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Full Name: Aeros Endeem
Nicknames: Aeros, Eldar Shaman
Species: Guardian Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 235
Arrival Method: Yellow Breach
Player: Aeros Endeem

Physical Profile:
- Guardian Dragon (Aeros' main form)
  • Height & Weight: Height = 7' 1", wingspan = 12' per wing (24' tip to tip) Weight = 352 lbs (160 Kg)
  • Apparent Age: 235
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: A heavier design of a hooded cloak, dark grey oil treated leather with a soft layer of wool underneath to provide for warmth, as well as rainfall protection. A rather small vest is worn underneath the cloak for protection and carrying capacity. Leather Fingerless cloves with raised knuckles to assist in defensive hand-to-hand combat. Simple tan trousers covers his legs with scale patterns along his outer thighs to provide protection. A leather belt holds his trousers up with small medicinal pouches that hang from his loops. Finally, straps on his feet that act as shoes for bi-pedal, digi-grade beings.
  • Voice: His voice depicts one of wisdom and experience, a soft gutteral undertone carries with his every word.
  • Usual Scent: His scent more resembles of burned sage, signifying to other shamans that Aeros has practiced his art for a very long time.
    - Picture
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Full Description
The Guardian Dragon is a breed of dragon that is 50% European (western) and 50% Oriental (eastern).

His key physical features is his whiskers that he inherited from his mother's side, with her being the Eastern half of his bloodline.
The sapphire hue scales and the Cyan markings that cover his body shows a hue of mysticism that envelopes his form.

During rituals and/or heightened emotions, his markings and Cyan eyes glow their native color, the brightest it can reach is about the same intensity as a bonfire. That intensity doesn't come without consequences though.

The claws on his hands and feet dark as night and reveals his age with signs of wear and tear. His stature maybe large, but his foot-steps can fall silent when someone isn't expecting it or if he intends on not being noticed. The horns on his head, back and tail, as well as the spade blades on the end of said tail
shows that they were indeed once white, but age and exposure to the elements has darkened them to a dull grey.
- Aeros' enraged form ( AKA: Legion)
  • Height & Weight: Same as original
  • Apparent Age: Same as original
  • Character Build: Muscular
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Clothes maybe missing or torn, otherwise, it's same as original
  • Voice: The soft, gutteral tone turns more into an aggressive tone, rage drips from every word spoken.
  • Usual Scent: The scent drastically changes from the scent of burned sage, to the smell of burned charcoal.

Full Description
Similar to the Original form with a few cosmetic and personality changes.
The main change visually is the color pallet, the sapphire scales shift to black and the Cyan markings and eyes shift to crimson red.
His stance becomes more aggressive, as this form ONLY triggers during high times of stress, anger and lust.
His personality shifts to more of a primal state, enhancing the emotion that triggered the transformation.
Upon shifting back however, memories during the transformed state are nothing but lapses and would have to be retold what happened by the witnesses around him

- Items
  • - Smudge pouch
    A 'small' pouch that holds bundles of sage plant to be used for spiritual cleansing of beings and locations
    1 pouch with 5 bundles.
  • - Crystal pouch
    A 'small' pouch that contains a variety of crystals that is used for conducting rituals and assist with various tasks
    1 pouch with 10 assorted crystals
- Weapons
  • - Shaman staff
    This staff stands at about 7' tall, with a large lantern affixed to an arm of the staff, housing a large piece of Selenite crystal, used as a focal point for providing light, conducting rituals and spells requiring said staff
    Effective Range From Character
    Only within reach of staff, between 7' to 10' reach, depending on where the staff is held

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Draconic
  • English (commonly known as human tongue)
  • Druidic
- Education History
  • Blacksmithing
  • BÅojutsu
  • Shaman/Druidic
  • Wood carving
  • Leather working
  • Herbalist journeyman
  • Wood working
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Blacksmith
    Metal crafting with the use of a forge.
  • - Stargazing
    Able to learn star patterns in the night sky and utilize them for navigation at night
  • - Wood working
    Crafting wooden items from branches and logs
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Natural weapon; Tail
    In particular, his dual axe-head spaded tail, primarily used for parrying and defensive measures.
  • - BÅojutsu
    Art of self defense martial arts with a staff, this can also be utilized as part of certain rituals as well, primarily protection spells and rituals.
  • - Natural weapon; Claw/tooth
    More primal form of defense/offensive that comes naturally to most bestial beings.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
The world that Aeros derives from was an alternate Earth, Where humans and Dragons co-existed for human generations. The realm of where European and Oriental dragons intermingled and created the first generation of guardian dragons; A hybrid of their parental DNA. Aeros is a rare kind, that has acquired a perfect mix of 50% European and 50% Oriental. The world was highly concentrated with enough spiritual energy to allow magical and spiritual manifestations to become reality, which allowed the dark, spiritual entities, as well as light and benign, to roam freely. Sometimes to the point where there would be a higher population of one than the others. There were several instances that, over the years, only the guardians themselves were called upon to fend off the growing population of the darker forces, to maintain balance, since the darker beings were more likely to develop than the others due to regret during the lives of mortals that were carried to their graves.

Character Background:
During his youth, he developed an early taste of spiritualism, starting his path down towards shamanism. His studies led him to acquiring a source of a variety of Gemstones; Amethyst, Onyx, Selenite, etc.
Also picking up stargazing, he learned to read the stars and constellations of his home, using them as a part of navigating around without a map.

During his adolescence and teen years, he picked up the art of combat with his wings, claws and teeth, as well as crafting with metal and wood.

Once he reached adulthood, he made his own staff and lantern, enchanting them so that they are bound to him. Anyone else try to utilize it, it will just be a mundane staff.

Extra Information
- The day the golden gateway appeared, a very strange phenomenon.
Today was a strange day indeed. I merely awoke in my den in the mountains and making preparations to visit the nearby village for their routine spiritual blessings and cleansings to maintain their protection against the dark spiritual beings that lurked around our area; Shades in particular. A dark, yet minor entity. Enough of them together can be enough of a nuisance that can potentially manipulate the physical realm.

I went through the forest; Serene, quiet with birds chirping and a soft breeze blowing causing the leaves to rustle. However, during my travel, I sensed a disturbance in the spiritual flow of my area, as if the veil has become weak in my area. It can happen sometimes, usually this is an indication that there would be an influx of spiritual beings that would pass through between our plain and the spiritual plain. I took this as a sign and gathered more sage from the wild bushes on the way over and explained to the local villagers the situation and they graciously accepted my proposal for extra protection.

After spending the full day conducting the rituals, it became dusk, with the sun beginning to nestle into the mountains while the sky slowly turns a blazing red, giving a wonderous view for the return home. During the walk, the disturbance grew more, enough to the point of scaring the local wildlife away. Birds flew from the treetops in large flocks while other fauna flee from the location.

Naturally, I went to investigate and found the disturbance; A golden gateway. Moderate in size and ragged in nature, as if torn open by force. Studying it, I see that there is an inward force that pulls on the grass on the ground and the leaves on the trees as if the soft breeze was coming from it's presence. Taking a moment, through the studying, I could see that the portal was neither Malicious or Benevolent. More benign in nature.

I approach the portal and much to my surprise, it did not show signs of paranormal activity either. Could this be a rift made by Mother Nature herself? Is this my time to pass on from the physical plain to the Spiritual plain? Taking my chances to investigate, I carefully step through the portal as it pulls me in gently, like a friendly pull of an invitation.

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