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Full Name: Cela
Species: Vilo
Gender: Female
Age: 52 — Birthday: Sep, 8
Arrival Method: Black Breach
Player: Adreos

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 8'6"
  • Apparent Age: 745 lbs
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Winged Biped
  • Usual Clothing: Varies

Full Description
Bipedal anthropomorphic white dragon. light brown underside. Snout is about 10 inches in front of rest of the face with closable nostrils. Primarily plantigrade stance. Covered in scales. Brown eyes. Body is long in proportion compared to humans with longer arms. Shorter legs too. Deep thick chest. Large pair of wings on her back, connecting down to her legs. Each wing is 14 feet in length, though folds up drastically on her back. A pair of curved smooth horns adorns the top back of her head, each one nine inches long.

Small rounded black claws on fingertips and toes tips. Feet are plantigrade, she however rests on her toes in quad stance.

While female does not appear to be so by human standards.

Casual Attire: Lightweight sleeveless brown shirt and black shorts.
Old Uniform: Tight fitting cyan sleeveless with black pants and boots and gloves.

- Weapons
  • - Natural Weapons
    • Claws - Straight claws protruding 1 inch from finger and toe tips. Kept sharp.
      Teeth - Long 4 inch long canine teeth, slight backwards curve.
      Horns - 9" long horns with ridges and a backwards curve. Round and unpointed ends.
      Tail - 4'2" thick and muscular tail. Not quite prehensile. Primarily used for support while standing to prop against the weight of his wings.
      Wings - 14 feet in length each. The powerful muscles to move them in flight can make them into effective clubs, especially when folded.
      Roar - Reaches up to 130 decibals
    • Instinct, medical knowledge on anatomy for where to strike, and matrial arts trainings, no practical experience in using the knowledge that way.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Mastouse
  • English (Spoken)
  • Lacroose (Written)
  • Malcerian
- Vocational History
  • Store Clerk
  • Construction Worker
  • Day Care Worker
  • Security Guard
  • Store Manager
  • Guild Soilder
  • Operations Officer B.Q.Q. Melburn
  • Technician G.C.S. Zardic
  • Second officer G.S.S. Prometeus
  • Executive Officer G.S.S. Traverse
  • Commanding Officer Guild Academy
- Education History
  • Basic Education
  • Guild Military Academy
  • Guild Stellar Academy
- Noncombat Skills
  • Astronavigation
  • Quantummechanics
  • Field Medical
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Wilderness Survival
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • Firearms
  • Tactical
  • Mental-Blocking
  • Aura Combat
  • Hand to hand

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Cela hails originally from a galaxy, not a world. She is from a space-faring inter-species society and has traveled to many different worlds and cultures.

Vire is a harsh world, roughly earth sized. It is the sole planet of a binary star system. Celin is a yellow orange star much like Earth's sun. Cerio is a larger red star. Unlike most binary stars, these two orbit each other at great distance, several AU from each other. Veri sits right between the two where the gravimetric forces balance. Veri thus experiences constant daytime, with one star up in the sky or both on the horizons. It has a heavy iron core, producing a powerful magnetosphere, shielding the planet from the dual solar radiation. More gets to the surface than on earth, forcing life there to adapt to it as it evolved. Most surface dwelling lifeforms have a natural armor to help protect against the radiation. While there are bodies of surface water and oceans, the majority of the water on the planet is in its vast underground cave system, formed from the stresses on the planet. Most life exists under the surface, though there is no shortage of surface dwellers. Waxy plant life flourishes, especially in the cooler upper latitudes. The atmosphere is drier and thinner then earth's, resulting in a tanish sky. The planet spins about once every 25 hours and is titled, the ratio of yellow sun to red sun varying across the "year" as the two stars orbit each other around it.

Character Background:
- Vire
Cela hatched second of her four clutch mates. Her mother was an officer in the Guild, a galaxy spanning militaristic government, in charge of personnel on Vire. Her father was a spacial engineer, working at the space elevator at the Vire spaceport. Cela had a relatively normal early childhood, forming strong bonds with her clutch mates. She did stand out as white Velo were abnormal but not unheard out outside of true albinism.

On Vire she learned a great many things, including survival in harsh climates and inter species interactions. Being a native of Vire she could naturally withstand the harsh environment of the planet but witnessed first hand the difficulties other non-native species had. She started standard schooling there, learning with her various classmates. She also would start her martial arts training at this time at the instance of her mother, gaining an eventual mastery of Vilo Tar Le, equivalent to a black belt of earth's karate in which she learned discipline and using her entire body as a weapon.

