" 250lbs Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Anthro spotted Hyena. Brown fur with black spots.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Derror
Human {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 5'5" 132 lbs Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Caucasion, blonde stragith hair. Green eyes.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: An NPC
Micro Husky {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 5" tall Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • A tiny anthro husky.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Rich
Mirachoco {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 3' Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Anthro gerbil, cute and fluffy looking
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Danny Knox
Plush Fox {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 20" at the shoulder, 21" long body. 2 lbs. Information
  • Body Type:
  • Large properly colored red fox plush. Red color with white belly and black "socks" and earback. White tail tip. Made of soft fabric and filled with cotten stuffing. Bead eyes.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Cody Derringer
Wolf {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 4' at the shoulder, 335 lbs Information
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Jet black wolf, gold eyes, black claws, pink paw pads.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 5/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Rodney Vlcek
Wyvern {Infinitas}
  • Old Size: 13' tall 24' body length 980lbs Information
  • Body Type: Avian
  • A large blue wyvern. 24 feet long tip to tail, wingspan of 62 feet. with a head 15" long. Frills on cheeks and sides. Legs have a height of 5'.
    Cost (Initial/Per Minute): 50/0 (Can Maintain indefinitely)
    Learned From: Florence Whitaker
Not far off from real world earth 2010 era
Ragel is a world where the rules of an RPG game are how reality works. Every living thing has a set number amount of HP, and dies when its HP is depleted. Though player characters can be revived within a timelimit from this.

Ragel is populated by humans taken from other dimensions. Once kidnapped a person makes a character to play as, not being told that this body they are designing they'll have to inhabit for the rest of their lives.

Once in the world itself people are free to play the game, going into the wild to fight monsters to earn experience and special items. Or to live in the cities and towns with normal mundane jobs. Even getting married and starting a family.

The origin and purpose of Ragel have been lost to time.
Served as a waiter at a restaurant. This ended on being transported to Ragel
Part time adventurer and combatant on Ragel
Made varies foods on Ragel
Derrik was born youngest of three sibling in 1991. He was born in upper Washington state. Derrik had an older brother and an older sister.

Derrik had an overall normal life. He made several friends on his block growing up. Playing video games, bottle rockets, running around, etc. The continuous adventuring did have its drawbacks as he broke bones, twice. His ankle when he was six and his arm when he was ten. Still these setbacks never dampened his spirits.

Derrik's fun with his his friend didn't last. His father lost his job when he was eights, forcing the family to move chasing work. Derrik and his family moved to lower Michigan. Here he made few friends, but grew closer and spend more time with his brother and sister. It was during his stay in Michigan that he had his first pet, a chow dog by the name of Samson.

Nothing lasts though. Derrik's father was reassigned to the company's Florida division so the family moved again. This was the second time Derrik had to say good-bye to his friends and start over. Samson was his constant friend and companion during this time. He was also close with his family, but siblings are siblings.

In the Florida panhandle Derrik attempted to rebuild his life again. It was here he met Roger, who ended up being one of the closest friends the young teen ever had. Together they weathered three rough hurricane seasons in a row. Sadly for Derrik his dog Samson went missing in his second year. Despite repeated searches, Samson was never found. Roger was there to help Derrik through the this trial in his life.

When Derrik and Roger were seventeen disaster struck again. Roger one day mysteriously disappeared. There was no hurricane or other natural disaster. Roger just vanished without a trace. The only unusual things awas a pile of clothes was left in front of Roger's home computer in his room, positioned as though someone was wearing them. In this setup was Roger's watch. His cell phone and Nintendo DS were in his pockets. The computer was still on, like Roger intended to keep using it. But not trace of Roger was ever found.

Despite this life moved on. Derrik was torn by the loss of his friend, but continued in his education. Graduating high school and starting college. He wanted to get into the culinary arts, baking, but his parents pushed him down the path of a business major. And Derrik was diligent to his studies, though he also kept up his gaming studies.

Then when Derrik was 21 the most life changing event happened to him. Derrik was playing a game on his computer when the screen went white. A strange force pulled his hand to the screen. Once contact was made Derrik literally came apart, disintegrating in his seat, leaving only what he was wearing behind. Derrik vanished from Earth that day.
Derrik awoke in a black void. There he was greeted by an unseen announcer saying he was at Ragel. He prompted to create a character before he could proceed. Being a gamer, Derrik was no stranger to character creators. Seeing as he didn't have much of a choice, and none of his questions were being answered, Derrik proceed to make a character. As he often did in games, he made the character female, and named her Laleine. The designer was extensive, giving him total freedom within set limits. He made Laleine a member of the Beast race after being intrigued by the description of learning new forms. Laleine was made into a the warrior class, masters of the blade. Her appearance is described as the default form above. Then Derrik accepted the character and said he was ready to begin. He blacked out.

