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Full Name: Annalexia Shikoba
Nicknames: Anna, Lex is commonly used with possible partner/mate
Species: Utahraptor (Species: Utahraptor ostrommaysi)
Gender: Female (Asexual) [she/her]
Age: 26 Years Old
Arrival Method: Migrant
Player: Dangerfloofen

Physical Profile:
- Anthromorphic Raptor
  • Height & Weight: 4 foot 7 inches; and 95 lbs
  • Apparent Age: Early to mid 20s
  • Character Build: Curvy
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Playful and happy, many accessories on body appendages and attached to feathers, all bright and colourful. (See reference image(Coming soon...))
  • Voice: Chipper and friendly
  • Usual Scent: Apple pie and chapstick
    - Picture
    User Image

Full Description
Extremely rough colour config above(Lineart (c) Hallowraith), colours based upon "Lilac-breasted Roller" (Coracias caudatus)

Eye Colour: Cerulean/Cyan
Distinguishing Marks: Dark violet and black rosettes on the ends of large feathers
Accessories: Always has her purple and black plastic glasses as well as a wolf claw on a worn out twine necklace. Wears a variety of rings and bracelets.
Tattoos/Piercings/Body Modifications: Small and simple henna tattoos around her wrists and ankles

[WIP] Anna is like that aunt or young adult that is sort of ''stuck between the ages'' of the 80s and 90s. Her body colours are bright and colourful, the majority of her belly is a very light almost fleshy pink, skin is a light purple, and feathers are blue, cyan and purple marks on her large feathers and then tipped in bright pink with mixtures of black. Tail feathers that are attached to her thick floppy tail, are pointy tipped with the most bright attractive pink on her body, and the markings on her feathers are similar to that of rosettes on a leopard. Clothing includes but is not limited to, bright coloured tshirts or blouses, with rather tight fitted jeans or lengthy skirts. She likes to be comfy, but she also somewhat unknowingly ''flaunts'' even if not on purpose.

- Items
  • - Backpack
    She has her school backpack which has numerous study books relative to biology, ecology, paleontology, and a small chemistry pamphlet and a binder with her school notes. As well as inside is her tablet, a hunting knife, a tinder kit, multi tool, water bottle, some rope, a lighter, and a couple of protein survival bars.
  • - Cellular Phone
    A pretty normal looking cellular flip phone with a small cat shaped charm attached to it.
  • - Good Luck Totem
    She carries with her a few small trinkets of sorts including a very small glass jar with a wing bone from a chicken, some down feathers and a couple of beads made from dragonstone
  • - Keys
    Includes a simple car key for an older model Pontiac, a house key to her parents, a key to her dorm, a locker key, an old skeleton key, a keychain with a little chibi shiba inu, and old metal dog tags from her old dog Rocky.
  • - Drawing tablet
    Wireless drawing tablet for taking notes on and for studies, similar in comparison to an iPad Pro
- Weapons
  • - Small handcrafted blade/hunting knife
    A beautifully crafted small blade from generations past, the handle made from Irish elk antler and wrapped in a piece of leather from your average deer as well as 2 raven feathers, it is thought to be a totem of protection.
    Effective Range From Character
    Normal Power
    Just your average pocket knife for personal protection
  • - Multi-tool
    Literally your average multi-tool you would keep around as a part of a survival kit. Screwdrivers, sawtooth blade, and a few other bits.
    Effective Range From Character
    Not effective
    Normal Power

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English - First imprinted language
  • German - Secondary language, can carry out a conversation
  • Native American(Pawnee and Cherokee) - Parents are both part Pawnee and Cherokee
- Vocational History
  • - Robbie's Companion Pet Shop
    The website ate my description..
- Education History
  • Bristlewood Public School(Grade School/Middle School/High School) - Spent her first 12 years of schooling here, earned extra credits, honor role student, was awarded a scholarship in biology
  • Maple Creek State University(Current - Undergrad) - Currently a sophomore, studying biology and zoology, is on internships for ecology, zoology, and biology courses
  • Honey Valley Conservation and Biology Institute(Current) - Full time internship, volunteer work, works close with ungulates and the aviaries
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Animal Caretaker
    [WIP] Has always had a profound connection with animals of all shapes and sizes, her old dog, Rocky, and her horse, Taima, taught her a lot of good skills on animal care. Saved numerous animals in all of her outdoor labs(more like camping trips).
  • - Biology Major
    [WIP] Knows ins and outs of biology of organic flora and fauna.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Kickboxing
    [WIP] Has been practicing kickboxing since she was a very young hatchling, kinda hides it as she feels like it makes her undesired in any relationship.

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
[WIP] This character originally comes from my personal world known as Planet Helios. It's a Earthly planet that is mostly just kept to itself in the universe,

Character Background:
- Beginnings
[WIP] Born to a Upper Middle class parents(Yuma Shikoba and Lakota Shikoba), she lived a very happy hatchlinghood and was very good in school with little to no complications. Throughout her life, she was very active like kickboxing and horseback riding, her painted horse was named Taima meaning "thunder". She is currently in university studying biology Sadly she had to leave him behind when she was sent to a new world for an internship to study their wildlife and assist in protecting a reserve from destructive building.

(This will get more work later)
- School Days
- The Accident
On an early morning December morning, Anna and her friend Bethany decided to take their horses out for a run. Her painted gelding was named Taima, and Beth had a black and white Friesian mare named Roisin(meaning "little rose" in Gaelic). Unfortunately the night before had laid more snow than obvious to the girls, a few feet in fact. It was still before dusk when they were walking down through the forests near the ranch and next to the river, Beth's horse lost it's footing on a rock, slipped and fell towards the river with Beth clinging to dear life. The heal of her boot was caught in the strapping of the horses saddle after the horse had rolled over on top of her. The horse was able to roll over onto it's belly but was was unable to get back to her hooves as her leg had broken in the fall. Beth unfortunately had been crushed and wasn't breathing by the time Anna was able to get close enough to the horse and sadly the animal eventually was put down. Bethany was pronounced DOA at the local hospital and Anna was devastated.
- Undergrad (Current)

Extra Information
- Personality Traits
Enthusiastic Playful Spontaneous
Alignment: Lawful Good

Anna is loving and charismatic, she would literally give you the shirt off of her back if you are in need of it. She loves her friends and family more than anything, including animals.
- Likes and Dislikes
Likes: Horses, noodle bowls, and mint chocolate chip ice cream
Dislikes: Grilled meats, snow, and some insects(June beetles...especially)
- Relationships
Mother: Lakota Shikoba
Father: Yuma Shikoba
Siblings: One little sister just known as Em
Partner: None (but does have a crush on someone from her lab class)
Offspring: None
Companion: Rocky(previously her old dog, they were truly best friends), Bethany Rook was her childhood best friend who was sadly lost in a horse riding accident(see &#39
- Disclaimer
2021 (c) Character belongs to me(R.F.) unless otherwise stated || Images that are not of originally mine will be tagged with sources

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