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Full Name: Takilaria
Species: Leva Dragon
Gender: Female
Age: 32 — Birthday: Mar, 2
Player: Adreos

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: See full Description
  • Apparent Age: 25
  • Character Build: Lean
  • Body Type: Other
  • Usual Clothing: None
  • Voice: Soft and a bit pitchy
  • Usual Scent: Similar to a cat

Full Description
2'6" (76.2cm) Shoulder height
1'6" (45.72cm) Body thickness
24'8" (7.5m) Body Length
*349 lbs (158.3 Kg)
(*Not actually felt unless she is completely drained of energy and unable to do any sort of levitation, normally feels lighter, if not weightless)

Eastern serpent dragon. No scales, soft snow white fur coat. Two manes of electric blue fur runs from along the middle of her forehead down both sides of her spine. A few more tufts of long electric blue fur accent her cheeks and eyebrows. There is a thick mane of white fur at the base of her head, and a large electric blue tuft of fur at the tip of her tail.

Two electric blue whiskers protrude from the tip of her 83cm snout, each are about 2.8m. She has big skyblue eyes. Her mouth is, as one would expect, filled with powerful sharp teeth. She has two swept back ears and small horns half as long has her snout

She has four short legs with three fingers and a thumb, long black claws on them. She however has a serpent like body, like an eastern dragon. Her electric blue mane runs along its length.

Her head is 138 cm long, she has a 71cm long neck from her head to her first feet, a full two and a half meters until her back feet, then a 2.9 meter tail with a fluffy electric blue tuft at the end, like a lion's tail. Her main fur is thick and soft, velvety and about 5-7 cm long and a sparkling snow white. The electric blue fur is 3-4 times as long and fluffy like a long haired cat.

- Weapons
  • - Natural Weapons
    4cm Curved Claws
    9cm Fangs

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
- Vocational History
  • Cleaning services
- Education History
  • Reading and writing taught by her parents' partners.
  • Taught hunting & dragon magic through her parents.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Hunting
    Taught by her parents. Rodent or small bird hunter, utilizing her levitation normally for a silent approach.
  • - Bilingual
    Speaks English and Cheltic (Local dragon tongue). Was raised using both.
  • - Housekeeping
    Fairly experienced with keeping places clean and tidy. Given a lot of cleaning chores by her parents' partners.
  • - Particulate Knowledge
    An understanding the study of how debris (dust, sticks, wood, rocks, etc) behave in winds.
  • - Energy Flow Understanding
    An understanding of how arcane energy flows in the natural order. She works with this flow to power her own magic, working with the flow of energy to create her magic.
  • - Constriction
    Using her muscular serpentine body she can wrap around and squeeze things, in the event of smaller critters (prey) literally suffocating them to death.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Combat Experience
    Wrestling with parents and prey

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
A magical parrel to earth with dragons, gryphons, and other such magical creatures present

Character Background:
Takilaria was born to two bonded parents. That is two say both Nesicari and Jerisolu linked their magic energy and minds with humans. Takilaria herself does not have the potential to bond. Takilaria and her sister and elder brother were raised by the human mages Jane and John.

Jane was a writer, a reporter for the local newspaper. She is bonded to Takilaria's mother, Nesicari. John is a construction worker, bonded to Takilaria's father Jerisolu. While both are mages due to their bonds, both prefer doing things the mundane way. When the dragonlings were born they were both delighted and helped raise them.

Takilaria and her sibling grew up slowly, causing trouble like most children, and being scolded for it. However they also enjoyed their time with people. Unlike her parent she didn't grow up in the harsh outdoors, but in the comfort of human homes.

Her parents however thought it important that their children still learned the ways of the dragon. So frequently the family went outside the dwellings to the forests beyond. There Takilaria was shown how to track, hunt, avoid dangers. She hunted bugs and rodents at first but as time went on grew to larger prey.

When Takilaria was 10 John and Jane had their first child, a young girl Emily. Takilaria took to trying to help the humans raise Emily, with mixed results. Takilaria especially enjoyed cuddling up with the child. This doubled when John and Jane had a second child as Takilaria was 13, a boy named Eric. This time knowing what to expect, all involved in the household were much more prepared. Takilaria was very close to the human children. Eric maybe a bit more so.

Shortly before Eric was born disaster struck Takilaria's life. Her younger sister Kiliaria was killed when the three siblings were out playing in the woods. A large griffin attacked them, and preyed on Kiliaria. Takilaria could only look on helplessly as her sister was devoured. Their parents arrived then and helped drive the griffin off before Takilaria or her brother fell to a similar fate. It was this that made her as close to Eric as she was when Eric was born later.

When Takilaria was 15 her parents had their second litter, 4 young Leva dragons, Takilaria's new siblings. Takilaria grew as close to them as she was was Emily and Eric. She also tried to help raise them, though also quickly found out what she learned with Emily and Eric didn't necessarily apply to dragonlings.

Like any dragon on her world Takilaria possessed natural latent magical energy. When she was three this built up to the point she could start repelling gravity and levitate. Like walking this had to be learned but with her parent's guidance she got the hang of it. And now it is as natural to her as walking is to a human.

Her energy built to the point that she could start using it externally when she was seven. It was at this point it was learned she is a disconnect, a dragon whose color does not match her element. Instead of light as her white coat would suggest, she turned out to be an air element. It was at this time her parents began to show her how she control and move air around. In typical Leva style Takilaria uses the movement of her head and body to twist and control her magical energy.

Learning wind manipulation was not the easiest thing. While floating she had a tendency to blow herself around with her air currents until she could focus them in a direction properly. At first it was a fun plaything, being able to knock stuff over. Even as her windspeed progressed faster and faster, it still remained though of limited use. A good stun on prey to then jump and constrict, but over time she learned she needed to combine her wind with other things to make it into a truly effective tool. So with guidance from her parents and their mage partners, she learned alternate methods for the wind, as a propellanet for projectile debris. She has practiced hard over the years to increase her power.

When Takilaria was 19 she set off on her own, coming of age and time for her to find her place in the world. She set off with her elder brother though eventually they separated Takilaria was able to find a region to call home, though she missed the comforts of civilization greatly. It was a rough start for her, she ended up starving much of the time until she got her act together, her air control helping greatly. Eventually when she was 25 she was driven from her home by another female who wanted this territory for herself.

Shortly after this Takilaria was snagged by breach and brought to the world of Nomania, a world just outside the multiverse itself. It was a gathering place for people the breaches threw outside the multiverse. Here she settled in a town and worked as a cleaner, having had experience with it from her time house cleaning for Jane and John.

Infinitas Related
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Extra Information
- Species Information
Leva, like all dragons from her world, have a innate magical energy they can start to access as they grow. This magical energy is tied to an element they can manipulate. The element is normally denoted by their primary color though exceptions to this, called disconnects, occur 5% of the time.

As part of an ancient spell some dragons and humans are able to form a magical bond between each other. Two bond partners are born at the same time in a relatively nearby location. When a bondable dragon is old enough they will feel the urge to seek out and find their potential bond partner. When human and dragon make contact the bond is complete, and they can share their energy with each other and speak to each other telepathically.

Unlike most other dragons, Leva never stop growing, though they slow down over time.

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