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Full Name: Cv3tM03 (Chet)
Species: Snow Leopard RIDE (mechanical animal with advanced computing power)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Player: Thuban

Physical Profile:
- Snow Leopard
  • Height & Weight: 4'2" at the shoulder, and 6'3" long with proportions to match. ~600lbs
  • Character Build: Average
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Voice: Higher tenor with a rumbling undertone
  • Usual Scent: Metal

Full Description
A mechanical oversized (pony sized) snow leopard. Any fur is generated with a solid seeming hologram which is able to accurate mimic, though this fur is sparse and just runs on a strip down the back when present.
- Vehicle

    Full Description
    Model: Chevrolet Silverado
    For some reason, despite being a combat model, the vehicle mode of CV3T looks suspiciously like a Chevrolet truck. It weighs the same this way as when a snow leopard (which is to say much less than a regular truck), but it's missing wheels and travels via lifters.
    - Fuser Form (Chet plus one)
    • Height & Weight: 6'11" and ~800lbs
    • Usual Scent: Metal

    Full Description
    A mechanical looking anthro snow leopard. Build varies slightly depending on person fusing with the suit. Light on details, mostly just 'humanoid'.

    - Weapons
    • - Minor weapons
      He does have stun phasers embedded in him that he can't really use in his default form and a taser in his nose.

    Skills & Abilities
    - Language Fluency
    • Chet primarily speaks in english and code, but has several earth based languages on archive and a program to autotranslate.
    - Vocational History
    • - Enviromental and Combat Assistant
      Chet has been an environmental suit and combat assistant for over half his pre-Infinitas life.
    - Education History
    • Chet has an archive of a lot of information which he can pull up as needed. That plus a perpetual internet connection has never left him at a loss for what he needs to know.
    - Comb Training/Skills/Experience
    • - Experience
      Chet has participated in several skirmishes though as a support unit did not often find himself on the front lines.

    Paranormal Abilities

    World Information:
    Zharus is a recently colonized planet (in the large scale of things) that is still in its frontier phase. A naturally occurring mineral on this planet 'Sarium' was discovered roughly a decade after settling to have extraordinary energy density allowing them to power technology a lot more easily. This discovery combined with the frontier nature of the world let to a very fast technology revolution in conjunction with severe land grabs on the part of several polities. Sometimes the lands claimed by two polities are too close to each other and things get dicey. It's a planetary quirk that the culture is rather obsessed with 20th century culture.

    Character Background:
    The CV3T model line was created as a convoy unit to move quickly while still being able to carry supplies. Chet himself is not one of the original alpha models, though was created soon after the beta testing was concluded. Chet grew up almost naturally in a wildlife simulation with no particular uplifted intelligence. It wasn't until he was brought online in his shell that he really became aware of things in the nature of or what 'reality' is. Some brief calibration was done to make sure there were no errors with the shell before he was given some additional training exercises and then handed off to what would be his human handler for the next year or two. Even for most of this time Chet's personality was fairly locked down without room to grow except deep in his core. The external functions were mostly handle via automated processes and those processes heavily limited what Chet could do when not following given orders. The rest of his life up until Infinitas was spent on the lines with military duty and skirmishes. For being in a war, Chet hasn't done all the much excitement aside from a final battle in which he was nearly captured by enemy forces before winding up on Infinitas through a blue breach where he was quickly released from his handler's controls and is now exploring what it means to be himself.

    Extra Information
    - Abnormal Abilities
    - Advanced Computing
    Chet is essentially a computer. This should be no surprise. He is capable of running simulation level experiences and can connect with other computing type systems. Comes equipped with radio, laser link, and other varieties of communication ports, several of which are not standard to Infinitas probably.

    - Hardlight
    This is what they call the hologram projection that can act like a solid. This can simulate any material texture if the programming is available for it and is also often used as a forcefield.

    - Lifters
    Chet is installed with antigrav lifters. They are limited by power available and allows Chet to travel in excesses of 100 mph at variable altitudes. Works best at low altitudes and doesn't work so well when there is no gravity field.

    - Fusing
    Chet can fuse with compatible life forms, forming a battlesuit form with enhanced capabilities over either one alone. The original function of this before being quickly militarized was to be an environmental suit protecting people against the harsher effects of a newly colonized planet. A side effect of this is that in order to more properly match up to not throw off the syncing, the lifeform being fused will be altered with nanite technology to varying extents. This can alter build somewhat, but will always switch gender to match as well as give 'tags', aka the snow leopard ears and tail. These nanites are also capable of emergency medical properties rating on the 'patch em up' level of healing, keeping a person alive until they are brought to a safer location for proper care.

    - Extra Protection
    As a mechanical being Chet is pretty resistant to damage like small arms fire. He of course has weaknesses such as a large enough electrical shock being able to overpower his system. The hardlight shields also help with deflecting light energy blasts. As a mechanical being, Chet will not auto-heal very well despite his nanites. Those work better for healing people in the fuser form listed above.

    - Energy
    Some of Chet's more advanced functions require energy. Typically this technology runs on a power source called 'Sarium' which is unlikely to be available on Infinitas. Chet can run on other backup forms of power such as electricity and solar.

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