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Run By: Eli
Created: Aug 29, 2016
Last Edited: Aug 30, 2016
Status: Open

Approved on Dec 31, 1969
Hiring: No

Skunkworks Alchemy


Skunkworks alchemy is one of the finest shops in Marsilion for fast acting potions, for recreation or otherwise.

Owner: Jolyon Perenna

Alillia Bali (Pet)

NPCs Employeed

Goods & Services
Skunkworks Alchemy offers a wide selection of potions, including (but not limited to): Transformation potions, healing potions, augmentation potions (Strength, sight, sound, intelligence, etc), mind altering potions (Daydreams, lucid dreaming, time perception), fountain of youth water (Temporary only), charm candies (think Weasly twins sort of things), and more!

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