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SpeciesUplifted Lion
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  • Old Size: 5' at Shoulder, 230 Kg Information
  • Apparent Age: Adult Male Lion
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: None
  • Voice: Deep, Rumbly and Gluttoral
  • Usual Scent: Lavender
  • A 5' tall white lion at the shoulder, nearly 7' long when including tail. Massive build. His paws are notably more flexible than a typical cats, having slightly elongated digits capable of manipulation. His body is also covered in scars, indicative of several major surgeries he's had over his lifetime. Mane is a luxurious black in color with brown highlights.
Eclipse Phase - Pre Fall

He was 'born' in 2065, created by Samatek corp as a guardian / companion creature for a girl named Alice. He is property of Alice and her father.
Guardian / Helper
Domestic helper for an immobile adult. Guardian / Bodyguard for the same.
Mr. Mittens was created as a companion / guardian for a girl named Alice. A custom order by her father, Horace Mane, who wanted someone purely biological that would be loyal to Alice through thick and thin. Somatek was commissioned to create the creature and chose the lion template due to it's deep-set family and societal tendencies, while also packing in a compact form.

Mittens, as Alice lovingly named him, is the 211th Prototype in this project - and the one that by far was the most successful in bonding with Alice. The biological programming was very specific to her, with everything from hormonal profiles to mental programming essentially wired to ensure the positive upbringing of the target of the bond. This proved to be intensely successful, at least on the biological side. A whole slew of upgrades were planned as Mittens grew older, as can be evidenced by the many scars along his body.

These upgrades included inserting a basic mesh with his ID (completed at 1 year old), redundant heart and micro-organs in the rear torso (completed at 2 years old), advanced adrenal system (phase 1 of 3 completed in year 3), advanced musculature to rip through bones (completed at year 4), inbuilt weaponry including Titanium claws (planned for year 5), storage compartments (planned for year 6) and a facility to carry a cortical stack in his mane (completed in year 4). These measures - especially the last - were needed to help protect and support Alice.

Alice Mane was the daughter of Horace Mane, CEO of one of the hyper corporations on Earth before the fall. Alice was a young 20 year old woman at the time of Mitten's inception. She is disabled, having suffered significant mobility impairments and mental function degradation due to an incident involving experimental psionics. She goes through regular treatment to keep herself mentally and physically able but is slowly deteriorating and will likely die at the age of 30 or 40. Mittens was meant to keep her company, as Horace had to keep the company running in order to further research and discover a cure to her condition.

Over the years, the pair have formed a close and emotional bond, relying on each other for support and happiness. They are a loving, emotional couple in many ways - while Mitten's strength and resilience has kept her safe from those that would try to kidnap or use her against her father. That was at least, till a migrant came in and snatched him away to the realm of infinitas.
Claws and teeth (Edit)
  • Basic claws and teeth of a lion
  • Effective range from character: Melee
  • Normal Power: Lion powah
  • Quantity: 1 Bite, two claws.
  • Fighting Transhumans: Fighting Transhumans
  • Tooth and Claw: Tooth and Claw
  • Cuddling: Cuddling
  • Emotional Empathy: Emotional Empathy
  • Basic high school equivalent
  • English
  • Feline
Parnormal Abilities
Mesh signal ID (Edit)
  • Transmits his Mesh radio ID to those that are nearby. The ID reads "MR. MITTONS, UPLIFT ID $MTTN_211, SOMATEK PETS DIVISION, 2069"
  • Limits: 5 meter range
  • Repercussions: He cant turn it off, so it's always there
  • Other: It's a dumb signal
Redundant Organs (Edit)
  • Allows him to continue functioning when his main heart, lungs, kidneys etc have failed
  • Limits: The cybernetic organs only run for 8 hours, after which they will stop.
  • Repercussions: It's emergency stuff. It also means he needs to eat more than usual to keep them working
Adrenal Enhancements (Edit)
  • Faster reflex speed
  • Limits: 2x regular lion / feline reflex speed
  • Repercussions: Greater calorific intake, especially after exertions
Cortical Stack storage (Edit)
  • Can safely store a cortical stack in a small compartment built into his neck at the base of his mane. The system is designed to allow a cortical stack rudimentary sharing of inputs and controls over the body
  • Limits: A single cortical stack from the EP universe
  • Repercussions: Once the stack is in, his combat capability dwindles due to the shared coordination.
  • Other: If the mind in the stack is mad, it can drive him mad too.
Emotional and Physical Bonding (Edit)
  • Part of his mental and biological programming is the desire to be bonded to or looking after someone. In his world, this was Alice - but he will remain restless and seek another if that is broken.
  • Limits: Needs to know them well and for long before his body adapts.
  • Repercussions: Without the bond, he can listless and depressed, eventually falling into a very depressed state.
  • Other: It wont kill him, but it will make him harder to be happy.
Basic Biomods (Edit)
  • Reduces Shedding, changes his scents to be that of Lavender, allows access to monitoring his vital signs, operational change logs, development history and future planned changes / sites for it.
  • Limits: Can't be used for anything external. It's just a way for doctors to easily check on him while making him more suitable as a pet for a hyper elite corporate CEO.
  • Repercussions: Can be hacked to remote.

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