It wasn't until she was ten that Cela had her first off world trip, traveling via spacecraft to the planet Thios, accompanying her mother on a business trip. She spent a good deal of the trip in the Zero-G recreation centers, finding the weightlessness a fun and enjoyable experience. Her mind was blown away at the appearance of the planet Thios. Whereas Vire is a harsh desert Thios had lush greenery abundant, in particular the rain forest where her family stayed. All the water just flowing around and falling from the sky boggled her, showing her how diverse the worlds could be with her own eyes. The trip was not without setbacks, despite the modern medicine being used to dampen the effects she still had to go through Nicosis. Nicosis is a condition Vilo suffer when exposed to the heavy moisture of other worlds relative to the normally dry Vire. Cela spent several days laying in a bed coughing as her lungs adapted to the new environment. But eventually she adapted to it.
- Guild Academeny
Her time living on Vire didn't last. When she was fourteen her mother was reassigned, and thus the family moved with her off world Cela found it hard at first saying goodbye to her old friends, but tried to keep in touch over the years. Moving to Rizen also meant she was no longer enrolled in the Vire education academy. To keep their children's education up Cela and her clutch mates were enrolled in the local guild academy.

The Guild educational academy was something new to Cela. On Vire it was mostly fellow Vilo as classmates. Here she and her clutch mates were the only Vilo around. But Cela grew up in wonder talking with fellow students, learning diverse cultures and worlds everyone came from.

It was in the guild academy that Cela first received training in the use of her aura, or life force as many also know it as. Vilo were relatively new to aura use, and Cela was fortunate enough to be born with a colored aura, namely red. With her training she learned the dangers of aura use, and its potential. The red color of her aura allowed her to generate and manipulate heat, including generating fire. She burned herself, and others, and buildings, several times during her training but it was eventually something that she was able to master, though her practice and training continued to this day she has considered her aura use secondary compared to other skills.

When she was eighteen, young for a Vilo, she graduated the guild academy. With a heartfelt goodbye to her family she set out on her own, a young dragon trying to find her way in the world. It was mediocre at best. She had her first job before graduation, but now she was trying to put her education to use. She spent a year on various jobs from manual labor to surveying to pyrotechnical before settling in as a manager at a store.

None of these jobs really fit her, she found everyone at them sloppy, having grown up with the military parents and their strict regimen. She enjoyed her work as a manager, the managing aspect anyways, the store she couldn't care less about. Being predatory by nature she often had to find ways to vent aggression, and worked hard to hold her tongue and temper with unruly employees. After a year she came to realize what her calling was, where the strict organization she enjoyed was. She bid her managerial job farewell and enrolled in the Guild Military Academy, or the MA as many knew it.
- Service
The MA turned out to be a lot harder then Cela anticipated. She learned fast the full discipline her mother had endured, training beating into her a sense of duty and loyalty beyond what she had thought possible. She endured, tough as her species is. She learned to refine her aura for use in combat, along with hand to hand training, short weapon, and firearms. She was no sniper but was still quite talented.
Her real field of expertise was in navigation, often plotting routes for exercises or working with maps, stellar charts in particular.

Cela graduated the academy with full marks. And like any guilds man she had a communications implant installed in the right side of her face. This implant allowed her to interface with authorized machine, provided long range communications while in the field, and acted as a translator for her to understand, though not necessarily speak, most languages. She joined the military branch of the guild on graduation, taking a customized teal uniform to accommodate her hexapodal biology.

Routine assignments came and went, normally Cela worked on one base or another. After a few promotions she was made a junior drill instructor, teaching the new cadets. But she was eventually pulled out for infiltration. On the planet Baru the resistance, a galactic anti-government movement, had captured several major facilities there. Cela was on world at the time so a squad was formed to break in and restore control of the facilities. It was Cela's first taste of combat, and it was the most scared she had ever been in her life. She froze up for a bit as her training and conditioning started to take over and she figured out how all she was taught actually applied, getting through the experience successfully. It was not without problems as she had to encounter for the first time loosing people, as not all her squad mates made it out alive from the well armed resistance.

During training and missions Cela spent a lot of time on star ships to move personnel around. She found the depths of space soothing to her naturally aggressive tendencies. Spending time in space would over the years mollify these instincts to the point she didn't even have to think about suppressing them, giving her a much kinder demeanor. After several years Cela requested a transfer, getting herself enrolled in the Guild's naval academy.
- Naval
Cela proved to be a natural in space, adapting to ship systems and environments quickly. Traveling the stars she found was her calling, and was trained from navigation to security to engineering and finally settled into the command area of ship operations, being the junior Operations Officer on the B.Q.Q. Melburn for her first posting, a freighter but everyone starts somewhere.

