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Full Name: Artemus Hunter
Species: Furian Cat
Gender: Female
Age: Depends on which you want to pick from he could be months old, 44 years, or even 1804. Her body is new only a few months old but accelerated growth to get it this far thanks to Flynn. Her personality and mind are the copies of an old furian male named Artemus. Artemus though had memories of a being far older than him named Silvanis who at the time was 1804 years of age and experiences. Although Silvanis and Artemus no longer share the same mind pieces of Silvanis remain like burnt out memories so old and fragile that he has a hard time keeping track of any.
Player: silveratus

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 3'4 32lbs
  • Apparent Age: 5
  • Character Build: Lanky
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Tight fitting clothes
  • Voice: Smooth and light tone
  • Usual Scent: Female kitty

Full Description
Artie is a kid in all but mentality standing at 3'4 and weighing only 32 pounds she is a light weight. Her fur is a deep brown almost chocolate her head though has a small bit of head fur of black. Her eyes are like emeralds. Her tail is short because of her age but it is very full and fluffy. Plantigrade though can walk in Digitigrade manor is she is on her toes.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Draconian old dialect
  • Irttradian
  • Canishca
  • Bladasa
- Vocational History
  • - Flynn Assistant
    Was working with Flynn
- Education History
  • Highly educated with genius level of IQ
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Experience
    (Useless with memory lock) Some experience though being in an unfamiliar body she's usless
  • - Pistol
    (Useless with memory lock) Can shot a pistol but same as the combat experience unfamiliar body = lack of physical training.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
He comes from the same world as Victor Jewel though with a greater understanding of what happens under the surface of the world

Character Background:
Artemus' past is a long and painful. From his religious parents to his thoughts of suicide and depression, he has had far from an easy life, but he later came to accept who he was and move on, for the moment. Silvanis and old and powerful person who had until his exile been controlling and manipulating the human race for centuries, before he was betrayed by his pupil and regressed into an infant and placed back into the world he created. His mind made into a blank by the very process he used to subvert humanity progress and make them start over again. Artemus was the result of Silvanis's exile. His mind reawakening was a painful process and an emotionally scaring one as Artemus lost many things as he began to question himself as he grew uncertain about the world. He experienced head aches black outs and lose of memory. Silvanis final awakening broke him the most as he receded into his mind. there he learned of Silvanis the other side of him that had been sectioned off.

The two started and alliance to seek revenge against his former pupil, but time placed a wedge between them as Silvanis cared not for human life. The ends justifying the means. Artemus and him fighting as they continued. Soon Artemus no longer wished to help Silvanis thinking his exile purely just in it's own right. The years that followed where filled with fighting as Silvanis found every hold he could against Artemus to have his continued help. Soon Silvanis had a new body of his own, and tried to kill Artemus, he survived when he transferred his consciousness into the body of one of his creations a Furian named after him. Through the years Artemus molded major events in history including the Furian rise to end the hate that was targeted against him and his fellow Furians. In his later years Artemus took in the young Victor to raise as his own when his father Alex left trying to prevent EVE, an event that Silvanis had put into place to subvert the humans. Artemus knew he would not be long for the world Silvanis' pupil would come for him and seek to destroy him. He copied his mind along with all the knowledge he could in an AI core to give to Victor in hopes to survive in the future a chance. Instead Victor was taken to Infinitas. Working with Flynn Artemus has had a chance to have a body once again though due to error he had a female body instead of a male one.

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