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SpeciesEastern Dragon
Arrival MethodRed Breach
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Eastern Dragon
  • Old Size: 14 foot long, 1.5 foot wide eastern dragon Information
  • Apparent Age: 60+
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: None
  • Voice: Somewhat glutteral and wolfish
  • Usual Scent: Dragon, the water, dirt
  • Tamarin is a 14 foot long eastern dragon, with white fur and a wolf-like head and reindeer-esque antlers. Two large floating whiskers swim about by him, while his legs are really short compared to his body, each being around three feet long at most. His tail is long and whiskery, stretching behind his rear legs a fair bit. If one looks carefully, right above his rear legs along each flank is a pouch that is flush up against the body itself when empty, but can have noticeable bulges if full of items. He notably floats through the air as if he were swimming, moving with grace born of a swimmer. The subtle glin of an amethyst-colored pebble can be seen in the fur between his antlers.
He came from a universe that had a large intergalactic civilization of many different kinds of aliens. His home 'planet' was a ball of water, held together by the psychic will of a giant planet-core sized jellyfish. These Jellyfish species, known as the Morau, were scattered accross the galaxy, only coming together rarely to breed every few million years. They have developed a symbiotic relationship with the Frenei species, whom act as their guardians and contacts with the wider galaxy, while also joining with them in the great dreamscapes of the endless sea.
Business Owner - Tamarin's Dreamworks
Psionic and telepathic therapy for individuals.
Business Owner - Galwest Transports
Pre-infinitas, Tamarin grew up in one of the endless seas as a Frenei eel. Frenei had three genders: white liners (either sex), blue liners (female) and red liners (male). As a white liner, he had several pouches which allowed him to store eggs from blue liners and raise them as his own, preserving them through times of rarity and nurturing them to hatch in times of plenty.

The world, known as Ahast, was a place where not just Frenei congregated but many other species as well, as it was a local interstellar travel hub. At the age of 17 he started his own space-shipping business, which was initially successful. OVer the next couple of decades increasing competition from Coreward AIs caused him to spend more and more of his time within the dreamscape and tending to the business to ensure staying afloat. During this time he met with Annastasia and the two dated and became close for a little while.

EVentually they parted ways until a couple decades later, when Annastasia had asked for Tamarin to carry her eggs temporarily while she went on a freight trip. Unfortunately the freighter exploded due to a navigation error and collision, supposedly killing her. It was around this time that he decided to close his business and tend to her children in her absence. He was migranted from here to infinitas.
Infinitas pre-rift
Tamarin's history on Infinitas is a long and complicated one, featuring many adventures and associations with varying characters. He spent most of his time in Marsillion initially, then moving to it's outskirts to a home near the water front. The dozen eggs he had brought with him eventually hatched and his family grew. There were a few discoveries and inner revelations about the Jellyfish Marau, but they proved to be unsubstantiated, instead discovered to be the works of parasites. Another interesting development was finding Annastasia: frozen in ice for almost a hundred years, in a perpetual dream state as she had been migranted off the ship into an alternative universe.

She joined the family in a new body after rescue, the happy reunion allowing for a great deal of expansion of their efforts nad assets. With her guidance, Tamarin established a counselling business first in Marsillion, then after many months decided to move to Arcford. Goodbyes were said and the entire family unit moved to Arcford.
Infinitas post-rift
After the departure of Marsillion, a rapid pattern began to emerge in Arcford where those with deep connections to the town were being migranted or breached out to it, following the town in essence. Though things on the island were stable after the initial turmoil of the town disappearing, the family made plans in case they were separated, especially as they each had varying levels of attachment to the town.

