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SpeciesEastern Dragon
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  • Old Size: 3', 24' Body Length, ~2500Lb. Information
  • Apparent Age: 29
  • Body Type: Other
  • Usual Clothing: Nekkid
  • Voice: Male, deep
  • Usual Scent: Racoon
  • Dragon form:
    An approximately 24' long eastern dragon, bulked up to match with a body diameter of a foot and a half. His patterning is made up of vicious streaks of red atop the blonde coon fur base. The thick mane down back is of a deep red, two long whiskers billow rather defiant of gravity along his side gently. Head is topped with two slightly curved horns and hands and feet with long talons, all sharp and black.(( Rough body image, far tamer in styling: http://www.freewebs.com/wolvesofleavesandstone/spirited38.jpg ))

    Halfway form:
    He looks like what you might expect a demonic anthro weaseloid to look like, long black horns coming out back of his skull, the thick black talons on his 'chicken feet' shaped hands. Coloration is still blonde coon though the dark color has taken on a slightly reddish hue. He stands roughly 9' tall when on two legs, about 3' on four. Behind him trails abnormally long coon tail.

    Coon form:
    The coloration that of your standard blonde coon save for the darker coloration being a slightly reddish tone. As raccoons go, he seems to be on the larger end of the spectrum with a body length a little over two feet and a weight shy of 20lbs.
Originally comes from Earth. Then a nexus realm of sorts. Then another nexus! Now Infinitas!
Started off human on Earth, ended up getting transformed into a small noodle dragon in the 'realms' or magic area of the planet. Then he got thrown offworld into the shattered universe, a world where he picked up a god shard which gave him the flight ability and his larger form. This is also where he contracted lycanthropy. His time in that world was not to last as he soon found himself in the realm of Nomania where he spent several months and made a few friends. Again his time there ended as a breach appeared, taking him to Infinitas.
Natural Weapons (Edit)
  • Tooth and Talon
  • Quantity: Has become adept at using tooth and talon to shred enemies.
  • Combat Experience: Combat Experience
  • Some college. Has gained significant experience in fighting hand to hand.
  • English
  • Some Spanish
Parnormal Abilities
Regeneration (Edit)
  • Smaller wounds close almost immediately, small wounds in seconds to minutes, middling wounds in hours or days, larger ones, in weeks or a month or so if they're eating well.
Swimming Flight (Edit)
  • Can fly as though swimming, regardless of water present.
Washing (Edit)
  • Inclination to washing food in water/liquid thanks to lycanthropy.
Shifting (Edit)
  • Forced to shift to demi or coon forms under full moon. Otherwise this is voluntary shifting.
Extra Information
Species Abilities/Attributes
Low Light Vision
Can see in very dim lights
Can smell as well as a wolf
Lycanthropy can be spread generally to humanoids via any fluid transfer.

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