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Full Name: Fenrees
Nicknames: Fenella
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Arrival Method: Black Breach
Player: Kalista

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 6.8m (22 ft) 4,638kg (5.1 tons) (Variable)
  • Apparent Age: 25?
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Light clothing, loose and unrestrictive
  • Voice: Rough and gruff, slight growlish tone
  • Usual Scent: Wolfish
    - Picture
    User Image

Full Description
Large hunched bipedal wolf, one might mistake her for a werewolf given her shaggy fur and posture. Black with white markings adorn her fur in various locations, giving her mane a few white streaks. Certainly a predatory creature with her claws and fangs. Standing quite large compared to most.

Her proportions gives her a way to run both on all fours, or upright, though running feels more natural while on all fours.
Ice-touched: Due to events, her fur has grown out even longer

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Nordic
- Vocational History
  • - Mercenary
    Adventure, hunting, glory
- Education History
  • Warrior
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Warrior/Valkyrie
    Mostly taking up the Valkyrie style, focusing mostly on polearms.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Midgard, Essentially Earth in the viking days. The gods exist, the 9 realms, and Fenella lived in Midgard.

Character Background:
- Namesake
Fenella, meaning one of Fair shoulder
- Childhood
Tales of the gods of Asgard were told amongst the people of Midgard, starting from a young age. Of Odin, the king of Asgard and the 9 realms. Of Loki the trickster, and his children. Of note, Fenrir, who Fenella took a shining to, having loved wolves, and the name alone was similar to her own, though that was not the intention of her mother nor father.

Hearing the tale of Fenrir however, at a young age, a mere thought and question of "why" as many children would often ask of their parents. Sure the answer was because it was foreseen he would cause Ragnarok. But in her eyes, she felt Fenrir was merely tricked and is only angry because of being imprisoned. If he wasn't imprisoned, he'd be a good puppy! She wasn't alone, a friend by the name of Ashe also thought the same, though not quite as strongly as Fenella.

However... merely a childish thought at first, but this thinking would drive her going forward...
- Adulthood
Growing up, she has been fairly resentful, spiteful, constantly ridiculed for her childish thinking, that she should merely let it go. But it drove her, partly due to how poorly she had been treated as she aged. Eventualyl breaking free, A fighter, as she still trained as the others did. But she took her wilderness survival and eventually found others like her, who also revered the dark one Loki, and Fenrir as well. Though she joined thinking they were like minded.
- Death
However as she melded with this tribe, some would label as a cult, who seek to bring raganarok. This brought Fenella at odds with her former tribe, and eventually they were out numbered, and Fenella and the rest of the 'cult' were sacrificed to the gods. Grief, that her beliefs would go unheard... she in her last breaths called to Fenrir, though was her prayer heard or not... but her soul was taken through a Black Breach into the realm of Infinitas, where her thoughts manifested her new body, possessing traits of Fenrir, while also maintaining her own feminine form, leading to a lycan who woul go on to grow endlessly just like the wolf of legend.
- New Life in Infinitas, amnesia
Awakening in the new world, she would have lost several memories. Like a distant dream, a new body, a new life. Not completely amnesic as she vaguly recalls her name Fen... The memories of Fenrir however are the most prominent. Her childhood however is hard to recall.

Extra Information
- Current size
- Growth Chart

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