Almost a full four months after the departure of Marsillion, he was brought in via a red breach to the new infinitas.
Universal Translator (Edit)
Small pebble on his head between the antlers. Acts as a translator between various languages. Can pick up a new language fairly quickly, but with significant inaccuracies till it 'homes in' on the proper meanings (which can take upwards of several weeks for really difficult ones)
Claws and Teeth (Edit)
  • As the name suggests, his natural weapons
  • Effective range from character: Melee
  • Normal Power: Same bite and scratch power as a Komodo dragon
  • Quantity: 1
  • Psi-ops: Psi-ops
  • Counselling and Dream Psychotherapy: Counselling and Dream Psychotherapy
  • Telekinetic Sculpting: Telekinetic Sculpting
  • Interstellar Business: Interstellar Business
  • Self-taught, with neural information implanted
  • Frenei, English, Gal Standard West, Multitude of other minor alien languages
Parnormal Abilities
Flight (Edit)
  • He is capable of natural flight
  • Limits: Maximum ceiling is 500 meters from the ground
  • Repercussions: He actually cannot swim anymore! He's too bouyant to actually go under the surface of water without the help of weights. Nor can he withstand very high pressures beyond 25 meters without suffering ill effects.
Telekinesis (Edit)
  • Tamarin is capable of Telekinesis with a fine degree of control.
  • Limits: He can lift a maximum of 4 KG of matter. He can only effect the 'exterior' of an object. The most pressure he can apply is that of a firm hand shake. Usage requires focus.
  • Repercussions: Using it too much can result in brain damage. The exact amount depends on what he's using it for - but the most he can use the constant force is 5 minutes before he has to stop to avoid internal bleeding and brain hemmorages.
Stasis Pouches (Edit)
  • The pouches on his side are a remnant of Frenei biology. His role in said society was as a 'white-liner', a third gender that focused purely on raising children and ensuring safe development using two statis-inducing pouches along his flanks. These pouches essentially are lined with powerful psionic and telepathic cells, which allow manipulation and management of eggs stored within to ensure they develop properly and in turn hatch at times that is more suitable for them than not. The pouches also allow for a limited neural connection with the developing embryos, bringing them in the dreamscape and allowing their surface thoughts and emotions to be visible in the dream and felt by Tamarin otherwise.

    The pouches have been successfully used to connect to other individuals directly - but only with the use of advanced tethers similar to what the old (crocodile) John had.
  • Limits: Only applies to objects within the pouches.
  • Repercussions: The connection is two way - in many ways, the barriers between minds of those within pouches and Tamarin is thinned significantly. This creates ways to hack into his brain using it as it is a biological backdoor vulnerability.
Dreamscape Projection (Edit)
  • When Tamarin goes to sleep, both himself and anyone within 30 feet of him that are currently asleep immediately experience lucid dreaming. Additionally, they are capable of accessing a limited 'dreamscape' where they can essentially join Tamarin's mind in the dreams. This usually manifests as an outside 'door' that does not belong in the person's dream, which they can pass through to join Tamarin's mind in a common 'Dream pool'. Tamarin is capable of hosting multiple minds in this pool, creating a communal experience. While he has control of the environment and the choice to eject people, he cannot press control onto individuals without their mental consent. Joining the pool also requires people to opt-in; i.e. to 'enter' into the pool willingly. The lucid dreaming part however, is a natural byproduct of the eel's psionic influence.

    It is possible to use the dreamscape as a 'bridge', for one individual to come into the pool and then 'exit' into another individual's mind for as long as they are dreaming in proximity to Tamarin. This again requires mutual consent of the destination mind to the incoming visitor. Using this method, Tamarin has helped take care of psychological and other mental problems with the assistance of others.
  • Limits: He can host a maximum of 30 minds simultaneously, but it is likely to put serious strain on him and reduce the quality of his own sleep.
  • Repercussions: All other individuals suffer no harm if they are suddenly or violently ejected from the dreamscape. If Tamarin is forced into the real world though, he can suffer a concussion from the psychic backlash of the dreamscape construct falling in on itself without ejecting safely. Depending on the load, this can be fatal if he is at over 20 people connected.

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