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Full Name: Leeron Riao
Nicknames: Lee
Species: Dire Saber Snow eopard
Gender: Male
Age: 27 — Birthday: Mar, 26
Arrival Method: Yellow Breach
Player: Adreos

Physical Profile:
- Dire Saber Toothed Snow Leopard
  • Height & Weight: 6'6" at the shoulder, 15'8" long, 10'10" tail. 2113 lbs.
  • Character Build: Toned
  • Voice: Mrows, chuffing, growling

Full Description
A large snow leopard like cat. Whitish grey coat with a tan tinge on most of the body with black rossete like spots. Creamy colored underbelly and darker "socks" of pure black on forepaws starting halfway between the elbows/knees and the wrists/ankles, the last 1/4 of the tail, and the back of the ears. Long whiskers adorn the sides of the face and big and bright blue eyes.

A pair of saber teeth extending just shy of the bottom of the closed jaw emerge from the maw at all times.

- Items
  • - Wrist watch
    Smart watch with a cloth wristband. Bluetooth connection to the cell phone. Currently unable to use. Stored with personal effects.
  • - Cell Phone
    Smart Phone, circa early 2010s. Contains various apps. Currently unable to use. Stored with personal effects.
  • - Enchanted Clothes
    The clothes he comes with are enchanted, so the seams pull apart and reassemble themselves. Currently unable to use. Stored with personal effects.
- Weapons
  • - Natural weapons
    Giant teeth, claws, and sheer weight in cat form
    Effective Range From Character
    Contact only

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English, low level spoken. No written.
- Vocational History
  • - Courier
    Transports goods from place to place.
- Education History
  • Public High School
  • Community College
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Navigation
    An expert at using maps, landmarks, sun, stars and other means to find direction.
  • - Wilderness Survival
    Skilled in using minimal resources and just what is at hand to survive in the wilds.
  • - Hunting
    Experienced in tracking down creatures to hunt for food.
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • None

Paranormal Abilities

World Information:
A world similar to modern day earth however magic (arcania) is intertwined with society and substitutes some of the technology of the real world.

Character Background:
Leeron was born youngest of three kids having two older sisters. Unlike his oldest sister and a much greater extent his middle sister Lee had no aptitude for the arcane arts, commonly known as magic.

As such Lee grew up fairly normal, going to school, and making friends.

Lee grew up with an adventurous side and took on a career as a courier to see more places. And got to go to some exotic places for some big clients eventually.

One of his jobs put him traveling through some woods where her stumbled on an old chest in a cave while waiting out the rain. Figuring he got lucky he opened it and found a golden necklace. Humorously he put it on. As nothing seemed to happen at first he just thought he got lucky and could sell it for some quick and easy money to a pawn shop.

Later however when he took the necklace off he found out what it had done as half a minute after taking the thing off his form changed into that of a large exotic cat. Needless to say Lee was both surprised and panicking. Unsure of what to he let out a loud roar in confusion. But as he was on his own no one came and he had to figure this out. After a bit he thought of the necklace he found and, as it was the only thing that would still fit on this form he wiggled it on. The idea was so he's look tame or something and hopefully not get shot on sight. But to his surprise he ended up turning back into a human once more.

Some experimentation followed and he figured out the necklace was causing the change, curiously when removed and not when worn. Like a seasoned traveler he had spare clothes in his pack so he got dressed and left, necklace on for obvious reasons. In civilization he completed his job and sought out information from any mage that could help him.

Tests were done but no cure was found. Lee kept his necklace and did more work for several years trying to hold a normal life but always out seeking a cure and keeping his cat form a secret from anyone he didn't have to tell, he didn't want to caged or killed after all.

Extra Information
- Brain scramble
As a result of the curse being broken it has damaged Leeron's mind's language area. He's relearned a lot of spoken language but is still unable to read and cannot talk. The disruption of the brain makes it extraordinarily difficult for telepathy to work with him, either reading his mind or projecting into it.

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