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Full Name: Camorcha Lakoro
Species: Mirachoco
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Player: Eli

Physical Profile:
- Cybernetics-augmented Mirachoco
  • Height & Weight: 3â₠http™4â₠httpÂť tall, 36 lbs (Rodents are small, yes.)
  • Apparent Age: To his people, early 20s. To a human, he maybe looks 4.
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Loose, long sleeves, he usually keeps his augments covered.
  • Voice: High and squeaky, as may be expected of rodents.
  • Usual Scent: fur, metallic

Full Description
Cam appears similar to an anthropomorphic mouse or gerbil in many respects. His ears and tail are a bit fluffier than what one might see on a mouse, but otherwise he looks generally rodent-like. His fur is grey with white splotches, and his left arm and both legs are obviously robotic, when he doesnâ₠http™t have them covered. His eyes donâ₠http™t appear at first glance to be robotic, but close examination would reveal that they are. His right arm, back, hips, and skull have some signs of surgical scars across it, if one were to remove the fur. To the human eye, he would appear very child-like, given the large eyes and ears and short stature.

- Items
  • - Small Tool Kit
    He always kept this on him during rehab, even though he never had to use it. He was a bit paranoid of what would happen if his cybernetic limbs suddenly needed tuning up. It has screwdrivers, a small wrench, and a soldering iron.
  • - ACE armor
    Cam has come into possession of hardened armor from his homeworld. It's capable of non-magical cloaking, and is reasonably bulletproof, and is vacuum sealed. It has smartlink systems for his augmentations.
- Weapons
  • - PI-KE
    The favored sidearm of many personnel in the Mirachoco Alliance Space Presence, This is an extremely reliable electromagnetic coilgun-type pistol that packs quite a punch for its small size. All of its electronics are sealed and solid state, and it has no moving parts, making it able to withstand considerable abuse. It can fire after being dunked underwater, buried in sand, run over, zapped, and one (dubious) account even says that one was still able to fire after being dropped from orbit. It fires small ferrous bullets, and is powered by a rechargeable battery in each magazine. He has 8 magazines currently, plus the one loaded in the gun.
  • - JJ-03 assault rifle
    A higher quality version of the assault rifle used by most Mirachoco forces, this uses a coilgun type configuration to fire small ferrous-cored slugs with the battery pack loaded in the magazine. It has a smart-scope and smart-link to his augmentations.
    Effective Range From Character

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Mirachoco common tongue
  • Auraphim
- Vocational History
  • - Space Marine
    Like a marine, but in space.
- Education History
  • Some post-secondary education, undeclared major
- Noncombat Skills
  • - ACE Soldiering
    Outside of combat, Cam is skilled at multiple tasks expected of a mirachoco soldier. This ranges from vacuum sealing hull breaches, to driving heavy armored vehicles, to being able to do repair work on many types of systems.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Mirachoco Alliance Space Presence Marine Training
    After being drafted, he received training for defense and offense by air, land, sea, or orbit.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Cam is from a universe where his species is beginning to reach out into space, but have been noticed by a hostile alien nation, the Star Fire Empire. To combat this threat, the 39 star systems of the Mirachoco created an allied military called the Mirachoco Alliance Space Presence. The MASP has been fighting an uphill war for a few decades now. The Mirachoco are protected by the fact that the Star fire empire wants to enslave them, not just destroy them. They are furthermore protected from orbital bombardment because, having evolved from burrowing mammals, their cities are located almost entirely underground, sometimes going miles into the crust.

Character Background:
Cam was born on one of the more populated central worlds of the Mirachoco Alliance. His mother died shortly after he was born, and his father was killed in action before he could be recalled, leaving Cam an orphan. With no living relatives on the planet, he was put in the care of the Mirachoco Allianceâ₠http™s Orphans of War program, a system put in place to give children whoâ₠http™d lost parents to fighting a chance to grow up in a healthy lifestyle.

He bounced around a few foster homes when he was a baby, before suitable adoptive parents were found. The adoptive parents were a veteran that had served with Camâ₠http™s father before he was killed and his wife. The same incident had wounded the adoptive father, allowing him to be discharged since this was before cybernetic replacements had become cheap enough to economically keep soldiers fighting. They were open with Cam from early on, and the adoptive father often spoke highly of Camâ₠http™s father, painting a depiction of him as somewhat of a war hero. The adoptive father said that with that blood running in his veins, Cam could achieve greatness in whatever he tried to. Cam grew up an acceptably healthy (both emotionally and physically) child, expressing interest in going to college since he felt he couldnâ₠http™t match up to his fatherâ₠http™s reputation in the military.

However, After a year in college, the MASP was about to perform a bold push into the territory of the Star Fire Empire in order to gain control of a resource rich bit of territory, which would help slow down the SFEâ₠http™s clenching vice-grip on a pair of MASP star systems and grant the MASP a considerable resource boost. As such, the MASP needed soldiers, and Camâ₠http™s world was amongst those chosen to have the draft used to pull in extra troops. Cam, not having declared a major useful to the Mirachoco alliance, was amongst those drafted and sent off to boot camp.

Cam had mixed feelings about this development. He hoped heâ₠http™d be able to live up to his fatherâ₠http™s reputation, but felt fearful he might not be able to, and would be killed in the process. Regardless, he proved to be an able soldier in boot camp, and when done, was assigned to the attack carrier Dark of the Moon. Camâ₠http™s unit didnâ₠http™t see too much action, instead usually having to defend areas cleared out by orbital and artillery bombardment. In spite of this, Cam was eventually promoted up the line to Sergeant.

Then the day came that changed everything. The Dark of the Moonâ₠http™s battle-group was located by an SFE assault carrier convoy and attacked. Cam was helping to repel boarders when the section of the ship he was in was hit by a massive explosion that very nearly killed him and flung him into space. By Sheer luck, a fast-attack craft managed to pick him up less than a minute later and resuscitate him, but he was still incredibly badly hurt. The explosion had broken his spine, shattered his hips, given him a serious concussion and skull fracture, caused compound fractures in both his legs, almost completely severed his left arm, inflicted numerous breaks and burns on his right arm, and cause serious burns all over his body. Exposure to space, especially in the relatively close proximity to a star, blinded him and caused more serious burns. By all rights, he should have died then and there, but his body clung to life with all its might. Fortunately for him, the MASP was taking seriously wounded soldiers, like him, and giving them extensive augmentations to make them more combat effective than they were before. Cam was given a replacement left arm, extensive subcutaneous improvements to his right, replacement legs and subcutaneous hip repair and replacement, as well as spine-augmentations to repair the damage and allow him to use his new strength to maximum potential. He was also given new eyes, a couple replacement organs, and neurological enhancements.

At first Cam thought the new enhancements were pretty groovy, given how they seemed better than the alternatives of death or life as a disabled vet. He had no memory of the explosion, the concussion had seen to that, and heâ₠http™d been in a coma for most of the time he was getting repaired. However, as he went through rehabilitation and learned what his future would be, he grew to like it less. Since he was now considerably better than an average soldier, he going to be sent on much more dangerous missions. Previously, he hadnâ₠http™t seen much front-line action, mostly holding locations that had been captured. He learned that when he was done with rehab, he was going to be doing more frontline attacks and boarding action. He wasnâ₠http™t looking forward to it, but he had no choice in the matter short of going AWOL. Fortunately for him, a lot of other people saw him â₠httpœSuddenly disappear in a glowing reddish mistâ₠http partway through rehabilitation.

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