Derrik woke up in the middle of a jungle, but he was Derrik anymore. He has woken up as the character he, now she, had created, Laleine. She still remembered she had been Derrik, still remembered her past life, but now Laleine was just that, Laleine. She had acquired a round device on her hand, the PDD. There were a few mental alterations, but not many, mostly to make her use to her new body and to control things like her new ears and tail.

Laleine was in the middle of a jungle, and was quick to encounter hostile creatures. She learned to fight quickly, things taking damage in the fashion of a video game, including damage numbers over their heads. Her PDD on her hand showed and HP value for herself, everything felt so real she did not want to find out what 0 HP would mean for her. While in the jungle she ran into Manson, a member of the Elf race. He helped Laleine get through the jungle and explained where they were to her. About Ragel, beasts, stats. Before they got to the first boss in this RPG world, Laleine got her first level up. It was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced.

Then they fought a powerful boss, a multi-element dragon. Laleine just hit and ran around, trying not to get killed while Manson did the heavy work. This resulted in multiple level ups for Laleine and let her get to the city.

The city was a large and vast place, seemingly filled with thousands of people, trapped on this world like she was. But Laleine learned most were computer generated people that filled the city up. There were plenty of trapped people around, but far exceeded by the number of fake people.

For a while Laleine focused on questing, going out into the while to fight monsters, and acquire experience and items. She received several during this time. As her level increased her powers did too and new skills were implanted into her brain. The Beast Dash, Beast Claws, Beast Scan. She also picked up and learned magic for the first time, discs implanting the knowledge of the spells directly into her brain.

With beast scan Laleine began the primary task of the beast race, gaining information from creatures to add to her own stats and abilities. This came to full fruition when at level twenty she gained her final skill, Beast Form, letting her take on the forms of fully scanned creatures.

Full time questing was a dangerous occupation, once she had beast form skill Laleine went to being a part time quester. She enjoyed life at her apartment, playing video games, going to concerts. Ragel didn't seem to different from reality with this, with some perks.

While in the city Laleine met another beast by the name of Styles. Styles it turns out was in fact her old friend Roger. He had been kidnapped into Ragel much like she was. Laleine had been in Ragel for many years by this point. Long use to being a beast, and a girl. So she and Styles grew close, far closer then Derrik and Roger could of ever been. So close in fact they started dating, and eventually married. With a husband at her side Laleine gave up questing all together.

Encouraged by Styles, Laleine pursued her old passion and found full time work in a bakery, it didn't pay anywhere near as well as questing did, but was quite rewarding in its own right. She learned making cakes, breads, cookies, and all sorts of things. She even invented a few of her own recipes.

Life was good for many years this way. But it wasn't to last. Styles was pulled away on a quest in which he was killed, permanently. Grief stricken and now a widow, Laleine vowed to not let that happen to her, so Styles would live on in her memory. She went all out in questing, leveling up further and further, gaining new forms and powers. She was fighting a boss with her ultra strong Niliger form when a breach catapulted her onto Infintias.
  • Smith & Sons Bakery - Baker
  • MAF - Freelance Reserve
PDD (Edit)
Short for Personal Display Device, the PDD is not a removeable item so much as it is a functional part of her, kind of like a cyborg.

The PDD is a round crystal on the backs of her hands (or equivalent locations on handless forms). It displays on it at all times.
HP: __/__
MP: __/__
PC: __/__
Status: ____
with current information in the blank spots.

