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Full Name: Jolyon Perenna
Species: Anthropomorphic Skunk (Odorless)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Player: Eli

Physical Profile:
- 'Normal' age
  • Height & Weight: Just a hair above 5’, weighing about 100 lbs.
  • Apparent Age: Late teens
  • Character Build: Average
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Simple and clean, often wearing dark colors to offset his white fur.
  • Voice: Soft, but a bit childish at times
  • Usual Scent: Has no trace of normal skunk, often smells like strawberry fur shampoo

Full Description
A short, fluffy looking skunk with an odd coloration scheme. The colors are inverted, leaving most of him white, and the hair on his head and racing stripes aren’t black, but very dark reddish orange. He facial features are a bit rounded, but not to the point of being a total baby face. He has blue-orange heterochromatic eyes.
- 'Regressed' form
  • Height & Weight: Varies
  • Apparent Age: 1-5 usually
  • Character Build: Average
  • Usual Clothing: Juvenile, Functional and simple if he gets a choice.
  • Voice: Soft and infantile
  • Usual Scent: Same as above, perhaps with some talcum powder added in too.
  • Picture:

Full Description
Much the same as above, same coloration, etc, but just different size and proportions that are befitting of his age. Much more rounded features.

- Items
  • - Smartphone
    A phone and media player made of a flexible nanotechnology screen, very much akin to the Nokia Morph concept phone.
  • - Fountain of Youth Water Crystal form
    This dangerous substance is the result of a complex distillation and crystallization method used on pure, naturally occurring FOY water. It has almost radioactive-like properties. Within a certain range (About 25 feet) of this material unshielded (He keeps his in a well shielded containment unit inside a secure steel briefcase), this will cause people and occasionally objects and/or structures to become more juvenile. People within range will begin to age backwards at an alarming rate. The closer one gets to the substance, the faster the regression goes. Removing the shields of the substance in your hands would result in an almost instantaneous regression to just above newborn age. Interestingly, with Mammals, the regression stops just after birth, but with reptilian, amphibian, and avian subject, strong enough exposure has been known to send them all the way back to an egg just about to hatch. The regression is rarely permanent, only a few cases have been recorded as stuck, the first of which was Jolyon, due to ingesting pure FOY water. This was remedied by a solution devised by MacLaden Corporation, but still leads to relapses. The duration of other regressions is determined by the duration and intensity of the exposure.

    Also, FOY solid is known to be able to “contaminate” water it comes into contact with, turning it into a short-lived version of true FOY water with a half life of about 3 weeks. The contaminated water has all the normal effects of FOY water when it is fresh, after some period of decay it can cause slowed regression, shorter spanned regression, or even more unpredictable regression.
  • - Infanto-ray
    This object is an experimental device from the lab that first discovered and replicated FOY water. It uses the metamagical energy released by solid state FOY and focuses it into a tight beam that can hit a single person out of a crowd at range of up to 10 meters. It can make objects turn more juvenile if the beam is focused on them for awhile. On a living creature, the beam has to be focused on them for about a second before they begin to regress. If the beam is focused on water, it will turn it into FOY water the same as normal solid state FOY as described above. If the weapon is destroyed, the shielding will be ruptured and the core solid state FOY will act as described above.

    In addition, the weaponized form of FOY solid state is more controllable, so it can be altered ever so slightly to change how long the regression will last (Up to 3 days), and what all factors regress (Mental, physical, clothing and objects) with extreme precision.

    It can be blocked by most magical and energy shields, physical shields may wind up looking like toys from exposure to it. The device can’t cause permanent regression to people or beings; the longest that can be delivered with it is a couple day’s duration. With objects, however, this can be much longer lasting because they won’t purge the effects like a body will. If, say, it is fired at the floor of a room, that room will slowly become like a nursery, and how long it will stay that

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
- Vocational History
  • - Alchemist
    Jolyon has years back home and on infinitas working on alchemical solutions.
- Education History
  • Private high school education, afforded by the huge amount of money he was given for discovering a fountain of youth, followed by most of a very high end college education in metamagical chemical engineering.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Alchemist
    Jolyon has extensive knowledge of magics found in physical objects and how they interact, allowing him to brew various potions that perform a huge variety of effects.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Similar to modern earth technologically and culturally, geographically it is completely different, so places have different names, and a General blend of furries. Notable differences also include the existence of naturally occurring magics and mages. The Fountain of Youth is one such naturally occurring magic, and is one of the few that is replicated by meta-mages and marketed recreationally. All fountain of youth effects, save for that coming from the source itself, are only temporary, lasting only a few minutes to a few weeks at most. There is a rumor that there is an engineered agent that can cause permanent regression, but MacLaden denies those rumors, maintaining that only true FOY water can cause that.

Character Background:
Jolyon was an only child born to a fairly wealthy family on his world. He enjoyed a comfortable life, and was out exploring the large woods of his family’s estate when a spring erupted from the ground and formed a small pool of water around it. Jolyon, not thinking twice about strange pools of water that appear out of nowhere in a world filled with naturally occurring magical substances, decided to take a drink to cool off from the warm summer day. Within moments, he found himself regressed into the body of his two year old self.

He stumbled back to his home, and shortly afterwards a local Company specializing in pharmaceutical and magical substances, MacLaden, caught wind of it. After some brief negotiations, Jolyon was given a large share of the company’s stock and showed them where the fountain was. They began to research it immediately, and Jolyon demanded that they find a way to make him his regular self before they started to market a reverse engineered version of it. They did find a way, but the naturally occurring material was far more powerful than their solution could totally fix. This left Jolyon an adult most of the time, but prone to relapses of regression from the lingering effects of the fountain.
Shortly thereafter, MacLaden managed to market a reverse engineered, slightly toned down version of the Fountain of Youth water. At first it was used for rejuvenation treatments, but a highly watered down version that only triggered very short periods of regression became immensely popular for recreation.

MacLaden became an extremely rich company, and Jolyon was almost literally swimming in the money from the dividends his shares paid out. He attended an extravagant private school and went on to an even more extravagant university. He was working on his degree in metamagical-chemical engineering and working with some projects with MacLaden when he was brought off world. He was actively carrying a briefcase with a sealed container of FOY Solid and the FOY SS weapon when he migrated in.

Infinitas Related
Current Occupation:

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