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Run By: Eli
Created: Aug 26, 2016
Last Edited: Aug 26, 2016
Status: Open

Approved on Dec 31, 1969
Hiring: Yes

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Marsilion Armed Forces


The Marsilion Armed Forces are the military of the City of Marsilion, charged with guarding from external threats and maintaining its borders. It entails ground forces, a small air force, a small (but powerful) navy, and a special forces division which includes magic users and high tech people. Adventurer types can sign onto the Auxiliary Forces to serve as irregular troops.

General: Lance (Owner)

Brisby (Auxiliary), Camorcha “Cam” Lakoro (Special Forces Lt.), Cela (Special Forces Lieutenant), Fuzzle (Master Sergeant - Mechanic Bay), Laleine (Auxiliary), Telia Rhinehart (Major), Trenton Vect (Master Sergeant - Armor)

NPCs Employeed

Goods & Services
Security, first response, offensive actions.

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