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Full Name: Zed
Species: Gilor
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Player: Eli

Physical Profile:
- Gilor Base
  • Height & Weight: 6â₠http™11â₠httpÂť, 225 lbs
  • Apparent Age: Young adult
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Alters between tight form fitting clothes and mid-length flowing robes, depending on the occasion
  • Voice: Smooth, middling tone.
  • Usual Scent: Dust, scales. Doesnâ₠http™t exude musk or sweat like mammals do.

Full Description
Zed is a Gilor, a lizard like race of humanoids. He is very athletic and muscular. His scales are a deep, lush green color, with red and orange highlights in a couple places. His head has a short, but broad snout, like an iguana with a considerably enlarged brain cavity, a negligible dewlap, and binocular vision. His back has a row of semi-flexible spines, colored with a tint of yellow. His tail is roughly proportional to his body scale as to a komodo dragon, but is textured more like a crocodileâ₠http™s. His eyes are cosmic blue in color.

- Items
  • - His body
    Complete with nanites and a plethora of microscopic implants everywhere. These grant him the abilities listed in the paranormal abilities section. The implants are maintained by the nanites, which also fight off foreign nanites and disease, and are highly effective at it. They effectively keep him from dying of natural causes. He is also capable of communicating with computer systems, and has long range communication abilities including radio.
  • - Hyper-bubble storage
    He is able to create 4-dimensional bubble of space and keep them around himself, accessing them at will. Itâ₠http™s basically a bag of holding without the bag. He can maintain about 100 cubic meters of space, but can do up to 300 cubic meters for several hours in a pinch. He can fold himself into one for up to several days, but he remains rooted to the same location and cannot move while enfolded yet. This canâ₠http™t be used to split an object either by trying to fold only part of it into one
  • - Stone Sculptor tools
    In spite of his abilities, he uses these to sculpt marble and stone into fine works of art.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • The 5 dialects of the Gilor
  • English
- Vocational History
  • - Auril Yoa initiate
    Trainee and initiate of the Auril Yoa for his entire life
- Education History
  • Auril Yoa train their bodies and hone their minds. Zed is quite intelligent and well read, and very good with mathematics and spatial reasoning, as is necessary for Auril Yoa capabilities.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Sculpture
    Zed knows how to work materials for sculpting.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Auril Yoa
    Trained since hatching, taken part in the resolution of 3 minor conflicts in fringe space.
  • - Skill abilites
    Uses his abilities offensively, and is trained with a couple martial weapons, like a short-blade and armor fighting style, as well as with a long staff. He is also a reasonably good marksman with Gilor weapons, but this may not transmit to more primitive weapons as much. He also practices unarmed combat, mostly as an art form.
    • Unarmed combat, multiple styles
    • Martial weapons, especially short blade and armor combo or longstaff
    • Gilor X8-93 series directed energy weapons
    • use of all of the above in concert with his abilities.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
This is the same universe as the Mirachocoâ₠http™s universe (See Camâ₠http™s sheet), but some 40000 years prior to the rise of the Mirachoco and Auraphim.
The major powers are the Galactic Federation, and the Gilor Ageris Alliance. When the Gilor first rose to spacefaring, they joined the Galactic Federation, but found it entirely too stagnant and bloated. The Federation demanded that the Gilor halt their scientific advancement so as not to upset the status quo. The Gilor left the Federation after this, and have been on tense terms with them ever since. There have been 7 Wars of Sovereignty where the Gilor have had to defend their independence.

Character Background:
When Zed was just an egg, The Gilorâ₠http™s 7th War of Sovereignty was nearing completion. The Gilor were once again repulsing the Federationâ₠http™s attempts to annex them. Like all of the Auril Yoa, Zeds egg had been injected with nanites to begin preparing his body to get the implants that would develop throughout his life. Upon hatching in good health, he immediate began to be raised by the Auril Yoa.

His early years consisted of mostly stimulation, making sure he was developing into a healthy young Gilor, and getting lots of work to help integrate his implants with his body, making them be intrinsically linked to his nervous system. As soon as he was able to walk, he began to undergo intense exercises to sharpen his mind, body, and abilities. This was mostly achieved by practice of physical arts of combat and dance. Exercising and stimulating his body and mind improved his athletic abilities, and the stimulation of his implants made them constantly closer bound to him, allowing him to produce more and improve his capacity.

At age 5, He began a much more formal and organized training regime. This training regime focused on much more than just training his body. He was taught knowledge on a great deal of subjects, from art and history, to mathematics and the sciences. Besides great warriors, the Auril Yoa are poets, artists, and scholars. All members of the order are well read, and great works of art regularly are produced by their ranks.

After 10 years of training, Zed was granted the rank of Initiate, and became an active member of the Auril Yoa. He has taken part in 3 minor conflicts on the fringe space of the galaxy. He has not been the perfect warrior though. The last year or so, thereâ₠http™s been relative peace, so Zed has mostly been working on his techniques sometimes, sculpting or painting at others

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