Cela had her first truly titanic emotional blow dealt to her on the Melburn. She received a communique from her mother. Her elder clutch mate Boria had passed away. Vilo naturally are a pack minded species, with the heaviest bonds formed between clutch mates. Even though the sisters hadn't seen each other in years Cela found the news wrenching a hole in her, leaving her feeling hollow inside like part of her had died. Cela took leave and took transport back to her home world, Vire, for a traditional Vilo farewell ceremony to Boria.

After coming back to her sense Cela reentered active duty, being reassigned to the heavy cruiser, G.C.S. Zardic. Cela worked in the science division on board. First exposing her to the finesse of quantum mechanics. This fascinated her and in her free time she took classes via the ship's library studying up on quantum mechanics, finding it fascinating. It became a chief study of hers even after transfer to engineering on the ship.

Her life on the Zardic was a bit more exciting then on the Melburn, partly due to the varied missions cruisers face compared to freighters. Cela took part in several missions, varying from exploration to relief efforts and beyond. Then war started.

The neighboring empire of Guista had declined for centuries to join the Guild. Then for reasons unknown at the time they launched an attack on the guild. The guild retaliated as battles raged across the border, and on both sides. The Zardic was called into fight several times. Cela found herself in demanding situations during the ship battle of White Scarma Nebula, she engaged in ground deployment on the planet Tarba. During the ground engagement her tail was severed, being replaced with a cybernetic extension that was given a false scale covering to look like her natural tail.

The most demanding situation she found herself in was during the climax of the war. She was on the command deck, adjust life support systems when the ship was attacked in orbit of Milurn. The fight was swift as ships from both armies arrived. Both the captain and executive officer were killed in one of the attacks on the ship. Thinking fast Cela barked orders to the remaining command crew, taking control of the situation to get the ship out of immediate threat and launch a counter attack. While the counterattack was only part of the final conflict her actions earned her her officer commission as she was trained and assigned as the adjust officer on the GSS Prometeus.
- Traverse
Many years later Cela was reassigned to a secret project, along with her field old field partner from the battle of Tarba, Pakson. The two, and others, were tasked with designing and building a new experimental prototype ship. Pakson lead the effort with Cela as the second in command.

Translight technology had reached a peak speed over a century ago of Translight Factor 10, or 10 lightyears per day. And while improvements had been made that allowed reaching this speed sooner, the TL 10 barrier as it was known had been a major obstacle in space travel.

New theories and technologies were being deployed and build into the project Cela participated in, known as the Traverse Project. The Traverse was the first ship build with multiple experimental drives that managed to supersede the barrier. It was harrowing for her to be among the first to travel faster than any had for over a century.

As the Traverse's executive officer Cela was in charge of personal, training of personnel on ship, interpersonal conflicts, supporting the captain's decisions, and a great many other tasks. She served many roles in her task, having transferred to the political branch of the guild during the Traverse's development.

While it seemed like a long career on the Traverse was in order, it was not to be. Only a few years after the Traverse launched disaster struck for Cela. The traverse suffered a catastrophic collision with another ship in close orbit. Both ships stayed in tact but the heavy impact damaged internal systems and structures. Cela had been in a corridor that collapsed, a heavy beam fell on her in the artificial gravity, severing her spine and tearing her wing membranes. Given the complex biology of the Vilo repairing the damage was not possible. Cela's active ship duty came to an end as she was bound to a hoverchair for life.
- Penadant Prime
Cela did not retire from the guild though. She was forty seven and thus in a Vilo's prime. Despite being handicapped Cela moved planetside, accepting an offer as the commanding officer of the Guild Academy on Corine, the Guild homeworld. She worked with instructors and students alike to make sure the students learned what they required but no overly cruel tactics were used. Though she was fond of pulling surprises to keep everyone on their toes. She even personally oversaw some classes and activities.

In her second year as academy commander she took the elites of the graduating class on a trip to an old station on the edge of guild space at Point Parama. It was a routine maintenance mission but it gave the students hands on experience with systems and space travel. The old thorn in the guild's side, the resistance, attacked the station. Cela manned the station's tactical systems, holding of the commodered ships by the resistance as the students evacuated and made the jump to lightspeed. Shortly after Point Parama station's structural integrity collapsed, destroying the station and ending Cela's life.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:

Extra Information
- Aura
Aura is an energy in a living being, binding the corporal, physical body and the ethereal, intangible soul together. Its physical nature allows it to interact with the world around it, and its ethereal nature allows to supersede the normal laws of physics. Those able to tap in and mentally harness their own aura's energy are able to to perform magic, the act of bending the laws of physics. Those able to use magic are known as mages.

The amount of magic an aura user is able to perform is related to the amount of energy in their aura and the degree they are trying to go against normal physics. Ex: Changing water to something it naturally can be, like ice, takes less energy then to transform the water into something it cannot be, like lava.

