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Full Name: Zazzak Katikas
Species: Zrackli (Pocket dragon)
Gender: male
Age: 30
Player: Eli

Physical Profile:
- Zrackli
  • Height & Weight: 11 cm long, about 3.5 high, 13.5 grams
  • Apparent Age: 20s
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Winged Quadruped
  • Usual Clothing: Small, simple garments. At that size there isn’t all that much space for elaboration.
  • Voice: High and tweety
  • Usual Scent: Reptilian

Full Description
Zazzak is a small pocket sized silver dragon, about the size of a sparrow. He has a wingspan of a few inches, and then four other limbs. To walk, his race usually travels on all fours, but can sit up and use their free hands to grasp and manipulate objects. In addition to that, there are a couple of “fingers” on each wing which allow him to hold onto things while walking around, but not manipulate them with even close to the same dexterity as his front hands offer.

- Items
  • - Aide
    A small smart-phone like device that projects a hologram interface and is smart enough to maintain a low-level Virtual intelligence. Has several games stored in addition to that virtual intelligence, some chat programs, along and a small code compiling program which he doesn't really use, just lets the VI handle it. Also capable of communicating with its creators host network, but that is a moot point here.
  • - Display Goggles
    A pair of goggles that fit over his eyes and display information to him regarding his surrounding environment (“Augmented Reality”). The Display runs on it’s own computer, but is much more detailed and effective if linked to his aide. They also act as eye protection, able to dim enough light that he can safely look at extremely bright lights (Like arc/MIG welders, stars, or nuclear blasts), capable of doing so automatically, much like modern automatic welding masks. They also have a night vision mode, which gives high quality visual enhancement in dark environments
  • - Nanolathe tool
    A small pouch attached to a control unit on his arm houses a small amount of nanobots that, when given assembly instructions from an aide or other computer system, can build just about anything the designer can imagine, down to the molecular level. This does require the proper materials to be present however. For example, if one wanted to manufacture a microprocessor chip, they’d have to have a sufficient amount of gold, copper, silicon, etc. immediately available for the nanobots to deconstruct and then reconstruct into the desired part. And because this system is designed for Zrackli, they would take a very, very long time to construct things much larger than a basebal

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Zrackli native tongue (Sounds like squeaks and chirps, like a bird.)
  • Orion Trade language (English)
- Vocational History
  • - Fabricator/engineer
    Designs and makes high tech devices for customers
- Education History
  • Much post secondary education on electrical engineering, past masters level, not quite Ph.D. level.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Engineering
    Significant skill and knowledge

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Zazzak hails from an advanced universe. Space travel is commonplace, and within his galaxy, Zazzak’s nation, the Arrkric Greater Star Federation (AGSF), is one of the largest powers in the galaxy, which many find ironic given how diminutive the species itself is. The secret lies in their huge economic base. Each of their worlds has 200 billion taxpayers, far more than any other nation. This granted them a huge budget surplus that they spent almost entirely on scientific endeavors. Technologically, they rocketed past the other races. They discovered the secrets of the quantum foam, which allowed them instantaneous travel anywhere within their universe. To keep themselves from being spread too thin, they expanded spherically.

With so many resources at their disposal, as part of their science and development program they began construction of massive mega-structures for research purposes. The Nubian was the best example of this. It was a ring world that encircled a gas giant. It had 13 times the land area of planet earth. It was to serve as a centralized research station for a large variety of scientific endeavors.

Character Background:
Zazzak was born on one of the newer worlds of the AGSF (Likazat), his grandparents were on the original arrival of colonists on the freshly terraformed world. Throughout his youth, he was raised in a developing and expanding city. He attended school, and in his off time spent his time flying around all the under construction buildings. After doing well in school, he was recommended to the Mirachi Institution of Technology. He attended there and earned a high degree in engineering.

His good scores earned him the attention of the AGSF job recruitment agencies. Upon completion of his degree, he was bombarded by job requests. The one that caught his attention was, naturally, the one for the MSDT on the Nubian Project. Being the greatest feat of engineering in his time, the offer to work on it was tremendously inviting. He signed on and was quickly put to work.

After a couple of months working there, he was spirited away to Infinitas as he was about to go make repairs to something.

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