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SpeciesTransformer (Beast wars esque, ish)
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Robot Mode
  • Old Size: 5'6" 189 lbs Information
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Voice: I imagine [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu_Mankuma]Blue Mankuma[/url] voicing him
  • Usual Scent: Metal and Plastic
  • A robot covered in metal and synthetic black cat hide. Head is roughly human shaped, with glow in the green eyes. A flexible metal forms around the mouth, allowing expressions.

    His hind cat legs remain relatively unchanged, though a supportive rod slips out from the back to form a supportive heel while the joints straighten to be more humanlike. His panther front legs, move up and stick out like shoulder pads over his new arms, then fold so they wrap behind him.

    The tail stiffens and points straight up along his back, between the folded front legs.

    The belly of the cat splits to form the arms, the belly forming a shield like coating on the back of the fore arms. The arms rotate out to the sides of the body, under the shoulder pads. Humanoid hands. The chest, revealed by the removed arms, has a slot the cat head slides down over.

    All exposed metal is a light blue color.
  • Old Size: 3' at the shoulder, 5' nose to hips, 189 lbs Information
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type:
  • Usual Scent: Metal and Plastic
  • A large cat with the build and structure of a leopard. Jet black fur, emerald green eyes.
This contains spoilers to G1 transformers universe
[spoiler]Cybertron is a world populated by living machines capable of taking on secondary forms. They have interplanetary and temporal travel capacity. A long war was fought long ago between two factions, autobots and decepticons. After that war the factions reformatted to smaller more fuel efficient bodies, along with the rest of the populace. The Autobots became the Maximals. The Decepticons became the predacons.

By this character's timeline the war has subsided, though tensions still exist. Workers are regualry sent to other worlds for various purposes.
This world version ignores Beast Machines events and has custom elements like civilians who are not maximal or predicon.
His protoform was assembled, placed in a stasis pod, and given his spark. His pod was then placed in shipment to a planet. A problem on ship caused it to explode, launch his pod into space and damaging it. The pod ends up in the caves in Nomania, a world outside the multiverse itself. There a local life form, a black leopard, was scanned and he adapted to its form.

Tagor learned to live on Nomania, finding a job in the mining company. As such he spent much of his time underground, but being a synthetic the lack of sunlight and dusty air did not bother him.

Tagor at one point temporarily returned to cybertron and learned much about himself, and his past. But ultimately choose to remain on Nomania so when the time came to return, he took it.

Then in the mines one day a red breach dropped in a young Skyvel was dropped off by the name of Raph. Tagor too Raph into his care and has gained an affection for the young furry critter.
  • Miner
Magic Shunt (Edit)
Installed internally this shunt redirects magical energies that would cause transformation to a biological form
  • Preprogrammer: Preprogrammer
  • Experience: Experience
  • Mining: Mining
  • English
Extra Information
Abnormal Abilities

Mechanically switches between the two modes. Normally activated by vocal command, but can be triggers silently. Takes approximatly 5 seconds to complete transformation.

Robot Advantage

As a machine Wildcolt posses several natural advantages.
Capable of seeing in infrared and ultraviolet. Acute night vision, visual focus, and tracking.
Hearing capability above the human threshold.
Being synthetic is resistant/immune to biological effects.

Robot Disadvantage

As a machine Wildcolt posses several disadvantages.
He is unable to heal unless he is in beast mode.
He has no magic resistance.
He can feel pain, and with his enhanced hearing it makes it easier to cause pain though high sounds.

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