Aura receives its energy directly from the body. The more energy is depleted from aura use, the more energy it will have to draw from the body to replenish itself. Normally the rate aura draws energy is equal to the energy expenditure needed to keep the soul and body bound together. External use of the aura, such as through magic, depletes its energy faster. While it will recover, drawing up to double its normal rate through the body, aura users have to be cautious. If too much energy is drawn it will weaken the bond an aura creates resulting in dizziness, nausea, loss of coordination, lapses in consciousness, and/or a temporary coma. If the aura's energy drops below the amount required to maintain the bond, body and spirit will separate, resulting in immediate death.

The total amount of energy and aura has varies from individual to individual, as does the energy required to bond spirit and body. It is based on an individual's species, some have more robust aura than others, the natural stamina of the individual, and the amount of tempering it has received. Aura tempering is the use of an aura through magic, thus causing it to strengthen and build up a larger store of energy. Early on aura users have to use extreme caution in how much they temper their auras, as there usually is not munch energy to practice with. As an aura becomes more tempered however it has a greater reserve of energy to pull from. Typical aura users start tempering once they begin training. Those with initial auras just large enough to maintain their bond do not have the energy reserves required to being tempering, thus cannot utilize their aura. Additionally as an aura becomes tempered it becomes more difficult to temper it further, until it reaches its natural limit at that time. As an individual ages the upper limit may slowly expand.

In addition to its energy level, an aura also has a color. This is set from birth and cannot be altered. And aura's color determines the manner in which it is able to manipulate reality. A red aura for example can manipulate the generation of heat while a yellow one can manipulate electricity. Multiple colors are possible, with the dominant being the color in majority. Colorless aura also exist, being the vast majority of auras. Colorless auras are unable to tap into elements and thus are restricted to basic colorless magic.

In magic, aura is focused through spells to channel it from a chaotic state to a focused one. The primary focusing agent is the will power of the user, the stronger the will the less energy is wasted. A mage's will directs the flow of aura energy, focusing into the place and shape necessary to cause the desired effect. Normal mages are taught the spells to create effect, although those with a greater understanding of the underlying flow of aura energy are able to manipulate it freely to derive new spells.

Aura Energy Spell Requires To Cast = Spell Intensity + Range + Duration.
Aura Energy Spell Requires To Maintain = Time * (Intensity + Range)

Most spells draw their energy as their cast is complete. This puts danger in that the energy required may be too great for the aura to handle. If this is within the remaining energy of the aura, the energy will be taken in one sitting, instantly resulting in whatever the energy loss would provoke. If the required energy exceeds the remaining aura energy, the spell will fail to activate and the user's aura energy will drain to zero, resulting in instant death.

Other spells required a continuous flow of energy. This may be shut off from the user at anytime. The effects of the energy drain will happen as it is going out. This type of energy drain usually cannot kill directly, the user passing out before that point is reached.

Cela's aura is one color, red.
- Species Informaiton
- Carbon/Silicon
Vilo sport a hybrid carbon/silicon biology as does the rest of their planet.

- Sleepless
Biology does not require a period of unconsciousness. Instead enters a trance like state for several hours every few days. This is their equivalent to sleep, they remains conscious but only half aware of their surroundings, and not moving.

- Scales
Scales covering body are thick thermal insulators. They consist of a hard but not inflexible outershell with a fatty inside. Tough as leather. Has poor feeling and temperature recognition. Wing membranes have a thin flexible scale coating. These are thinner on the hands, reducing protection and insulation but increasing flexibility.

- Poor Night Vision
Evolving on a planet of continuous daylight, A Vilo's ability to see in the dark is subpar to humans.

- Dual Locomotion
Body proportions permit both bipedal and quadrupedal motion, though primary setup for bipedal.

- Disease Resistance
Have a strong immune system to protect them when feeding on decaying corpses.

- Eye Protection
Eyes do not close. They are instead covered with a layer of transparent scales. As a result they do not blink or cry.

- Large Lung Capacity
Aid for oxygen both in the thinner atmosphere and in flight. When not doing strenuous activity can hold their breath for three minutes.

- Cranial Plating And Cushioning
Relatively large top of head to protect brain from concussions caused by butting heads and locking horns. This is not as effective as it once was centuries past as modern society has little need for this method of dispute resolution. Now the top of the skull is about double human skull thickness. This is akin to earth sheep and rams that smash heads together.

- Heavy Wind Vulnerability
Due to both large size and large wings, powerful winds can be a problem as the wind has plenty of surface area to grab, even when the wings are folded.

- Magnetosensitivity
A powerful internal compass helps them keep their orientation.

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