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Full Name: Arneb Nihal
Species: Lagomorph Biped
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Player: Thuban

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 6'3" and 180lbs
  • Body Type: Bipedal

Full Description
Arnie is an anthro hare with brown fur and a white underside. He's a lanky fellow with long limbs, large feet, and long upright ears.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
- Vocational History
  • Only retail.
- Education History
  • High school diploma and two years of college with advanced math.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Parkour
    Picked up the hobby during high school. Also participated in boffer and historical reenactments.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Boffer
    Mock fights with PVC weapons. What else do you want from him?

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
Typical earth world

Character Background:
Arnie is an American student with a newfound interest in the furry fandom. He's a math major from a lower middle class family. When he went out of state for undergraduate college he started exploring the internet community and getting involved with the fandom where he made a number of friends. In his second year of college, he was convinced to attend a furry convention in costume which he was able to borrow from someone. A day into the convention he heard a loud thunderous noise and stumbled backwards into a red breach due to the sensory restrictions caused by his mask.

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Approved, with the standard boilerplate warning
Oct 19, 2016 7:47 PM
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Tall bunny! I see nothing wrong with this CS as a player I give this a thumbs up for approval!
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