Laleine can double tap a PDD to call up a holographic display menu over it with the following tabs
- Status (Default)
Displays all current stats and statuses. Experience, HP, attack power, etc
- Inventory
Displays all items collected and on her person. Can equip items, drop items, and use items, where applicable.
(Nonfunctional off of Ragel)
- Equipment
Displays equipped items and can equip equipable items from inventory. Slots include Left Hand, Right Hand, Head Armor, Body Armor, Leg Armor, Shield, and familiar. Defensive armors all have unit slots.
(Nonfunctional off of Ragel)
- Quest Information
Displays current quest information.
(Nonfunctional off of Ragel)
- Map
Displays map of the area
(Nonfunctional off of Ragel)
- Friends
Shows friend list. Opens communications with friends. Adjusts sharing options with friends (Location, Stats, etc). Scan and add friends or drop friends.
(On infinitas will act like an address book)
- Messages
Message other players.
Acts like text messaging on infinitas
- Shortcuts
Sets up verbal shortcuts for quickly equipping items or using items or dropping items. Shortcuts are used by holding the PDD and saying the command.
- Spells
Displays information on learned spells
- Abilities
Displays information on learned racial abilities
- skills
Displays information on learned class skills
- Forms
Displays information on learned forms or percentage on forms in progress
- Beastery
Displays information on defeated creatures
(Nonragel creatures will not be listed)
- Options
Adjust various in game options.
(Nonfunctional off of Ragel)
- Notepad
Notepad for various user uses
Another double tab on the PDD closes the display. Only Laleine can open or edit the display.

The PDD can connect to wireless systems for communication purposes.
Angel Feather (Edit)
Restores to full health when all HP depleted. (One time use)
Exists in the PDD only, no physical form.
Dragon Slayer (Edit)
  • Six foot long jagged edged broad sword. Purple in hue. Lightweight for its size. Came be summoned at will when equipped and dismissed to hammerspace while in contact. Will disperse if more then one hundred feet from Laleine.
    User Image
  • Effective range from character: 6 feet
  • Normal Power: Greatly increases power when equipped, but reduces speed.
    Special Attack: Coats in fire for additional damage
    Cannot be duel wielded
Kazen (Edit)
  • A two and a half foot katana blade, though straighter then a normal katana.
  • Effective range from character: Two and a half feet
  • Normal Power: Increases power and speed when equipped.
    Special attack: Generates a sickle wind when swung,similar to Ra-Fre, though not as powerful but with a 75 foot range. Delays swing when used.
    Can be duel wielded
Menye (Edit)
  • A three foot katana blade, made of a blood red metal. Has a foot long grip for single or two handed application.
  • Effective range from character: 3 feet
  • Normal Power: Increases power and speed when equipped.
    Special attack: Restores 5 MP per successful attack.
    Can be duel wielded
Primal Fury (Edit)
  • Physically does not exist. When equipped it transforms fists and feet into stone clubs while attacking. Fists take on a stone hardness while equipped.
  • Effective range from character: Contact
  • Normal Power: Increases power and defense when equipped.
    Cannot be duel wielded.
Reaper (Edit)
  • Five foot long silver sword with golden exoskeleton like backing. Lightweight for its size. Came be summoned at will when equipped and dismissed to hammerspace while in contact. Will disperse if more then one hundred feet from Laleine.
    Can project a blade of solid light at the cost of some of Laleine's MP, effectively add three feet to its length for a moment.
    User Image
Guardian Shield (Edit)
  • '2'x1" slab of steel worn on the arm. Has etched insignia on surface.
Flame Garment (Edit)
  • Armor: When active creates a firey aura around the wearer. These flames are visual only.
    Reduces HP loss active
  • Effective range from character: Contact
  • Field Experience: Field Experience
  • Player VS Player battles: Player VS Player battles
  • High School, partial college.
  • English
Parnormal Abilities
Ragel Stats (Edit)
  • Other:
    Raw Data
    Class: Warrior
    Section: Tenllow
    Element: Fire
    Level: 156
    Exp: 935894
    Status: Normal
    HP: ???/1412
    MP: ???/785
    PC: ???/780
    ATP: 498
    DFP: 438
    SPD: 314
    ATA: 316
    EVA: 423
    MST: 201
    RST: 193
    LCK: 31
    Important stats that will have effects on Infinitas are HP/MP/PC/Status/Element

    HP - Health Points. Goes down when injuries are taken. (small stuff like a papercut doesn't). Goes up while sleeping, through healing spells, and exposure to her element. When deplete will cause Laleine to pass out and kills her after 30 minutes. This will not effect physical damage
    MP - Effects spells and abilities Laleine can use. Recharges while sleeping.
    PC - Power Charge. Effects abilities. Recovers at a rate of 10 per day. Recovers more when injured, proportional to damage taken. Charge over time cannot be done when injured.
    Status - Causes negative effects on Lalein. This is in addition to the natural physical effects she may have. (Example: If she is in contact with live electrical wires there will be normal electrocution damage in addition to shock status)
    Normal - Condition Normal.
    Poison - Looses HP steadily until cured. Does not reduce below 1
    Paralysis - Cannot use spells or abilities.
    Blindness - Cannot see. Wears off
    Shock - Cannot use spells or abilities. Wears off.
    Slow - Moves in slow motion. Wears off.
    Frozen - Cannot move or act. Wears off.

