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Full Name: Alan 'Ranni' Lockley
Species: Multi-Hybrid
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Arrival Method: Red Breach
Player: Siglas

Physical Profile:
- Normal base form
  • Height & Weight: 4'2" (126 cm) and 100 lb (approx 45kg
  • Apparent Age: early 20s
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Casual modern day
  • Voice: young adult, probably a tenor
  • Usual Scent: A mix of dog, cat, rabbit and goat. Also a bit like Dalware
  • Picture:

Full Description
4’2 with rounded fennec ears peeking over at a few extra inches. Short, rounded muzzle similar to a mustelid with three pairs of canines and match, his tongue has a small fork to it. His neck fluff makes him seem much sturdier in shape as if he's always alert. His shoulders are built and muscular as if he was a gymnast. His hands have four slightly stubby fingers and a thumb while still being articulate with retractable claws. His body looks pg. His feet are digitigrade, with toes streamlined with thick legs to give it a cylindrical appearance with light protrusions, with retractable claws as well. His tail is a cat’s tail like a cheetah.

He has just the right balance of muscle tone and build through his fur and stature to take the edge off being cute, and looking more like a more mature, small person. His body is hyper-flexible akin to a contortionist with enough daily stretching.

- Items
  • - Miscellaneous items
    These are items of no real worth other than usefulness to the character. Ranni has a picnic fork, a mouse pad, half a CD, an 87cm long string of black wool, a turtle onesie, a paperback book with no cover and the only words inside states the equation for finding out the surface area of a sphere, and a lightbulb. (Red breaches, man.)

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Common
- Vocational History
  • - Retail
    Everyone dips into fast food or retail. His first job was folding shirts and stocking items and cashiering. He hated it, but... it was a job.
  • - Paper boy
    Ranni got this job when he was still a teenager in school. Throwing papers, delivering junk mail, wrestling pay out of his employers. Fun things to do for a first job.
  • - Confectionist
    A combination of making chocolates, candies and designing cakes. The company worked on high quality rather than mass production. As such, a small group of employees required to have some sort of artistic skill and multi-talented in many areas. This is the job he's held most recently, and for the longest time.
  • - Fast food
    Everyone dips into fast food or retail. Ranni did both. He served at a gourmet grill station that was cheap enough and greasy enough to still be considered fast food.
- Education History
  • High school education
  • Part way in bachelors
  • First Aid
  • Blue card for children
  • Blue card for trades
  • Diploma in administration
  • cert 3 in retail/food retail
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Wood sculpting
    Can sculpt wood, and is fairly good at it, having the hobby since childhood. Never got more out of it than a few commissions, but he loves his work.
  • - Food crafting and decoration
    Having spent close to five years in a confectioner's work place, Ranni knows how to prepare and decorate sweet foods, and make it well presented.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Modern day circa 2020

Character Background:
Ranni grew up one of six children, being the youngest. He was bright, intelligent, and got the bad dose of real life when his father left at age of two. His mother relied on the support of her family to keep going. This turned out to be pretty okay, if a bit odd for onlookers. Ranni tried to stay with friends and do fun activities, enjoy life. But as he got old enough to work, he started to get in fights about his input into the family. He tried to prove them wrong with the paperboy work, and when he came home exhausted and tired, he pushed on to prove his brothers really didn't know what they were talking about. When he got his first pay, he realised how much work his brothers actually did, slightly skewed by the fact that they didn't tell him about age rates.

Ranni started taking on a nickname for himself, as a 'cool' thing to make him seem more popular. He was Alan, and asked people called him Ranni. It surprisingly worked and he kept the name ever since.

He graduated from high school, quit the paperboy job and started to work in retail. A terrible job, with less terrible pay, and far more skills to learn. He studied while he worked, trying to get an education for himself. It was very hard, but he persisted. As a side hobby, he met up with some wood-turning enthusiasts who helped him understand the full fun of woodcarving.

He changed his major, and then slowly took on other courses. This put his main study back further and further, making his last year remain incomplete. He studied other areas, he trained in short courses, did a diploma, work training. Soon enough his textbooks were only used to collect dust. He got a new job in fast food, keeping that up for a few years before making a nice break into an ice-creamery.

The ice-creamery needed someone with food handling skills and retail to serve. He jumped at the chance, and soon was working hard to gain skills in the back of house. He learnt about confectionery, chocolates, ice cream, cake and how they all should and shouldn't work together. He was taught the tricks of the trade, and he watched in fascinated interest at the daily demos. Before he noticed it, he was starting to do all the pieces, crafting chocolate leaves, tapping chocolates into ball moulds, and knowing when too much sugar was put into the peanut brittle. He was a confectioner, towering over 6’8, a love of making and passion for chocolates and sugar.

This is when he also realised some very interesting points about himself. Who he was in life, what he liked. He found the furry fandom, and was enamoured by the colours, the creativity and the closeness. He found himself attracted to the worlds created by artists visual and written. He started to show off his own wood carving creations and soon found his circle of friends far and wide.

He had unfortunately lost his battle with his waistline, he could not stop gaining weight, and the depression of it being in part due to the job he loved. He threw himself more and more into the fandom, starting to get into dire straits financially, until he found himself thrust through a red breach.

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