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Full Name: Cassandra Abbott
Nicknames: Cassie
Species: Elvish-Ish
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Player: NebulousCass

Physical Profile:
- Default
  • Height & Weight: 6'1 | 145lbs
  • Apparent Age: 19
  • Character Build: Thin
  • Body Type: Bipedal
  • Usual Clothing: Leather
  • Voice: Soft and Quiet
  • Usual Scent: Lavander

Full Description
Tall for a human, with a thin slender build. Black shoulder length hair, blue eyes. Skin is clear and white.

- Items
  • - Gold Coins
    Small 20mm round coins consisting of gold
- Weapons
  • - Elven Dagger of Siphoning
    Eight Inch long blade made of indeterminate metal. Lighter than it appears yet durable and sharp.
    Normal Power
    Upon landing successful strike against enemy, drains an amount of magical energies and restores the user's energies.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • Dwarvish; Spoken by the hearty mountain folk, reclusive yet well known. Learned through study throughout childhood and while at the arcane university.
  • Common; This is the language known as "English" amongst the realms, it is widely spoken by all the common humans and a Cassandra's native language.
  • Elvish; A language used by the ethereal beings of ancient lore, now more of a myth than a reality even though they still inhabit the world their numbers are small and are scattered across the world. Learned through study throughout childhood and while at the arcane university.
- Vocational History
  • - Mage
    Does odd jobs such as healing, repairing broken items, destroying raider camps and diplomacy.
- Education History
  • Arcane University; A place of secondary education for those who have shown an affinity toward the magical discipline.
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Acrobatics
    Is a capable acrobat. Think Parkour. Gained this skill while at Arcane University, Physical conditioning is part of the curriculum.
  • - Athletics
    Is a capable Athlete. Think, long distance running. Gained this skill while at Arcane University, Physical conditioning is part of the curriculum.
  • - Cooking
    Is a capable Cook, general, no specialty. Knows her way around a spice rack and can cook meats, vegetables. Gained this skill while at Arcane University, learning basic cooking skills is part of the curriculum.
  • - Reading/Writing
    Is able to read, write her spoken languages fluently. Graduate level. Gained this skill while at Arcane University, learning how to read and write is part of the curriculum.
  • - Mana Pool
- Comb Training/Skills/Experience
  • - Magic
    Is capable of using Destruction, Illusion, Conjuration, Restoration magic.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
A world full of magic, of which she was studying to be a Mage. The world was called Lirae, it had three continents and one large connected ocean. While the flora and fauna were similar to Earth, they were much different.

Character Background:
- Early Childhood
Cassandra was born to Haldor and Nora Abbott of Eltown. A small modest estate located on the northern coast of the continent of Credona. Credona was once home of the legendary elves, whom have all but vanished from the land. Her mother was constantly taking care of housewife duties, including feeding and entertaining Cassandra. The estate was remote, and while her family was wealthy tutors were brought to her, rather than she going to a school farther from home. Being the only child, Nora did not want to let her only child out of her sight.
- Adolecense
Cassandra was 14 before she first found her way out of the estate grounds. She always thought that the high walls were to keep people out, but then she noticed that the guards were on the inside of the wall. Feeling like a prisoner in her own home she wanted to see what was beyond the wall, having never left the house for 14 years she needed to see what was on the other side. She had learned of foreign lands from her tutors, knew enough elvish and dwarvish to get along and talk to one of them if she ran into one. She was dressed in fine clothes, and looked quite out of place when she eventually reached a town. After twenty heavily armed guards and magi came bursting into the tavern where she had managed to get herself full of mead and food they carted her off. Her parents then promptly ordered that she never be out of sight of her guards, for her own protection she was told. She suddenly had seemingly infinite time to study in the library and availed herself to all of the books within.
- Early adulthood
After realizing that some of the books in the library contained magical spells, and one of the younger magi that caught her eye was teaching her, Cassandra's aptitude with magic was clearly evident. She tried to cast a fireball spell, simple enough, when she ended up flinging what amounted to a small bomb, exploded the northern tower of the house. Killing her parents below. She was, as anyone would be after realizing she had just killed her parents; devastated. It wasn't long after that she was carted off to the Arcane University, to learn to hone her skills. She was 16.
- Adulthood
Upon arrival at the Arcane University, one of the first things that was tested was her magical potential. It was tested as being higher than any recorded human ever possessed, but was on par if not a little higher than average for an elven wizard. Her parents were not elves, nor was anyone in her lineage for tens of generations. Her ears were not pointed like an elves were, but her height and build were quite obviously elvish. A message was sent out for the elves to come either claim her or disprove her as being an elf. When the emissary arrived, she took a look at Cassandra, turned her head in her hands, and then appeared to be quite confused. The emissary stated that she was elvish-ish. She clearly inherited the magical potential of the elves, and many physical charactristics, yet there was something about her that was not elvish, and not human.
- Beginning of Study at Arcane University - Present
After a few years of studying, honing her magical skills and practicing them, along with her physique she was tasked with clearing an old crypt of any ghosts or creatures that lurked there so the excavation team could go in and get to work. Shortly after she made her way to the lowest level, a strange vortex appeared in front of her, and sucked her into it. She awoke what seemed like a short time later, in a strange place she did not recognize.

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  • What color is her skin?
  • Is her face clear? Freckled? Smooth? Pointy? Round?
  • What was her reaction to accidentally killing her parents?
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"A world full of magic" isn't really gonna cut it. Care to elaborate what this world is? Is it an alternate Earth? Or a made-up planet in another galaxy? Also, the character background is very sparse. Tell us about her childhood, how she grew up, what her parents and friends were like, good and bad times. Doesn't have to be very elaborate, just a general idea of where she came from.

Can you also describe more of the combat and non-combat skills? Like what sports she played, what type of cuisine she is experienced in, what her reading level is at etc.

So far so good. Just needs more description.
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