    Without being on Ragel conditions may be triggered by various stimuli. All conditions can be reset by proper spell or sleeping.
    Element - Immune to damage from her element, heals HP from exposure to her element. Attacking with weakness element (Water) causes extra damage, though not exposure to water itself.

    Attack Power augments physical strength.

    All other stats have no effect off of Ragel.
Beast Dash {Ability} (Edit)
  • Arms and legs lengthen to allow four legged running. Creates a whirling spiral of fire in front of her.
  • Limits: Limited to double normal running speed. Faster speeds decrease steering.
  • Repercussions: Costs 10 PC to activate, and 1 PC per second to maintain.
Beast Sense {Ability} (Edit)
  • Gains information on the lifeforms she is looking at. Hands are brought together like a lens, thumbs and pointer fingers touching.
  • Limits:
    • Not all lifeforms are scan-able
    • Maximum of 48 forms can be stored
    • Non-Ragel creatures will not provide stat boosts
    • More powerful forms require multiple scans
    • Limit of one scan per life form per day. (Can scan multiple lifeforms in a day, and can scan a single lifeform multiple days
  • Repercussions: Scanning Costs 10 PC and a few seconds to warm up.
  • Other: Any player may deny effects scanning of their characters or races for any or no reason.
Beast Claws {Ability} (Edit)
  • Sprouts catlike claws from her fingers and toes.
  • Other: Claws don't retract or extend, instead molding or unmolding form her finger/toe tips in half a second.
    - For stuff blocking them, they do materialize/dematerialize away/towards her fingertips with enough force to tear leather.
    Normal strength and durability of cat claws
Beast Form {Ability} (Edit)
  • Allows her to turn into any stored form that has been fully scanned and is not otherwise unavailable.
  • Limits: Each form requires a certain amount of PC to transform into, and a certain PC per minute to maintain
  • Repercussions: See each form above for individual PC costs
  • Other: Reverts to normal when PC is depleted.
    Must return to normal form between others.
    PDD is visible in all forms.
    Will not be able to access supernatural skills and abilities of alternate forms off of ragel
    Off of Ragel no supernatural abilities from forms may be used
Beast Body {Ability} (Edit)
  • A side effect of how her powers as a beast work. Lalein's body is made of a clay like flesh. Normally this is reshaped by her abilities but it can be distorted by outside forces. It will not prevent broken bones or injuries from quick movement, but forces applied over time can distort and alter her shape.
  • Limits: Is not immune to cuts, breaks, tears, or other injuries. Requires more force to break bones, as otherwise they will tend to distort in shape.
  • Other: Resets to normal shape after using Beast Dash or Beast Form abilities. Allows for healing most injuries quickly.
Sonic Blade {Skill} (Edit)
  • A blast forward at 50mph in a wide sword swing
  • Limits: 90 second cool down time
    Requires a Ragel blade to use
  • Repercussions: 40 PC cost
Slash Wave {Skill} (Edit)
  • Creates a wave of energy from a swung blade, multiplying the range of the attack by five.
  • Limits: 3 second cool down time
    Requires a Ragel blade to use
  • Repercussions: 7 PC cost
Hurricane Spin {Skill} (Edit)
  • A swirling attack, damaging all enemies around the target. Creates an energy wave doubling the range laterally.
  • Limits: Requires a Ragel blade to use
  • Repercussions: 15 PC
Titan Impact {Skill} (Edit)
  • A powerful shockwave impact attack, increasing impact strength by a factor of five over a 5 foot radius from the impact point
  • Limits: Requires a Ragel Zeihander class blade to use
    60 second cool down time
  • Repercussions: 500 PC
Blade Nest {Skill} (Edit)
  • Creates 6 slashes in a single second in a flowery pattern.
  • Limits: 60 second cool down timer (Shared with twin blade nest)
    Requires a Ragel sword class weapon to use.
  • Repercussions: 20 PC
Twin Blade Nest {Skill} (Edit)
  • Creates 12 slashes in a single second in a flowery pattern.
  • Limits: 60 second cool down timer (Shared with blade nest)
    Requires two Ragel sword class weapons to use.
  • Repercussions: 35 PC
Blade Drill {Skill} (Edit)
