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Full Name: Rex
Species: Swamp Skywolf
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Player: Seneca

Physical Profile:
- Skywolf
  • Height & Weight: 6' even, 285 lbs
  • Apparent Age: Adult
  • Body Type: Winged Biped
  • Usual Clothing: Minimal/Tribal. Enough to make him modest
  • Voice: Low, growly
  • Usual Scent: Swamp Funk

Full Description
Rex is a slightly shorter (still tall by human standards), stocky, and heavy Skywolf. He stands bipedally with two fuzzy, batlike wings coming off his back. They seem a little small for his size. His fur is a dark, mottled black and brown pattern, and he can usually be seen panting softly. His normal outfit is that of a minimal tribal-themed beaded tassel getup.

- Items
  • - Crystal Necklace
    A brown crystal on a necklace of bone. Seems to have religious significance.
    -Has the ability to store magic power for later use in spellcasting. See spells themselve
- Weapons
  • - Knife
    A stone knife. Would probably hurt to be stabbed with it.
  • - Spear
    A long stick with a sharp stone fastened to the end. It would immensely suck to get stabbed with it.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Bryyian
  • English (Illiterate)
- Vocational History
  • Hunter
  • Mage
- Education History
  • Minimal. Can add and subtract to 9, knows two languages, not much else.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Minimal - limited to hunting woodland creatures for food.
  • - Weapon Training
    Taught by his packmates on how to make things dead without becoming dead himself.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Fropian planet. A distant, habitable planet in the smaller galaxy of system 3C321. This Earth-like world consists of five continents and an expansive ocean, and orbits a binary star system. Days are precisely 48 Earth-hours long. On this world, two sentient species have evolved into a symbiotic relationship with each other, humans, and "skydogs" - anthropomorphic canid creatures capable of flight through wings and a body structure that borrows from avians, including hollow bones for weight savings. Interestingly, both races have adopted a time keeping system similar to that of Earth, however they follow a 48-hour day system similar to 24-hour "military" time on Earth. A year is 182 and a half days long, equating to the same amount of time as an Earth year. They use a standardized measurement system that strangely matches up to Metric.
The five lands are as such:
"Bryyo", the Land of the Ancients - this continent bears ruins of an ancient civilization. No current race lives here*, though it is oft explored. Rumored to be haunted.
"Noria", the Land of Sea - this continent has a freshwater spring forming a large lake in the center of it. Primitive tribal civilizations thrive here of both races.
"Meika", the Land of Storms - This subtropical continent is a constant target for thunderstorms and hurricanes. There are several coastal resort towns hosted by the humans.
"Arctos", the Land of Ice - This northernmost continent is perpetually frozen, only the hardiest of Skydogs call this land home, even in modern times.
"Vitri", the Land of Life - Modern cities thrive here. The human population focuses on this temperate-climate continent, and many Skydogs live with them.

*Not quite.
It seems the predecessors to the Skydogs have taken to a hidden native life on their home continent, even though their numbers qualify them for Critically Endangered status should they have existed on Earth.

In ages long past, some believe alongside the first humanlike creatures, a wolf grew wings and the ability to stand upright. Or so the legends go.

[Skywolf flight]
Unlike the finely adapted Skydogs, Skywolves have a very heavy body structure, and relatively uniform wing design. Owing to the fact that it's HARD to lift such a heavy body, they can only fly relatively short distances, and such have evolved a wing design favoring short hop-like flights. They have not adapted the short, high speed wingbeats of Skydogs, and such actually flap their wings. They are also capable of taking off or landing without running.

The continent of Bryyo has earned its reputation for being haunted due to the secretive actions of the Skywolves, who really just want the humans and skydogs to leave them alone and stop tromping all over their lands!

Skydogs have an innate 'compass' and finely tuned motion sensing organs - like the ones in your ear - as well as being attuned to atmospheric pressure for navigation over very long flights. Skywolves lack these, partly due to the horrible magnetic interference common on their home continent, and partly due to the fact that they so rarely fly any kind of distance.

Skywolf culture follows a Wicca-like religion that involves worship of a God and Goddess - the Goddess sometimes being perceived as a principle diety, though Skywolves believe both to be equal Four elemental spirits are also worshipped, with the God and Goddess serving, together, as a fifth. A strong emphasis is placed on "Mana", a magical power that they believe lives within all living creatures, and can be borrowed in times of need. Skywolves who use their Mana power are expected to "pay back" the land somehow for the energy they used.

[The Pack]
Skywolves, due to being isolated to one continent, consider themselves to all be part of one gigantic pack, headed by a prominent, huge, and really strong Alpha, served by a small group of Betas directly under him or her. Each family unit is headed by a Delta, who helps coordinate with the Betas to ensure the peace of the super-pack.

These creatures place strong emphasis on the ideas of Honor, Dignity, and Respect. Honor your neighbor, family, Pack, and self.
Carry yourself with Dignity, and do your best to preserve others'.
Respect all living beings.
Only in times of war or hardship is it considered okay to deviate from any of these.

An inadvertant grounding of the pleasure cruise ship Lady Monarch was perceived by the Skywolves as an intentional act of war by Humans and Skydogs, and they reacted accordingly. "Combat" was fought for all of about two days, before peace efforts were made, and all mostly returned to life as usual. It didn't take long before they opened a tourist resort near the docks.

Character Background:
Rex was not really a party to all of this happening by the docks and nearby areas of the continent. That's because he was born and raised in the swamplands to the southwest, which are considered hostile territory for most normal Skywolves. Various hazards of the lands here include swarms of mosquitoes, deep mud pits, renegade magicks, and powerful spirits looking to play a "prank" on any living being that strays too close to them.
Rex, like most of the denizens of this unforgiving land, is a shortish, stocky wolf with an affinity toward the untamed energies and a resistance to the various parasites that try to prey on them.
He was born like many other Skywolves into an otherwise normal wolfpack, where he grew up learning how to hunt by ambush, recognize dangerous grounds, negotiate with spirits, and harness the magic energies here. He took well to the roles of scout and hunter, specializing in casting camouflage effects to help hide himself and his companions from their unsuspecting prey.
He also learned how to speak both native Bryyian and English, and do very basic math to help account for pack members and food supplies.
He was in the process of staking out an ambush for his pack's dinner when a Migrant captured him and brought him to Infinitas.

Extra Information
- Hidden Background Information
Part of Rex's breed's adaptations to the swamp life is that their blood is thicker than normal, to better resist being sucked out of them by the omnipresent parasitic insects. However, this blood does not flow easily through his body, and renders him vulnerable to fatigue. Swamp Wolf life is slow paced and seemingly easy going by human standards because of this, and all hunting and battles are done by way of ambush tactics and VERY short skirmishes. His flight is similarly extremely limited. Rex is only able to "jump" and "glide". Attempting to actually fly will result in rapid wing fatigue and a crash.
Like all Skywolves, Rex needs continuous access to Mana energy to remain sane. Deprivation of this will slowly drive him mad (1 month), or even kill him (1.5 months). He can use his pendant necklace to stave this off for 1 week before it is depleted.

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