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Glacial Expanse

Plot Status: Active

Suseptible Character Types: All in the marsilion area

Plot Overview:
Approximatly 7PM on December 29th an eruption of icy blue light came from the eastern side of the lake. With this light a tidal with of firely energy of the same color rolled over the lake and the eastern side of the town, changing the people and objects there. A large structure has appeared over the eastern side of the lake itself. Weather has been changed considerably.

Plot Information:
Changes to landscape
The effected region is large, covering most of the lake, the easern side of town, ranging to the mountains far east. With the center of it being on the eastern lake shore.
The lake is frozen over in ice, this ice does not melt from ambient heat, though local areas may be melted by articial means. This ice is three to five feet thick. Trees in the effected area are replaced with ice spires, down to leaf shapped plate ice. Wildlife in the effected region has transmuted to either arctic wildlife for mundane creatures, or cold themed but non sentient mythic creatures.

The weather has changed too, effecting both the transformed region and surrounding areas. It never raises above 5 Celsius and while snowing often it never gets beyond a foot thick, except in character made piles.

Changes to town
Building in the blast radius are changed too. Most buildings are now made of a thick stone, northern wood, or even densely packed snow. While the shape and function of most buildings hasn't, several have. Extra fire pits have appeared int he changed zone, along with thick cobblestone for the streets. Crystal ice, that is a quartz like crystal resembling ice, has replaced all glass and spires have grown up attached to buildings while genuine icicles, some dangerously sized, hang off building overhangs.

Notable building changes
- Community center: No longer has pools, having been replaced with geothermal hot springs. Made mostly of stone. Modern lighting replaced with wall mounted fire torches.
- Tech Cafe: Most furniture made of Crystal Ice, walls made of packed snow. No central heat, only heat from devices and central fire pit.
- Skywolf camp: Cabins replaced with large igloos
- Warf District: Ships docked replaced with giant sleds
- MAF Base: Most buildings now made of snow and crystal ice. Vehicles reduces to sleds and snow mobiles. Aircraft insides filled with ice and inoperable
- Town square: Fountain removed for instead the statue of a an unknown maiden made of crystal ice.

Changes to Characters
Characters, normal and NPCs alike, in the altered zone are changed. Instincts change too, though levels or proficiency. (An expert fire mage with ice powers would find themselves an expert ice mage. A novice fire elemental would now be a novice ice elemental)

Characters are free to come and go from the changed zones, though no further changes will take place. If an altered character is magically examined it will seem as though this is their natural state.

Characters with extra plot elements will receive instructions from GMs that may contradict the above.

All effected characters do not feel cold

Ice Fortress
On the eastern side of the lake has risen a large fortress like structure made of opaque ice. This is not crystal ice though it does not melt and does not break. The fortress is the size of an old English castle, though lacks any windows and the entrance archway over the edge of the lake is barred. Any perceived openings are covered by an invisible barrier the freezes what touches it.

Attempts to teleport into the fortress are in vain, as anything attempting to teleport inside returns to where it came, encased in solid ice.

Crystal Chest
A stereotypical chest, 3 feet wide, two high, and two deep. Made of a rainbow of crystals and a gold band around its rim, this gold band has seven gemstones of different colors, two on the left side, two on the right, two in the front with a large diamond int he central front and a large sapphire on the top. The chest does not open, and attempts to remove it from the effected area result in the chest hitting an impenetrable invisible wall.

The effected area has been shrinking as spirits have been dealt with. Some characters are eligible to change back if their player wishes.

  1. Aiden Deirri
    • Character changes: Hare form - White snowshoe
      Dragon form - White and fluffy with cryogenic breath weapon
  2. Alseurei Tariel
    • Character changes: Red eyes change to blue; white hair changes to purple spun crystal ice; much warmer clothes with ice-like armor plates protruding from parts of vis body; swap retrocognition and maybe aura reading or teleportation for cryokinesis or “cold fusion”/“cold flame” pyrokinesis
  3. Bryyo
    • Character changes: Dog species changed to Alaskan Malamute
  4. Danny Knox
    • Character changes: Fluffy and white winterized Mirachoco
  5. Dat Dem
    • Character changes: Exceedingly fluffy with white fur. Looks like a bold shaped cousin it.
  6. Davwyn
    • Character changes: Becomes a white feather-fur covered minidrake with blue eyes. Breath weapon switches from starwisp plasma breath to cryo breath by compressing common gasses to extreme levels and firing them out in a tight beam.
      Starwisp light-emitting ability has swapped to Darkwisp light-absorption causing areas to darken around Dav instead of light up.
  7. Fenrees
    • Character changes: No significant changes, already ice themed, thicker fur
  8. Ferral
    • Character changes: Malamute form now shaggy sabertoothed arctic wolf
  9. Fuzzle
    • Character changes: Made out of flexible and unmeltable, but still cold, ice crystal
  10. Ina Fortuna
    • Character changes: Shaggier fur in places. Saberteethed.
  11. Jacklyn Barbados
    • Character changes: Wereform: Shaggier fur in places.
      Humanform to Wolf. Seemingly a smaller version of her wereform.
  12. Kalista Phoenix
    • Character changes: Ice pheonix, reds and yellows replaced with blues and cyans. Fire is now a cold fire that freezes rather then burns.
  13. Leeron Riao
    • Character changes: Bulkier, thicker fluff, able to speak
  14. Little John
    • Character changes: Made of snow, cannot shapechange. Size changes by adding removing snow, minimum size is half normla size and maximum is 4 feet at the shoulder.
  15. Raphael Bradley
    • Character changes: Becomes extremely floofy, more so than his usual winter coat, not quite to furble levels though.
  16. Rayana
    • Character changes: Species changes from golden eagle to bald eagle; swap feathers for floofy fur; put on some winter weight, changing from dancer's body to thicc
  17. Rex
    • Character changes: Shaggy white furred and fur winged arctic sky wolf
  18. Rich
    • Character changes: None, already winter themed as husky
  19. Samuel Orion
    • Character changes: Anthro arctic fox
  20. Sato Odiea
    • Character changes: White stripe less coat for snow camouflage
  21. Solaria Starwisp
    • Character changes: Solaria becomes full darkwisp aka blackhole wisp instead of typical white starwisp in form.
      Solaria absorbs heat instead of emitting it and Solaria's illusion abilities become mainly subtractive in light effects causing her illusions to look like black where she would use white, and all colours are only achieved by subtrative effects. Solaria's ability to darken areas is no longer limited, but she can no longer significantly brighten anything while in this form.
  22. Tagor
    • Character changes: Beast form now dark colored snow leopard instead of dark colored leopard
  23. Takilaria
    • Character changes: Extra floofy fur. Ice element instead of wind, able to swim through normal ice. (Not Crystal ice or special ice) like normal water
  24. Tara Havil
    • Character changes: Arctic Fox, still two tails. Mix of Cold and Electrical powers would give her magnetic capabilities for the duration of this change.
  25. Telia Rhinehart
    • Character changes: Ice blue with loss of wings and fire breath, but gaining the ability to form ice armor and the ability to phase through ice and snow like its not there when she wants to.
  26. Thomas O'Rua
    • Trenton Vect
      • Character changes: Human to Kobold. Fluffy variety, lanky as well.
    • Tristan
      • Character changes: Large bulky ferral wolf, ice blue in color. Easily 5 times normal mass, Can make teeth red hot in a powerful bite.

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