  • Creates a flying drill utilizing both katana blades, spinning the user rapidly at the point. Can burrow through the ground
  • Limits: Lasts up to 5 seconds, cannot turn while in use
    50 second cool down timers, 10 second warm up timer
    Requires two ragel blade class weapons equipped to use
  • Repercussions: 80 PC
Tri-Punch {Skill} (Edit)
  • Punches the air twice to store up power, then the third punch hits with the force of all three
  • Limits: Requires weapons unequipped or an equipped gauntlet class weapon to use
    5 second warm up timer, 20 second cool down timer
  • Repercussions: 10 PC
Stone Claw {Skill} (Edit)
  • Claws on hands form as stone daggers
  • Limits: Lasts 5 seconds
    5 second cool down timer
    Requires weapons unequipped or an equipped gauntlet class weapon to use
  • Repercussions: 5 PC
Raj {Spell} (Edit)
  • Shoots a fireball at candle temperature in a direction
  • Limits: Range: 100 ft
  • Repercussions: 6 MP
Ra-Raj {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a lateral ring of fire at candle temperature
  • Limits: Range: 75 Feet
  • Repercussions: 12 MP
La-Raj {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a wave of fire at double candle temperature in a single direction
  • Limits: Range: 200 feet
  • Repercussions: 21 MP
Fa-Raj {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a burst of fire at double candle temperature at a single point.
  • Limits: 175 feet
  • Repercussions: 46 MP
Grand Raj {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a rain of of 50 fireballs from above in a radius from the user at triple candle temperature each.
  • Limits: Range: 10 foot radius from her
  • Repercussions: Cost: 100 MP
Aru {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a fire hose of water from her hands. Generated water disappears within 30 seconds, though can channel water she is in contact with as well.
  • Limits: Range: 20 feet
  • Repercussions: 20 MP
Ra-Aru {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a twin stream fire hose of water from her hands, spiraling in a helix with dragon head shaped water blasts leading. Generated water disappears within 30 seconds, though can channel water she is in contact with as well.
  • Limits: Range: 50 feet
  • Repercussions: 40 MP
Eal {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a pillar of earth under a target, 5 feet tall and wide. Requires stone under target area.
  • Limits: Range: 30 feet
  • Repercussions: 15 MP
Ra-Eal {Spell} (Edit)
  • Forms a dome (or sphere in mid-air) of stone around her that explodes outward in fragments after a second.
  • Limits: Sphere diameter: 10'
    Fragment Range: 30'
  • Repercussions: 45 MP
Fre {Spell} (Edit)
  • Creates a protective dome of wind around her for 15 seconds. Wind speeds are 30 MPH
  • Limits: Range: 10 feet
  • Repercussions: 3 MP
Ra-Fre {Spell} (Edit)
  • Create a sickle of wind to hurl at a target.
  • Limits: 10 second cooldown timer
    Range: 40 feet
  • Repercussions: 25 MP
Tel {Spell} (Edit)
  • Strike a single target with a lighting bolt
  • Limits: Range: 150 feet
  • Repercussions: 17 MP
Fol {Spell} (Edit)
  • Send a stream of ice crystals forward.
  • Limits: Range: 50 feet
  • Repercussions: 28 MP
Nol {Spell} (Edit)
  • None off Ragel (Can cause instant death in Ragel)
  • Limits: Range: 30 feet
  • Repercussions: 30 MP
  • Other: Can create a dark and ominous feeling to those sensitive to dark magic
Ene & Ra-Ene {Spell} (Edit)
  • Restores HP. (No difference off Ragel between the two, aside from cost)
  • Limits: Only heals HP, not injuries
    Ene can only heal self, Ra-Ene heals others
  • Repercussions: 30 MP (60 MP for Ra)
Ali & Ra-Ali {Spell} (Edit)
  • Cures Status Effects (No difference off Ragel between the two, aside from cost)
  • Limits: Only removes status effects, not injuries
    Ali can only heal self, Ra-Ali heals others
  • Repercussions: 4 MP (8 MP for Ra)
Caltese {Spell} (Edit)
  • None off of Ragel (Creates a warp point on Ragel)
  • Repercussions: 10 MP

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Re: Laleine
Added new weapon acquired in play
Feb 5, 2016 9:32 AM
Re:CS 2 Update: Laleine
There's quite a lot of information here, but ultimately I think it's reasonably low powered and acceptable.

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