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Full Name: Poroko Puukli
Species: Moogle
Gender: Ambiguous Female
Age: 24
Arrival Method: Red Breach
Player: Eli

Physical Profile:
- Default

Full Description
Poroko is a moogle, a well known race depicted in the Final Fantasy series. Specifically, she appears to be one of the Ivalice region, which are notably more lagomorphic than most other variants.

Poroko is a moogle with average stature and shape for a moogle. That is to say, she has a very pear shaped body, with large hips and feet, which make her tend to hop around like a bunny when she's on the ground. Her fur is what one might call a point coloration, being off-white for most of her body, while the tips of her extremities transition to a darker brown. She has large scoop-like ears that often are lowered, unless she's interested in something. Atop her head is a tuft of purple-ish head hair, and an antennae with a purple furry pom at the end of it. On her back is a pair of purple bat-like wings that look entirely too small for her to fly.

- Items
  • - Book of Diamonds
    An ornate, yet sturdy, tome. When opened, magical runes begin to float in a circle around it. Contained within it is pre-written patterns needed to summon variations of the magical creature Carbuncle, though doing so requires some knowledge of the Arcanist's magics, and an inherent ability to channel the appropriate energies.

    Variations are as follows:
    Emerald Carbuncle: An offense oriented summon, able to cast only a few spells, but is fast and can attack with magically augmented claws and bites.

    Topaz Carbuncle: A defensive oriented carbuncle, it's a bit slower, but is much sturdier than any of its counterparts.

    Ruby Carbuncle: A spellcasting oriented variant, will tend to stay at range and launch fire and wind based magics at a target.

    Quartz Carbuncle: A healing oriented carbuncle, can cast heal spells to assist the summoner and put up defensive shields over friends.

Skills & Abilities
- Language Fluency
  • English
  • Mogspeak
- Vocational History
  • - Junior Analytical Chemist
    Mainly working on developing chemical products, and analyzing them to root out sources of impurities.
- Education History
  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry
- Noncombat Skills
  • - Chemistry
    Good knowledge of chemical processes, and how to manipulate the elements in general.
  • - Arcanism
    A branch of magic consisting primarily of shaping magic not by elemental means, but into complex structures which can take the form of persistent spells, such as buffs and debuffs, or into summons.

Paranormal AbilitiesBackground

World Information:
Earth circa 2022 (Red breached in, passing by an Ivalice-type world)

Character Background:
Poroko Puukli was originally Andrew Meyer, a humdrum human from a humdrum world.

He spent his childhood as the middle sibling between 2 sisters. Though he was never particularly athletically gifted, he did manage to stay reasonably in shape, if for no other reason than to outrun his bullies. Facing some torment in elementary school, he became a bit of a shut-in for most of the rest of his childhood.

During said period of being shut-in, he developed a love of video games, programming, and learning. He became a star student of his class, as his parents made him agree to have to spend just as much time studying as playing video games. When he graduated and went on to college, he kept this habit with him.

Originally trying his hand at a computer science major, he wound up switching to chemistry after trying an introductory course and enjoying the hell out of it. He gained a fairly wide breadth of specializations over the course of his studies, particularly organic chemistry. All the while, he built up a good sized network of friends over the internet and online gaming communities. He had graduated college and was working in industry, when one night a red breach pulled him from his online gaming session. Somehow, the information present on the computer led to him getting pulled past a similar world, and he found himself turned into his video game persona, Poroko Puukli.

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